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US Mad Cow Link Questioned in Creutzfeldt-Jakob Cases 12-30-03
Two Petitions that are Vital to the continuation of Klamath Basin 12-17-03
SD Stockgrowers (SDSGA) Host Meeting in Eastern South Dakota 12-12-03
10.913 Farmland Protection Program 11-27-03
Dialogues with Agriculture 11-23-03
Project to improve wildlife habitat 11-05-03
Down on the farm no more 11-05-03
U.S. Taxpayers Are In The Farm Business 11-05-03
Greg Williams of Northwest Farm Credit Services tells Basin's current financial impacts from 2001 11-03-03
Packers, Producers Lock Horns Producers Allege That Dakota Dunes-Based Company 10-31-03
Idaho Coalition calls for removal of reintroduced wolves 10-31-0
Conservation Easements 10-31-03
Historic water deal approved 10-31-03
Drought and Water 10-30-03
Sierra Club: Ever More Radical 10-24-03
Is tourism killing the environment? 10-24-03
Chesapeake Bay Foundation Seeks Binding Compact from Governors 10-24-03
Bush's 'spirit' cursed with black magic, tossed into river 10-20-03
Management Practices for Agricultural Nonpoint Sources 10-19-03
Farmers Seek Refuge in the City 10-12-03
9th Circuit Court Affirms Lower Ruling In Washington's Methow Valley Irrigation District (MVID) Water Suit 10-12-03
U.S. appeals court backs Nevada water transfer from farms to refuge 10-12-03
From a Vermont school principal: 10-12-03
Ocelots endangered along Rio Grande 09-30-03
Scores of Freed Mink Feed on Farm Animals 09-30-03
Farm Bureau seeks limits for conservation easements 09-24-03
University of Georgia Research Team Shows Streamside Management Zones Are Effective for Filtering Some Pollution 09-22-03
Farm Bureau seeks limits for conservation easements 09-19-03
WTO Shame 09-17-03
The WTO Kills Farmers: In Memory of Lee Kyung Hae 09-17-03
Too few answers given to questions about Klamath Basin fish issues 09-16-03
Tulelake Irrigation District (TID) Well Pumping - No Compensation 09-16-03
USGS Releases Study (Report) on Toxic Rainfall in the San Joaquin Valley 09-15-03
Dialogues with Agriculture - Appendices 09-09-03
Rains boosting south Texas water supplies 09-09-03
Valley farmers await water from Mexico 09-09-03
County OKs farmers' idea for reservoir 09-02-03
The Valley of the World agricultural heritage exhibit 08-30-03
U.S. Expands Long-term Land and Water Reserve 08-30-03
Growing with less water 08-30-03
Livestock hauling continues on Highway 101 08-29-03
News bytes, Issue 121 - BLM California 08-17-03
Basin crops still have safe refuge 08-17-03
In Brazil, the Poor Stake A Claim on Huge Farms 08-09-03
Marauding War Veterans Wipe Out Zimbabwe's Wildlife 08-07-03
Flooding Families is California's "Preferred Alternative" at Lake Earl 08-07-03
Narrower buffers in the works 07-25-03
USDA Land Grab: The Grassland Reserve Program 07-21-03
Lease land fight settled - for now 07-21-03
Klamath Project shut down 07-20-03
"Power is Water" 07-20-03
All eyes are on the Upper Klamath 07-03-03
Farmers saved from water cutoff 06-29-03
Congressional panel votes to strip Klamath group of funds 06-29-03
The Truth About Farmers 06-29-03
Vogel's declaration 06-27-03
Yale Political Science Prof Meets with Local Water Users 06-18-03
Herbicides to be used to attack hydrilla 06-08-03
Farmers vital 06-08-03
Can Land Trusts Be Trusted? 06-07-03
Future Water Supplies Will Come From Ag, Says Farm Bureau Chief 06-05-03
Civil Rights Leaders Criticized for Silence on Sudan Slavery 05-30-03
Coots need friends, too 05-25-03
Losing Farms, Gaining Pounds And Paying A Steep Price 05-25-03
The Billion-Dollar Myth 05-24-03
Foreign food - a threat in many ways 04-26-03
Environmental Concerns Create Headaches for Wine Industry 04-12-03
FFA group hears Klamath farmers 04-12-03
USDA Intent To Seek Approval To Conduct an Information Collection 04-12-03
State right to protect water adjudication 04-12-03
Bill would return land from abandoned irrigation project 04-04-03
Interior secretary working on ways to avoid water fights in the West 04-04-03
Rains fill Upper Klamath Lake, Link River 04-04-03
Columbia study will stop short of plan 04-04-03
Straight from the Heart 04-04-03
Three Counties Formally Support Water Users in Current Litigation 04-03-03
The supersizing of America's livestock farms 03-23-03
Food. the view from route 8. 03-23-03
On time, on budget, but experts not sure it will work 03-20-03
Bill filed to limit production and consumption of food in Florida 03-20-03
Zinc Man and Iron Woman save beef from vegetarian insults 03-20-03
A farmer's perspective of Brazil 03-19-03
Farmers and Ranchers 03-17-03
Activist e-mails have DA ready kick lamb thief free 03-17-03
ONRC urges irrigators to sell out 03-14-03
Missouri Farm Bureau February Newsletter 03-14-03
Users want credit - and water - for blood, blisters 03-14-03
Tale of two seasons, then and now 03-11-03
Western Water Policy 03-11-03
Future of farming concerning Greenbrier County residents 03-11-03
Timber wolves resurgent in upper Midwest 03-09-03
Coyotes poised to triumph in area 03-09-03
PLF battles law that plows up ag workers' contract rights 02-28-03
Lawsuit Wants Feds To Protect Rio Grande Cutthroat 02-28-03
Missouri Farm Bureau discusses State budget problems at annual Legislative conference 02-27-03
COOL - Its about Commodity Mentality vs. Quality Mentality 02-26-03
Re: When the Last Farmer is Gone 02-24-03
Case Study 7: Watershed Management 02-24-03
Mapping for the future 02-24-03
Halpers appeal judge's ruling on condemnation 02-24-03
Thoughtful ideas for the Klamath Basin 02-24-03
Drought Dread Rises in Klamath 02-24-03
Should ranchers label baby calves? 02-24-03
Population growth leading to land hunger 02-19-03
EPA unveils new policy to cut agricultural discharges into waterways 02-14-03
Tsakopoulos loses battle in a tie vote: Fine is affirmed in wetlands case 02-14-03
Tsakopoulos wetlands case goes to the top 02-14-03
Farmers could violate Clean Water Act by simple act of plowing 02-14-03
Corn Growers Challenge USDA Farm Income Projections: "There They Go Again" 02-14-03
Un-plain ways to reinvent the Plains 02-14-03
Town government ... when there's not much town to govern 02-14-03
Little farms on the prairie bow to a Wal-Mart era 02-14-03
The dwindling heartland 02-14-03
Farmers appeal CBOT suit dismissal 02-13-03
Baucus Blasts Veneman For Failure To Implement TAA Program For Farmers 02-13-03
Farmers Getting Closer With Appeal Brief Filing in CBOT Lawsuit 02-12-03
Farmers Will become the "Species at Risk" if Liberals don't Amend Act 02-10-03
Mexico Must Leave More Water in Rio Grande 02-09-03
Soybean farmers meet CBOT in court 02-09-03
Judge Backs Deal to Retire California Farms 02-09-03
Flood plan released 02-09-03
H.R. 582. 02-09-03
Soybean Producers of American Meet In South Carolina 02-09-03
COOL -- Myths and Facts 02-09-03
Bush proposes record $3.9 billion for conservation 02-09-03
When the Last Farmer is Gone (Opinion) 02-09-03
Iowans push for packer ban at federal level 02-09-03
Saving a precious culture 02-09-03
Farmers may lose water to minnow 02-09-03
SD Stockgrowers Legislative Report 02-03-03
Klamath bashers do nothing to try to improve things 02-03-03
Why all our pigs are having a ball 02-02-03
Corn-Burning Benefits Hinge on How It's Grown 01-28-03
Field of battle 01-28-03
Shared Appreciation 01-27-03
Nethercutt Letter from Washington State Farm Bureau President 01-27-03
GOP leader to Piscataway mayor 01-27-03
Mad Rancher Disease 01-25-03
Mexico bans poultry from US states on health fears 01-23-03
New Senate Ag Committee selected 01-21-03
Appeals court to hear arguments in silvery minnow case 01-14-03
Chicken manure may ease pollution 01-14-03
The 'Protection' of a comprehensive agriculture policy ... 01-14-03
Western beef co-op mixes fellowship with independence 01-14-03
Senators Listen to Livestock Producers 01-09-03
Argentina May Use Taxes To Prevent Export of Food 01-07-03
We may have the solution! 01-07-03
OCM Faults Department of Justice Acceding to ADM Merger  01-07-03
Fear of crime, disease tightens farm security: 01-07-03
It Turns Out Flogging Flax 01-07-03
State sweetens water deal to tempt sour Imperial
Quick public accusations against farm inappropriate 12-29-02
How To Save Farmland From Urban Sprawl
Big Brother is watching farmers 12-17-02
Court upholds deep-ripping ruling, 4-4 12-17-02
Foreign Ownership of U. S. Farmland 12-15-02
Politics as Usual Blocks Water Deal 12-14-02
Caught in an agrarian time warp -- Editor's opinion 12-09-02
Agriculture's Enron is coming: 11-19-02
North meets south on a Missouri farm 11-07-02
Idle Observations 10-21-02
The milk income loss contract program debuts 10-14-02
Hog Farmers File Suit Against Tyson Foods 09-26-02
Singer Keeps Focus on Farmers' Plight 09-26-02
My official Public Comments on the Country-Of-Origin Labeling (COOL) voluntary labeling provision to be included in the final Farm Bill 07-29-02
Mugabe-Friendly Judges Rule Zimbabwe Land Takeovers Legal
Corn Growers Give Farm Bill A Failing Grade 05-02-02 
Japan defends its protection of farming sector 05-11-02