Resource Providers
Proposed Rule Increases Flexibility and Efficiency of State Programs 12-19-03
Miners Main
There's Trouble in Paradise 12-12-03
Reps. Gibbons and Cubin Applaud Millsite Decision 11-08-03
Rock Creek Mine appeal denied 10-30-03
Is tourism killing the environment? 10-24-03
Where is all our Oil? 10-20-03
Scientists create new electronic paper 10-12-03
News.bytes, issue 129 - BLM California 10-08-03
James Steven "Steve" Griles 10-03-03
Storm Brewing on the Mesa 9-22-03
Giveaway of Islands to Russia Risks U.S. Security 9-22-03
State Department Lies About Giveaway to Russians 9-22-03
Congressional pressures may get Arctic drilling dropped 9-19-03
The battle over oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 9-09-03
Desert SUV Trip 8-29-03
News bytes, Issue 121 - BLM California 8-17-03
State is seeking test well off ANWR 8-17-03
Boxer's bill seeks to limit drilling in Los Padres 8-04-03
Midway Gold Acquires an Option on the Spring Valley Property 7-30-03
Coeur Announces Major Memorandum of Understanding for Kensington Mine Permitting 7-30-03
High energy costs return LNG to favor: A controversial fuel 7-25-03
New opinion clears way for Rock Creek mine 6-08-03
Mining Industry exempt from reporting releases of some toxic metal 6-04-03
Plan may aid Coos County 4-29-03
California Governor Signs Legislation to Protect Quechan Sacred Site 4-26-03
Drill Alaska, for the children 4-26-03
Arctic drilling vote may cost DeWine: Senator changed position, voted no 4-13-03
Bush to renew push for Alaskan oil in House 4-13-03
Mining news update from the Idaho silver fields 4-13-03
Catellus 4-12-03
California miner fights seizure of valuable deposits 4-12-03
Establishes Production Starting Location on Nevada Gold Claims 4-12-03
Mitsubishi, groups work on strategy 4-04-03
Glamis Marigold Mining Company/Marigold Mine Millennium Expansion Project 4-04-03
Otter hails markup of House Energy Bill 4-03-03
Otter hails markup of House Energy Bill 4-03-03
Plan may aid Coos County 3-30-03
"Valley" is environmental ground zero 3-23-03
Citizens sound off on plan 3-23-03
"This is the Only Place in the World it Grows" 3-14-03
Debate on opening the Arctic Plain to oil exploration (H.R. 39): the facts 3-11-03
Reshaping, Refilling and Replanting On Buckhorn Mountain 3-07-03
City Scores Victory Against Mine 2-28-03
News.bytes, issue 93 - BLM California 2-28-03
4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses Ban on Dumping Coal Waste 2-27-03
Missouri Farm Bureau discusses State budget problems at annual Legislative conference 2-27-03
EPA Superfund needs major overhaul 2-24-03
Drilling rights worry Western ranchers 2-09-03
BLM to Update Manual of Instructions for the Survey of the Public Lands of the United States 1-25-03
CO: Moffat County asserts rights over roads on public lands 1-25-03
Bush Opens Way for Counties and States to Claim Wilderness Roads 1-24-03
Gold Miner Fights Forest Service Order To Leave Land 1-14-03
Chicken manure may ease pollution 1-14-03
Toxic Regulation 01-09-03
Study sought of proposed mine's effect on lake  01-07-03
San Juan Basin Gas Estimates Doubled  01-07-03
Indians aim to form cohesive plan to protect their sacred lands 01-07-03
Stop Jerking Us Around! 12-01-02 
USDA Recognizes Limestone Filler-Extenders as Saving Millions of Barrels of Oil 10-01-02
Death Toll Rises but Money in Mine Fund Goes Unspent 9-26-02
Scientists Explore Large Gas Hydrate Field Off Oregon Coast; Details Emerge Of Possible New Energy Source 9-13-02
Suit Challenges Everglades Limestone Mining 8-23-02
Summary Judgment: Bush: Nine Former Presidents Wrong; Clinton Right! 8-02-02
Rahall bill to control Western mines 5-20-02 
Just doing their jobs 7-31-02 
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Committee on Resources Subcommittee on Energy & Mineral Resources Part 1
A fair return to the Federal Treasury Part 2
Testimony before the Committee on Resources, Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources
Death Toll Rises but Money in Mine Fund Goes Unspent
USDA Recognizes Limestone Filler-Extenders as Saving Millions of Barrels of Oil
Stop Jerking Us Around!