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Another horse attacked by cougar in Michigan 12-30-05
Drilling in a miniscule fraction of a percent of ANWR 12-27-05
Aware of Political Ecosystem, Property Rights Advocate Embraces Conservation Plan 12-27-05
Wolves Thrive, but Animosity Keeps Pace 12-27-05
Judge halts snowmobile grooming 12-24-05
South Texas county may sue to take wildlife preserve 12-24-05
Florida panther kills pet in Immokalee 12-23-05
Prairie dogs met match in farmer 12-19-05
As Christmas Fast Approaches, a Gift for America: Freedom to Earn Freedom 12-19-05
Crapo, Lincoln Introduce Collaborative ESA Bill 12-16-05
Johanns Announced Nearly $2.7 Billion for Voluntary Conservation Programs on Working Lands 12-14-05
C.A. [Court of Appeals] Revives Pacific Lumber Plan for Logging On North Coast 12-13-05
Big Cat Sighted Behind Home 12-12-05
Trackside: Wolves and the homeless 12-12-05
Oregon Cattlemen's Association (OCA) RESOLUTION WF-05-03 - Wolf Resolution Land Closure 12-09-05
Oregon Bar Association receives five-minute gem from rancher Beck 12-09-05
International Wolf Center Glossary 12-09-05
ODFW director announces departure 12-09-05
Wolf-dogs roam free 12-09-05
Law called cold-blooded 12-09-05
Commission approves revisions to Oregon wolf plan 12-09-05
Tribe sues Interior secretary over Endangered Species Act 11-30-05
My Official Comments regarding the "Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan" 11-30-05
Thorndale 'killing frenzy' investigated 11-30-05
To Sign or Not to Sign 11-21-05
TESRA, the ESA and the Truth 10-24-05
Service Concludes that Delisting the Gray Wolf in the Northern Rocky Mountains may be Warranted 10-17-05
What will "K.O." America? 10-12-05
Did the CBD author parts of TESRA? 10-08-05
The House of Representatives Roll Call Vote on H.R. 3824 10-08-05
Bears lead as death cause for park's young elk 10-08-05
Viewing area closed to reduce stress on wolves 10-08-05
My anti-ESA 'reform' screed 10-08-05
Observations and Analysis of The Endangered Species Act 10-07-05
Why Pombo's ESA Reform Bill [TESRA - H.R. 2834] Is A Step Backward 10-07-05
Well, Maybe! 10-07-05
Change sought for endangered species 10-07-05
Repeal Endangered Species Act 10-07-05
The Endangered Species Act Does Not Work 10-07-05
My Official Testimony regarding any "reform" action, "strengthening" action, H.R. 3824 and all related heads of this Medusa. 10-07-05
"Pombo's Anti-Endangered Species Bill Leaked Again" 09-16-05
Study identifies Peoria-area wildlife corridors 09-13-05
The Prairie Dog Story: Do We Have It Right? 09-13-05
Rewilding America, Pleistocene Style 09-13-05
The tyranny of the ESA and the threat of Kelo 2 (edited) 09-13-05
The Danger of ESA "Reform" 09-13-05
The Many Facets of The Endangered Species Act (updated version) 08-28-05
Court slams EPA over water pollution permits 08-26-05
Scientists suggest relocating Africa's poster species to North American ranchland 08-26-05
Judges rebuff government on Endangered Species 08-26-05
Judge Tells U.S. to Revisit Wolves' Status 08-26-05
Mountain Lion Attacks from 2001 to Now 08-26-05
Eagle ruling fuels property rights movement 08-26-05
The Agony of an American Wilderness 08-15-05
Cutting Off Irrigators Again 08-15-05 
A Shaft of Light 08-15-05
NOAA fisheries cuts back critical habitat for Pacific salmon 08-15-05
"Invasive Species" is Junk Science 08-15-05
Mother describes the horror of seeing a cougar attack four-year-old daughter 08-02-05
The ESA has always been about Land Use Control, Not Species Aid 08-02-05
Tribal Treaties 07-25-05
Karuk's lawsuit will stop mining 07-25-05
Man who used goat as bait for panther gets suspended sentence 07-25-05
Wildlife Champions Honored for Support of Endangered Species Act 07-20-05
Feds to look at protected species 07-20-05
New at-risk species law sees first conviction 07-20-05
Pombo Bill Applies DQA Standards to ESA Scientific Data Standard 07-18-05
ESA: A Clearing of the Air 07-15-05
Attention: Manatee 5-year Review 07-14-05
Habitat acreage for toad reduced 07-14-05
Endangered species vs. agriculture 07-14-05
The Great Salmon Hoax 07-14-05
Eureka lumber mill closing 07-14-05
Commission passes butterfly plan 07-13-05
No compromise on South Canyon Road 07-13-05
Wolves 05-24-05
License to Kill - Special Reports 06-26-05
Mirage of Words 06-23-05
Endangered Species Act Reform ... REPEAL  06-23-05
A mouse and a man 06-23-05
Environmentalists protesting leasing in NM, Oklahoma 05-20-05
Wolf "re"introduction: The trouble with truth 05-19-05
Wolf Truth Information 05-19-05
Environmentalists force Park Service to back down 04-11-05
Cougar Attacks Pregnant Mare - Washington State 03-30-05
Drawing The Way to Salmon Recovery 03-30-05
Tensions high in the preserve 03-30-05
Eagles - A blessing or a curse for Fredericktown? 02-28-05
Invasive species - the next ESA 02-28-05
Montana House passes House Joint Resolution 29 (HJ29) 02-27-05
Members outline new approach to endangered species 02-15-05
In Poland, the big bad wolf is afraid of no one since ban on hunting 02-15-05
Ruling halts downgraded wolf protections 02-10-05
Efforts underway to rewrite federal endangered species law 02-06-05
Bloodthirsty vampire bats kill 11 children 02-06-04
Who runs Tucson? Kieran Suckling. Carolyn Campbell. 02-03-05
Feral evolution, Hickel's curse and Cool Hand Luke 02-03-05
The Truth About Those Canadian Wolf "Re"introductions 02-03-05
The grey wolf and language deception 02-03-05
Bush Administration Sells Out Property Rights 02-03-05
Endangered species designation up for discussion 02-03-05
Protected wolves lay waste to cattle 02-03-05
Wolf attacks, injures cow dog 02-03-05
Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District v. United States 01-23-05
Mike Phillips Wolf Reintroduction Speech 01-23-05
Conception Coast Update 01-23-05
Beyond 2000: The Realities of Global Wolf Restoration 01-23-05
The Total Yellowstone Wolf Pack Map Page 01-23-05
Klamath River Salmon Protections Ruled Illegal! 01-12-05
Democrats Poised to Seize Water (and Power) in Washington 01-10-05
Growing Wolf Population Not Easy for Livestock Owners 01-10-05
Greenpeace report labels region's forests important 01-10-05
Northern miner 'heroic' 01-10-05
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