As Christmas Fast Approaches, a Gift for America: Freedom to Earn Freedom
December 19, 2005
By Julie Kay Smithson
My reasons for standing firm against all forms of the Medusa that is the Endangered Species Act (ESA) are set forth herein.
As with H.R. 324, the "Center for Biological Diversity" in Tucson, Arizona, once again had the text of S. 2110 available before anywhere else on the Internet, including
Here's where S. 2110 was first made available to the general public:
The "C" in "CRESA" is one of the determinate factors in underpinning my reasons for standing for nothing less than Complete and Total Repeal of the ESA, not any form of "modernization," "strengthening," "," etc.
See this, one and all, and consider its implications:
Collaborate - To cooperate, usually willingly, with an enemy nation, especially with an enemy occupying one's country. - The Random House College Dictionary, 1980 Revised Edition, page 263.
Those of us -- whose number is far larger than most will admit -- who cherish property rights and responsible resource providing, recognizing that both phrases are synonymous with Freedom and Constitutional Republic, will not collaborate; we have far too much to lose.
We will not cooperate as various "pieces" of legislation are "dropped" whose sole intent is to place all we hold dear in one apologetic paragraph in a future history book, after the first plank of the Communist Constitution is nailed into place.
We will not capitulate.
We fully understand the arbitrary way in which Language Deception has been used to take America's ability to feed, shelter, clothe, and sustain herself.
We have seen tags like, "Proudly Made in America" -- on first-class, healthful products -- replaced by "Made in 'Anywhere BUT America' tags and the leech like draining of our Constitutional Republic's lifeblood in the ostensible pursuit of "global sustainability."
There's an old saying about giving a man a fish and feeding him for a day -- but teaching him to fish and showing him how to feed his family for a lifetime.
There's a book penned by Robert Ruark half a century ago titled, "The Old Man and The Boy" that I highly recommend you read. _1/002-3028909-3209654?s=books&v=glance&n=283155
There are no fewer than 35 book reviews. It would be worth your while -- to better understand where I am coming from with this communication -- to read these book reviews:
I recommend you read such sayings and consider ... that the course of America's history is still being charted and written.
She can list starboard and sink into the maw of treacherous waters, or she can sail directly into the winds of freedom and fill her sails with the sweet breath of Liberty.
Many are those of us who choose the latter course for our great country, knowing full well the outcome of taking the former.
Before you bed down for the night, as Christmas fast approaches (and a Single Star illuminates the world in Son Light), I ask that you contemplate how much America's Founding Fathers willingly gave for the newborn country that they helped forge from the horrors of servitude and squalor in Europe.
These few souls, God-guided and fully cognizant of their chances should they stray from such an inspired path, were the Minutemen of their day.
It is one of the most incredible times in our history, this twenty-first century, for we can either renew our own personal vows to our God-guided destiny ... or we can help lay it all to waste.
My decision was not a difficult choice.
Though I do not demand that anyone "give" me liberty, I am willing to keep my shoulder to the wheel whose turning makes my liberty possible.
This is so far, far from being "about me."
It is about all those babes yet to be born, on our shores and on those of distant lands, who must have the chance to choose I have chosen.
No one has the right to take that choice from anyone.
"The Man Without A Country" by Edward Everett Hale, is a must-read that explains why that statement is true.
America ... such a word fraught with all the hopes of countless souls -- so full of promise that one mother and father, in the first part of the nineteenth century, named their daughter "America."
Say it with reverence, for it is like nowhere else on earth.
It is not Camelot.
It is ever so much better when it is recognized and functioning as the Constitutional Republic for which many still stand.
Hallowed ground, America is.
The blood, sweat and tears equity from which she sprang are as viable today as they ever were.
Every soldier who left our shores, never again to set living foot upon this homeland, knows well how precious is this liberty, how hard-won, how imperative not to lose.
Permission is hereby granted to Any Senator with the courage to do so, to read this on the floor of the Senate as one person's impassioned reason for Repealing the Endangered Species Act and never foisting such a horrendous piece of unconstitutional legislation upon Americans ... and America ... again.
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