Buford v. Houtz - In Buford v. Houtz, 18 P.633 (1888) the Supreme Court of Utah held that seven prior existing roads criss-crossing an area 40 by 36 miles gave established sheep ranchers an easement to cross over and graze their sheep over checkerboard patented and government land. The use thereof was not a trespass.  In Buford v. Houtz, 133 U.S. 320 (1890) the Supreme Court of United States affirms the above decision of the Utah Supreme Court.  The Utah Supreme Court also held the same in Lindsay Land & Livestock Co. v. Churnos, 285 P. 646 (1930) specifically citing Act of July 26, 1866.  In United States v. Andrews, 179 U.S. 96 (1900) the Supreme Court of United States held that a “cattle trail” is an easement and a “highway” for purpose of crossing a federally established reservation, and the use thereof was not a trespass.