ef="articles/federal_scientists_favor_fish_ov.htm">Federal Scientists Favor Fish Over Farmers, Shippers and Consumers 01-02-04 A Trojan Horse Is At The Gates 01-02-04 Judge rejects linking Idaho water with Columbia River salmon issues 01-02-04 > 12-12-04 Ohio Developing Conservation Measures for Indiana bat on Coal Mined Lands 12-12-04 Taxpayer dollars help fund many environmental groups 12-12-04 Update from the Klamath Bucket Brigade Website 12-12-04 Maplewood State Park getting notoriety for cougars 12-12-04 Plenty more fish in sea: Survey 11-29-04 Notice of Availability of a Draft Environmental Assessment 11-29-04 Comment period opens on Estates restoration project 11-21-04 PLF Launches Sweeping Lawsuit Challenging Critical Habitat for 48 Species in California 11-21-04 DNR biologist tells Iowans to be unafraid of mountain lions 11-21-04 Opinion: EDITORIAL: Endangered weeds 11-21-04

My Official Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ Comments 11-20-04

Graphic Photos, Parental Guidance Suggested Jesse James Hardy vs. The United States of America 11-20-04 Endangered fly impedes repair of Colton road 11-20-04 U.S. Forest Service Employees, Other Conspirators Sued by Marina Point Development Associates under Federal Anti-Racketeering Act 11-09-04 My Official Public Comments on the Draft Conceptual Restoration Plan for Whitewood Creek and the Belle Fourche and Cheyenne River Watersheds, South Dakota 11-01-04 Study: Big Predators Don't Last Long 10-12-04 Environmental groups sue to block [STOP] logging, protect Indiana bat 10-12-04 Conservationists fear threat to jaguar 10-12-04 Battle to save global wildlife running out of funds 10-04-04 Feds may add toad to roster 09-29-04 A Whopper Of A Fish Tale 09-27-04 Restoration effort rolls 09-27-04 Bat Management Upheld by Court 08-30-04 Judge continues logging stop in WNF 08-30-04 Judge extends ban on disputed timber sales in Wayne National Forest 08-30-04 Florida Man in Holdout with Authorities to Keep Swampy Home in Everglades 08-17-04 The Commerce Clause Argument by Feds OVERRULED! 08-17-04 Endangered Species Act Sparks Battle 08-17-04 Placitas man gets 25 days in prison for booby-trapping trail 08-17-04 Deputy Interior Secretary Griles Joins Rep. LaTourette, Ashtabula School District To Celebrate "Win-Win" Agreement 08-17-04 Prairie dog dilemma resurfaces 08-17-04 My Official Public Comments on the "Mark Twain National Forest Pregnant Indiana Bat Protection Proposal" 08-17-04 Forest Service agrees to mark trees to remain 08-10-04 Critical Sand Dune Habitat Designated for Peirson's Milk Vetch 08-08-04 The ESA and its REAL victims 08-03-04 Wolf Aversion Therapy a Bust 07-30-04 And I am not crying Wolf! 07-30-04 When noise is issue, wildlife live high life 07-30-04 The Predator's Lure 07-30-04 Mexican Wolf Recovery Program: Project Update 07-30-04 Cougars at our doorstep 07-30-04 Ontario police kill cougar 07-30-04 EPA Inspector General (IG) finds EPA grants given illegally to  group that lobbies EPA 07-30-04 My Official Public Comments on the "Mark Twain National Forest Pregnant Indiana Bat Protection Proposal" 07-30-04 U.S. taxpayers help buy "beetle tract" in Nebraska 07-20-04 UNITED STATES/JAPAN TOTALIZATION AGREEMENT 07-20-04 Capitol Reflections 07-15-04 My Official Public Comments on the SGGE (Southern Golden Gate Estates) "Restoration Project" 07-14-04 Warm and Fuzzy? NOT! 07-08-04 Roads Less Traveled 07-08-04 Spill out East means more South Dakota ducks 07-08-04 School Might Move Because Of Endangered Bat - Construction Project On Hold 07-02-04 My Official Public Comments regarding the "South Dakota Prairie Dog Management Plan 06-27-04 Wyoming rancher sentenced in prairie dog killings 06-24-04 Court officially takes Oregon coastal coho off ESA list 06-22-04 UI vet's practice is simply wild 06-22-04 Fearless panther whisked away to new home 06-17-04 Group proposes three Oregon species for endangered species listing 06-17-04 Light winds help crews contain Capitan blaze 06-10-04 Federal law hurts industries, panel told 06-10-04 Hatcheries can help rebuild naturally spawning salmon runs 06-08-04 Tulelake groundwater tapped by Bureau 06-06-04 Mountain lion found near Kansas 06-06-04 We WON... We WON... We WON!!! NMCGA & AZ/NM Coalition of Counties 06-02-04 Article #1: State, Hardy reach tentative agreement on land buy 05-30-04 State offers prairie dog management plan 05-29-04 Wolves on westward prowl 05-29-04 Two Captive-Born Red Wolf Pups Adopted By Wild Packs 05-26-04 When Biologists Stocked Alaska with Wolves 05-26-04 DEP's exchange offer with Hardy may be problematic 05-26-04 Beartooth sheep kills won't be paid 05-26-04 A Modest Wilderness Proposal 05-26-04 Hogwash and balderdash 05-26-04 DEP proposes land swap, money 05-26-04 Hogwash and balderdash 05-18-04 Proceedings delayed for Hardy property 05-16-04 Farming, Counties Continue to Protect Big Darby 05-11-04 Man won't sell paradise parcel 05-10-04 Hardy rejects state plan to let him stay on part of land 05-10-04 How to live with wolves a question that's here to stay in Wisconsin 05-10-04 Ino logger has close encounter with wolves 05-10-04 The Nature Conservancy Closes Off Land 05-09-04 [Chinese] Trawler with 130 dead turtles held 05-09-04 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides emergency protection for manatees in five areas of Lee County, Florida 04-19-04 The National Irrigation Water Quality Program (NIWQP) 04-17-04 Get Used to the word 'Unethical' 04-17-04 Following CA Blue Ribbon Fire Commission Report 04-17-04 Local couple works to save, protect exotic animals 04-13-04 Reported Cougar Sightings Keep Kids Away from a PA Playground 04-013-04 Raising a howl 04-13-04 Predicted: 406. Actual: 761+ 04-13-04 Scottsdale wildlife center will take Tucson cats 04-13-04 Wisconsin removes wolves from threatened species list 04-13-04 Gray Wolf Now Big Game Animal in Idaho 04-13-04 Northwestern Wisconsin: Wolves return on own terms 04-13-04 Feds kill Montana wolves 04-13-04 Colorado: State officials prepare for an influx of wolves 04-12-04 There Ain't No Free Water 04-08-04 The other side of the coin 04-03-04 Private lands spur a public fight 03-25-04 The Gift That Eats People, Part Two 03-11-04 How the Endangered Species Act plans to implement The Wildlands Project in Brevard County, Florida 03-11-04 Local Planning Agency conducted a public hearing 03-11-04 Feds may make it easier to kill wolves 03-11-04 Wolves kill cow, calf near Glens Ferry 03-02-04 Native ecosystems and other lies 03-01-04 The Howling 03-01-04 Howl of the wolf 03-01-04 Stopping the Real Pests 02-15-04 Governor to Norton 02-09-04 60-Day Notice of Intent to Sue: Gray Wolves 02-09-04 Environmentalism is big busine$$ 02-09-04 National Rifle Association alerts 4 million members 02-09-04 Pack of 7 wolves slain after killing cows 02-04-04 Subcommittee to Convene Hearing on Peer Reviewed Science for Environmental Policy 02-04-04 President seeks more than $1.3 Billion for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2005 budget 02-04-04 Idaho Wolf Management 02-01-04 KWUA "Weekly Update" 02-01-04 Night of the Wolves 01-29-04 Anti-Wolf Crowd Packs Hall 01-27-04 Response to President Bush's State of the Union Address 01-22-04 Newfoundland community worried about wolves in residential area 01-11-04 County Rabies Outbreak: 01-10-04 Florida Center for Community Design and Research 01-07-04 Poisoning begins on Cherry Creek 01-07-04 Hunting season ends 01-07-04 Bison: A Question 01-07-04 Reef Fish Fishery Management Plan 01-06-04 Why no boycott where ... cougars kill? 01-06-04 Set-up for another Train wreck? 01-06-04 Wolves: Can't live with 'em, CAN live without 'em 01-02-04 Blue fights off gator to save his fallen owner 01-05-04 Off-highway access limit draws pros, cons 01-03-04 Feds kill female gray wolf for attacking cattle 01-03-04 Federal Scientists Favor Fish Over Farmers, Shippers and Consumers 01-02-04 A Trojan Horse Is At The Gates 01-02-04 Judge rejects linking Idaho water with Columbia River salmon issues 01-02-04