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What will "K.O." America? 10-12-05

"This is a workplace, not a park or recreational area!" - Rebecca France, 75 years old, Spring 2002, whose Ohio farm roots sunk almost two hundred years deep in the black, rich Miami soil of the Darby Plains. 

"Food, clothing, housing, autos, computers and many other needs and wants all
require, somewhere, the work of resource providers."

 - L. Mize, Missouri April 10, 2002

"Resource development is the root of the wealth and strength of this country."

 - Susan Kocsis, 3-13-2002

Hey! "Trade means jobs." Bush said so. That's great! Now we'll all have job security. Don't need those pesky, environmentally insensitive ranches and farms. Just get a job with Tyson or Cargill or ConAgra. You won't need to bother with the bureaucratic worker's comp, pay FICA fines for inexplicable government re-computations of payroll, deal with contemptible bankers, or sign captive contracts. Just drive a meat truck, mostly Argentine and Brazilian meat that is, get your social security on retirement and stay in line for socialized health care. It's gonna be great. And just think, this is from the Republicans who always support local business, so it's got to be good. Maybe you can even get a wilderness permit to visit your old ranch someday. - H. Clay Daulton, 31131 Road 603, Madera, California 93638 -- 5th generation operator of the Daulton Ranch -- since 1853