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Freudenthal signs Platte River agreement 11/27/2006
Gray wolves in Washington: pros and cons 11/23/2006
Cougars in Topeka, Pumas in Pittsburgh 11/17/2006
Biased information 11/17/2006
Polar Bears in PA 11/17/2006
County Lists 11/16/2006
Poo-Tectors of Wildlife 10/01/2006
MSSA [Montana Shooting Sports Association] Comment - Re: Wolf Delisting 09/30/2006
Wolves blamed for 34 cattle kills in county 09/30/2006
Park County plans to join lawsuit for wolf delisting 09/30/2006
Wolves Circling the Fire 09/30/2006
Wolf population thriving since reintroduction 09/30/2006
Public tells its concern on fly 09/30/2006
Klamath more than mere 'moment' 09/29/2006
Madison wolves targeted for death 09/23/2006
Canada Lynx Become Pawns to Stop Trapping 09/20/2006
Old Obituaries 09/20/2006
Central Park great place for camping 09/17/2006
Washington State's Capitol Terrorized by Masked Domestic Terrorists 09/16/2006
Making Collaboration Work 09/13/2006
Six injured in rare wolf attack 9/8/2006
Rancher loses sheep to wolves 9/06/2006
The White Mountains 9/05/2006
The Great Cooperative Conservation Listening Session Con 09-02-06
Wolves Radio-Collared Realtors? 09-02-06
DNR: Judge's ruling keeps at least five wolves alive 09-02-06
Hard times for humans are good for wolves 09-02-06
Hunting 09-01-06
Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? 09-01-06
Wolves as Real Estate Agents: Proof Positive 09-01-06
More than $3.5 Million in Conservation Grants 08-31-06
Wolf attacks on humans only a matter of time 08-31-06
Oregon Bar Association Receives Five-Minute Gem from Rancher Beck 08-31-06
Report from the field 08-28-06
Wolf teacher workshop 08-27-06
My Official Public Comments to the EQC & Ennis, Montana, meeting attendees 08-27-0
Our Position Atop Food Chain Endangered 08-26-06
The Life of The Rileys? 08-24-06
Court order suspends trapping and lethal control of Wisconsin wolves 08-24-06
Farmers Aren't 'Cute' 08-24-06
Manhunters 08-22-06
Packed room at Ennis wolf meeting 08-22-06
Fast Facts: The Gray Wolf 08-19-06
Opponents highly critical of program management 08-13-06
Court bars Wisconsin from killing gray wolves 08-11-06
Contagious cancer in dogs confirmed; origins traced to wolves centuries ago 08-10-06
Rural property rights 08-09-06
Wildlife Agencies: Links to Other Wildlife 08-06-06
Judge rules against Florida in tri-state water dispute 07-31-06
Court Decision Lifts Endangered Species Act Threat to Rights of Way Across Federal Lands 07-30-06
Transmission of Neospora Caninum Between Wild and Domestic Animals 07-30-06
Gila trout no longer endangered species 07-30-06
Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd 07-29-06
Government considering using ferrets to control prairie dogs 07-28-06
Gardiner late elk hunt to be cut 07-28-06
No subsidy provided for killed livestock in wolf program 07-27-06
ESA Steamroller and 'The Great Oz' 07-23-06
Woman escapes after wolf pounces 07-13-06
Wildlife blamed for bacteria growth 06-08-06
Wolves Thrive In Montana, Idaho And Wyoming As Status Debated 05-28-06
Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity file suit against Mother Nature 05-23-06
Environmental groups sue over roads, winter use 05-22-06
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's California and Nevada Operations Website Up and Running 05-09-06
Patient may need more face-transplant surgery 05-01-06
The Nature Conservancy opposes proposed sale of U.S. Forest Service lands 04-30-06
Lynx Comments 04-29-06
Wolf Comments 04-29-06
Rocky Mountain National Park proposes culling elk herd 04-25-06
Five [Mexican] wolves to be released in Gila Forest area 04-25-06
Science Can't Answer All the Questions About Cougars 04-23-06
Group sues over Pecos bluntnose shiner 04-06-06
My Official Public Comments on the "CC Grasslands Plan," 03-28-06
Salmon, suckers lose 03-28-06
Wolverines Routinely Roam Hundreds of Miles 03-22-06
It's not the 'big bad wolf' 03-21-06
Florida Panther 03-21-06
ESA Repeal for the Meek 03-10-06

ESA Repeal Letter 03-07-06

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He could be coming to a meeting near you 03-06-06
ESA Has Always Been About Land Use Control, Not Species Aid 02-24-06
Why shouldn't we believe everything we hear? 02-22-06
Mike Phillips Wolf Reintroduction Speech 02-19-06
ESA Repeal: Who says it can't be done? 02-13-06
Invasive species about control, not “protection” 02-01-06
Oregon coast coho stripped 02-01-06
Endangered Species Expenditure Reports 01-27-06
Howling Like a Wild Wolf 01-21-06
Diana runs with the wolves 01-20-06
Group wants trapping ban to protect lynx 01-18-06
Alaska aerial hunt of wolves declared illegal 01-18-06
Many Scientists Admit to Misconduct 01-15-06
Indian Matters on the Klamath 01-15-06
Tribes dammed Klamath 01-15-06
2005 Manatee Status 01-10-06
Butterfly lawsuit pits activists against vehicles 01-10-06
Environmentalists told to post $100K bond 01-04-06
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