United States v. Dunn (478 F2d 433, 1973, 9th Cir.) - Court cases offer varying interpretations about when title to a public road changes hands.  United States v. Dunn (478 F2d 433, 1973, 9th Cir.) implied that the title passed when road construction was complete.   Two cases indicated that title to a road changed hands at the end of the time period designated for acquiring a right-of-way by prescription or dedication. (Smith v. Mitchell, 58 P. 667, Washington, 1899; Lindsay Land & Livestock Co. v. Chournos, 285 P. 646, Utah, 1930)  One case stated that acceptance of a public road right-of-way occurred when the receiving local government proclaimed the right by expending funds, approving a plat or passing an act, such as a law dedicating roads along section lines. (Grives v. Kenai Peninsula Borough, 536 P2d 1221, Alaska, 1975)