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A Summary of the ESA and Implementation Activities (updated October 1996)

The following topics to the left are covered in this document: ESA Victims Updated 1-21-02 

“It is probably a healthy exercise, when considering the extinction of species in this age, to remember that many thousands of life forms have ceased to exist from wholly natural causes -- dinosaurs spring invariably to mind.  And further that some organisms -- especially primitive forms, which, as it were, are ‘past their prime’ -- will pass into oblivion, both without human assistance and in spite of it.” - from The Birdwatcher’s Companion, page 229, authored by Christopher Leahy of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, 1982.)

"Bo Turner runs the Flying D [Ranch, owned by Ted Turner]. I have several friends that have hunted there and done well. The ranch is huge, surrounded by 6-foot tall electric fence. The fence kills hundreds of big game animals each year that try to get out -- and also keeps wolves from getting in. This is common knowledge in Montana." - Bob Fanning, Pray, Montana. September 20, 2003

"In general, human activities do not seem to be threatening lynx populations. ... Logging in the boreal forest that results in a good mix of mature conifer stands (for cover and travel) and regenerating stands (in which snowshoe hares abound) may even enhance habitat for lynx." - The Canadian Wildlife Service Hinterland Who's Who (Canada Lynx) 'The effects of people on the lynx:' Published by authority of the Minister of the Environment. © Minister of Publics Works and Government Services Canada 1977, 1988, 1993. Catalogue No.CW69-4/59-1992E ISBN: 0-662-19412-8 Text: L.B. Keith http://www.cws-scf.ec.gc.ca/hww-fap/hww-fap.cfm?ID_species=54&lang=e 

Predators are adaptable. Coyotes, rats and roaches come to mind, none of which is threatened. Carry the thought a bit further; you may find that socialism, Marxism and other 'social orders' are akin. - Julie Kay Smithson, August 1, 2002

"When we make critical habitat designations, we just designate everything as critical, without an analysis of how much habitat an evolutionary significant unit needs." - Donna Darm, the acting NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) Regional Administrator for the Northwest, in a 1998 intra-agency memorandum. The NMFS is an agency of the Department of Interior.

Dixie Lee Ray regarding William Riley of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Fall 1992

"There is a deliberate and quite outspoken attack on the whole idea of people owning private property. Mr. William Riley, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, has said publicly on a number of occasions that he does not believe that people should have the right to own private property.

To use his words, 'The ownership of private property is a quaint anachronism.' He has called for a repeal of the fifth amendment as it affects the right of private property. There are two laws that have been passed by the Congress that are being used to take property away from people. One is the Endangered Species Act, and the other one happens to be the Clean Water Act." - Dixie Lee Ray, scientist, recipient of the United Nations Peace Prize and former Governor of Washington State, in an interview with the Acton Institute for the Study of Religion & Liberty, Special Edition, Fall 1992.

Full interview at: http://www.acton.org/publicat/randl/interview.php?id=52