Case Law


Cases listed alphabetically

27.00 Eminent Domain - Introductory Note and Comment 12-16-05
The Abby Dodge 12-17-04
Adams Outdoor Advertising of Charlotte v. North Carolina Department of Transportation 6-12-04
Ayers v. Board of Adjustment for the Town of Robersonville 6-12-04
BERMAN v. PARKER 348 U.S. 26, Case Number: 22. Decided 12-01-04
BERES v. U.S. 9-13-05
Blake v. Commissioner 12-28-04
Board of Adjustment of the Town of Swansboro v. Town of Swansboro 6-12-04
The Boldt Decision 6-11-04

Buford v. Houtz 6-11-04

Bugenig v. Hoopa Valley Tribe 6-11-04
Capricorn Equity Corp. v. Town of Chapel Hill Board of Adjustment 6-12-04
Central Pacific Railroad Company v. Alameda 6-12-04
County of Lancaster v. Mecklenburg County 6-12-04
GDF Realty Inc. v. Norton 5-09-05
Geer V. Connecticut 12-17-04
Grandfather Village v. Worsley 6-12-04
Hash v. U.S. No. CV99-324 9-13-05
Hatch Bros. Co. v. Black 6-12-04
Indian Matters on the Klamath 1-15-06
Jennison v. Kirk 06-12-04
Jesse James Hardy vs. The United States of America 11-20-04
Kalipi vs. Hawaiian Trust 5-19-05
Lacey Act 12-17-04
Long Beach Unified School District v. Dorothy B. Godwin California Living Trust 12-28-04
Moore v. Board of Adjustment for City of Kinston 6-12-04
Native Americans for Enola v. United States Forest Service 6-11-04
Paty vs. Pele Defense Fund 5-19-05
Pomponio v. Fauquier County Board of Supervisors 6-12-04
Public Access Shoreline Hawaii (PASH) 5-19-05
U.S. Laws and Court Cases Involving Sacred Lands 5-09-05
Santini v. Connecticut Hazardous Waste Management Service 6-11-04
Simplex Technologies, Inc. v. Town of Newington 1-28-06
Solit v Tokai Bank 2-26-05
Town of Newton Grove v. Sutton 6-12-04
Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District v. United States 1-23-05

Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions 3-04-06 Very, Very Large File (2.2MB)

United States v. 9,947.71 Acres of Land 6-12-04
United States v. Dunn 6-12-04
U.S. v. Washington 6-11-04
Waterkeeper Alliance et al v USEPA 7-25-05