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To learn the truth about Resource Providers, also known as Farmers, [Commercial] Fishermen, Loggers, Miners, Ranchers, and Recreationists, and their proven track record -- as well as government information and 'skewed science,' please visit the following websites. 

Websites of Interest is grouped into three lists: The good, the government and the questionable. Website addresses are not guaranteed to work, knowing the constantly changing world of the Internet and URLs.

Each list is in alphabetical order, not in order of personal preference. 

There are over 700 websites listed. Newest listings are marked with: (Triple A Livestock) (Much information on lots of topics!) ACSM – The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping African Tears -- Cathy Buckle -- Zimbabwe -- Zimbabwean African Tears -- Cathy Buckle -- Zimbabwe Americans for Constitutional Enforcement (ACE) The American Agricultural Editors' Association - AAEA Ag Media in Indiana AgriNews Agritalk Radio (Land Surveyors, Indiana Code including definitions) (Diane Alden's website, Flyover Country) (The Nature Conservancy Land Grabs) AllSouthwest News Service Jailhouse Lawyer Scott Thurston (The American Shore and Beach Preservation Association) The Asheville Tribune, Asheville, North Carolina (The Asheville Tribune, Asheville, North Carolina – special edition) A Spoonful of Knowledge University (Asia Times Online, covering China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Koreas, India/Pakistan, Central Asia, and Oceania) AZ Corruption: A new island of opinion in the cyberocean (Research and Development Ranch) Jim Ownbey: Bush Country The California Forest Products Commission The California Forest Products Commission Links Page (Institute for Justice website for information on eminent domain) The Ontario (Canada) Cattlemen's Association Cattle Industry Programs and Projects CensorBugBear – WARNING – This site is graphic and pulls no punches in its telling of horror stories in Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe) – It is NOT for the faint of heart. You have been warned. "The ethnic cleansing of Southern Africa's commercial farm communities continues while the world remains silent ... FARM MURDER TOLL: 1,345 farmers, farm workers and [their] kin were killed in South Africa since 1994 -- in often very violent, organised attacks, always by young African males. Coalition for American Rights – CAR Chuck Morse The Center for Individual Rights Citizen Review Online American Civil Rights Union Citizens for Leaders with Ethics and Accountability Now! NOT YOURS TO GIVE: The Story of Col. David Crockett, a US Representative from Tennessee. Originally published in "The Life of Colonel David Crockett," by Edward Sylvester Ellis, 1884. The Constitution Society The Wonderful World of Corn - Corn Facts and Trivia Cornfield Maze Sites (Judy Keeler's website; much truth about the Nature Conservancy) Kids Caring for Cows / CowsnUs Michelle Malkin Crime Busters of South Africa (NRA ad regarding the BATF) (Model Declaration of Secession) (Model Ultimatum Resolution) The Individual Rights Foundation (A must-read about UN, Bioreserves and much more.) The Daily Newspaper::Zimbabwe (the most current issue is April 24, 2002 – What Happened?) (Cornell University) (Cornell University ergonomics lab: Ergonomic Guidelines for arranging a Computer Workstation - 10 steps for users) The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia Fond du Lac Reservation Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR) Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR) Pubic Opinion page (excellent place to visit!) Land & Access, dedicated to conservation and multiple use of public lands for recreation opportunities. Great article by John Stewart, titled: "California Wild Heritage Wilderness and The Wildlands Project" Freedom's Nest A Guide to the Freedom's Nest Site (over 1,600 quotes and much more!) Jeff Head's new Give me Liberty or Give me Death website Homestead Land and Water Alliance 

http:// Concerned Citizens of West Virginia Coalition of Arizona/New Mexico Counties AZNMC Laws and Regulations page The Forest Service's Tinderbox by Robert Nelson An in-depth article on the mismanagement of the National Forests AZNMC White Papers (GREAT Christian 'walk the walk' site!) Holly Swanson Search GuideStar's database of more than 850,000 IRS-recognized nonprofit organizations and their finance records. NARPO – The National Association of Reversionary Property Owners Houston Property Rights Association Lynn M. Studer (this is a website that all should visit, from parents and their children to teachers, researchers, all the facets that make up resource providers and generational land stewards, and all consumers – the truth that is here is undeniable!) Lynn M. Studer Helpful and Informative Links page Lynn Studer; excellent graphic on data collection. Lynn M. Studer Site Map (Scroll about halfway down the page and look for 'Accountability.') Mexico Links Page – pertaining to geology and traveling in Mexico, but also has links to satellite photos and maps. (Institute for Justice) The Institute for Local Self Government The Independence Institute InfoMine: The Internet's Premier Mining Information Source Investigating Curious Evidence David M. Bresnahan Jeff Head's Give me Liberty or Give me Death website My Trip Across America To The March for Liberty: September 26, 1999 through October 9, 1999 -- By Jared Head, age 10 years Jewish World Review (Bill Munro) Geological Surveys & Natural Resources Departments, Associations & Societies (worldwide) (Will need to use to access this site) (Abundant Species Act Campaign) Maptech USGS Topographic (Topo) maps, Navigation Software with GPS The Mark Scott Show Mark Scott Show Links Page "Matt In The Morning Show" for the greater Asheville, NC listening area. (Maine Conservation Rights Institute) Mountain States Legal Foundation -- Lakewood, Colorado Commercial Farmers Union (Zimbabwe) (Darol Dickinson) TREATY GRANTS THE UNITED NATIONS CONTROL OVER AMERICAN HISTORICAL LANDMARKS National Center – Talking Points on the Environment #2 National Center for Constitutional Studies Selected Articles from the LAND Newsletters North Dakota Stockmen Nedsite, the ultimate people finder website The Beacon (Christian, conservative weekly paper and website) David M. Bresnahan See Reader Mail for Tuesday, August 20, 2002 David M. Bresnahan -- Property Rights section (National Farmers Organization) National Legal and Policy Center New Mexico Cattle Growers Association The Objectivist Center - The Green Machine The Ohio Motorized Trails Association, Inc. OhioView Data Collections. Ohioview Members: Bowling Green State University, Cleveland State University, Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, Kent State University, The Ohio State University, Miami University, University of Akron, University of Toledo, and Wright State University. Ohioview Partners: US Geological Survey, EROS Data Center, NASA Glenn Research Center, OhioLINK, and Ohio State Center for Mapping Oregonians In Action News from Oregonians In Action Oregon Cattlemen's Association The Oregon State Snowmobile Association (OSSA) Oklahoma Society of Land Surveyors Declaratory Ruling (Chronicling the high cost of our legal system.) PARR: Protect Americans’ Rights & Resources Point Of Beginning Magazine (surveying, mapping, GIS and GPS) Preservation Sanity, the website for Houston's voluntary historical preservation movement. This site is dedicated to keeping you informed about misguided attempts by the city to preserve your neighborhood's architectural heritage...and to offering solutions that are less costly and more peaceable than asking your neighbors to surrender their esthetic vision to the censorship of bureaucratic authority. Professional Surveyor Magazine Online (American Homeowners Resource Center) Property Rights Research FAQ: How to find people's E-mail addresses Zimbabweans And South Africans Suffering Similiar Horrors Resource Roundup Articles Resource Roundup Restoring America Reynolds Forestry Consulting - RFC, Inc. Point Of Beginning Message Board (surveying) The Sacramento Bee newspaper online (see Tom Knudsen's articles!) Salem's Future (Rodney J. Stubbs - excellent site for learning!) South Africans Worldwide WONDERFUL SITE! Colorado Snowmobile Association The Snowmobile Alliance of Western States, Inc. (SAWS) Is Deception Wrong? Sun Tzu The Art of War and Strategy Site by Sun Tzu Art of War Strategy Site by Table of Contents and Download Sun Tzu The Art of War and Strategy Site Southeastern Legal Foundation The Sunday Times: South Africa's best selling newspaper (Rock-n-Roll musician Ted Nugent's website, pro multiple use.) Thomas Sowell's website

prof/resource_fr2.html+%22treaty+glossary%22+%2B+%22United+Nations%22&hl=en&ie=UTF-8 Resources for Translators – vast amount of information, glossaries and much, much more The Texas Justice Foundation Urban Legends (good place to check on emails – Hoax or Fact) Cliff Kincaid – Anti-United Nations Dean Gotcher The Virginia Land Rights Coalition Guide to Eminent Domain for Virginia Property Owners A Rescue Plan, Bold and Uncertain (The Washington Post) Mineralogy Database Home Rule Takeaway? Wall Street Journal The Zimbabwe Situation (seems to be comprehensive and up-to-date) – Linking the world to Zimbabwe


Here's some government web sites for those who like to learn and do research on the "tangled web:" National Park Service Live Cam Pictures National Park Service AirWeb National Park Service Visibility Monitoring List of newly listed designations by state. (North American) Commission for Environmental Cooperation (of North America) CEC ((North American) Commission for Environmental Cooperation (of North America) Report, "Taking Stock" The California Coastal Commission The Delta Protection Commission (also known as The California Delta Protection Commission) Testimony of David B. Struhs, Secretary, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, to the United States Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on September 13, 2002. An excerpt: "I come bearing news of amazing progress. Only 18-months into a 30-year project and Florida has: Already acquired 75 percent of the land needed to build the authorized projects. Already secured funding to fully pay our half of the multi-billion dollar bill for the first decade. Already entered into a legally binding agreement that requires Florida to reserve water for the environment before federal dollars are released for projects. Already adopted a dispute resolution plan to make sure problems are resolved quickly so progress is not interrupted." Everglades Restoration PLAN Eminent Domain Study Committee Web Site, Established by the Division of Legislative Services in 2000 7,055 URLs for EPA reports all in one place Environmental Technology Centre – Canadian government agency ETC's Links Page Empowerment Zones and Enterprise Communities (EZEC) Champion Communities list Northeast Kingdom Enterprise Collaborative, Inc. (Excerpt: 6) Protection of scenic, historical, recreational, cultural, natural, and archaeological resources in an area adjacent to a scenic byway.) Conservation and Environmental Program Division Mark Twain National Forest (Missouri) Green Brick Road Governing Magazine Online: state and local government. Governing Magazine/August 2000/Feature: Robert Rubin's Urban Crusade The International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) (U.S. and Mexico) Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide sensitive, timely, and fiscally responsible boundary, water, and environmental services along the United States and Mexico border region. We pledge to provide these services in an atmosphere of binational cooperation and in a manner responsive to public concerns and our stakeholders. GENERAL DISCLAIMER: By accessing this computer system you are consenting to system monitoring for law enforcement and other purposes. Library of Congress U.S. Department of the Interior Library (click on Klamath for the Biological Opinion) Marine Protected Areas of the United States "National Association of Conservation Districts" They want this in conservation acres: Progress toward the 2-million-mile goal -- 63 percent as of April 30, 2002. USDA's National Agricultural Library The National Register of Historic Places U.S. Geological Survey – Water Resources of North Carolina The National Governors Association An Alliance for Sustainable Practices (NPS – Vail Agenda) (National Resources Conservation Service) On this page is the following warning -- it is in RED on the website, too -- NOTICE! You are entering an Official United States Government System, which may be used only for authorized purposes. Unauthorized modification of any information stored on this system may result in criminal prosecution. The Government may monitor and audit usage of this system, and all persons are hereby notified that use of this system constitutes consent to such monitoring and auditing.) Natural Resources Management Program (Indonesia, but the program is very like those going on all over the world) CREP video: "Partners With The Land" plays on your computer. Length of video: eight minutes. A real 'sales pitch'... Parliament, Victoria, Australia (American Planning Association) "Recreational Opportunities on Federal Lands" America's National Wildlife Refuge System The Supreme Court of Ohio U.S. Geological Survey Nevada Division of Water Planning: Water Words Dictionary – Abbreviations and Acronyms State and Local Government on the Net (lots of information here) The Council of State Governments (CSG) Enter a bill number to read the bill and check the current status. Army Corps of Engineers U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Glossary U.S. Courts -- The Federal Judiciary News Releases -- Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts News Releases -- Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts -- News Release Archive: 1995 and 1996. U.S. Department of Agriculture U.S. Geological Survey National Water Information System (NWISWeb) ... more than 100 years of water data collected by the USGS. ... NWISWeb data comes from a vast, nationwide network of more than 1.5 million USGS water data collection stations including: 338,000 water-quality sites where samples are taken from rivers or aquifers, 21,200 past and present streamflow sites, 7,570 real-time sites including streams, lakes/reservoirs, groundwater, and meteorological sites. 1.37 million wells. U. S. Salinity Laboratory Web site Washington State fisheries information The Western Governors Association "Enlibra" Program



***RED FLAG***These websites may be checked for misinformation and skewed "public awareness" also known as "public education" Agricultural Conferences, Meetings [and] Seminars Calendar Another Andy Kerr website: Alternatives to Growth Oregon: "In addition to launching Alternatives to Growth Oregon, Kerr runs the Larch Co., an environmental consulting firm named after a tree that thrives on scorched earth." American Lands Alliance American Lands Alliance - Links to Major Environmental Information Centers American Lands Alliance National Forest Yearbook: "A Heritage at Risk from Logging, Recreation, Grazing, Mining, Road Building, Land Trades and More" Senator Daschle's deal with the Sierra Club; codified after being included in the Defense spending bill. In his words: The Home Page of Andy Kerr: Conservationist, Writer, Analyst, Political Operative, Inside/Outside Agitator, Public Speaker, Strategist, Tactician, Foot Soldier, Schmoozer and Raconteur Animal Liberation Front "Diary Of Actions" Quote from site: "Every single night, the women and men of the Animal Liberation Front carry out direct action to stop animal cruelty at its sources, somewhere in the world. England and the United States see thousands of attacks a year and A.L.F. cells are active across the industrialized world. Whether it's the Black Ravens in Russia, the Wild Minks in Sweden, Animal Rescue in Japan, or the A.L.F. in New Zealand, Canada, Israel, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, etc., the goal is the same: to liberate the suffering and destroy the property of those who kill for profit. We need action reports from everywhere but especially European Countries. If you hear of any action (old or new) in your country, why not write us a note and give us any details you can? Don't assume that we will hear about it from someone else. Countries presently targets for direct actions: AOTEAROA AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA BELGIUM BRAZIL CANADA DENMARK FINLAND FRANCE GERMANY GREECE IRELAND ITALY JAPAN NETHERLANDS NORWAY POLAND SLOVAKIA SPAIN SOUTH AFRICA SWEDEN SWITZERLAND UNITED KINGDOM USA" (Note: The few, the proud, the Paranoid. Read on:) We encourage the use of encryption ... For general questions, feedback and requests: [email protected] Reporting Actions, Information Sources and Verification: Reporting Actions: Our archive represents only a fraction of the actual actions, as most go unreported. Please let us know if you have heard of any action not listed here. We need action reports from everywhere but especially European Countries. If you hear of any action (old or new) in your country, why not write us a note and give us any details you can? Don't assume that we will hear about it from someone else. When sending communiques, send multiple copies to one (or preferably several) of the supporters groups listed in the support section in order to make sure at least one gets delivered. Assume that ALL mail to any supporters group (or other animal rights group) is opened, read, copied, and fingerprinted by law enforcement agencies. Make sure you send letters SECURELY! If sending email read up on Internet & Computer Security. Be careful to NOT have anything on or in it that will incriminate you or others. Information Sources & Verification: Sources of information are extensive and include; A.L.F. supporters groups, A.L.F. press offices, animal rights group newsletters, and mainstream news sources - newspapers, magazines, television, web sites, wire services, etc. Our Diary of Action lists are never complete. There are thousands of actions every year around the world and we only hear about a fraction of them. All actions are verified to the best of our capabilities. 2001 Year-End Direct Action Report Released by A.L.F. Press Office Jan. 16, 2002 – The North American A.L.F. Press Office has just released its Year-End Report for 2001. The 46-page report contains the complete lists of all known illegal direct actions taken for animal liberation, as well as for earth liberation, and those taken against genetically modified organisms (GMO) research and genetic engineering (GE) in the past year. The Report includes a complete statistical and geographical breakdown of last year's direct actions, an analysis of target categories and major actions, as well as comments on the future of illegal direct action post-Sept., and into 2002. A hard copy can be purchased for $10 from the A.L.F. Press Office at the address below. The following information represents some of the totals for the year of 2001 from actions taken on the frontlines for animal liberation. Please remember that this list is far from complete; it simply represents the actions known by the ALF Press Office. Numerous actions, especially those where only minor property destruction occurred, typically are never reported nor claimed by anyone. There was a total of 137 illegal direct actions in North America in 2001; 72 of those were for animal liberation, 51 for earth liberation, and 14 against GMO/GE. The A.L.F. took credit for 35 of those actions, the E.L.F. took credit for 29, and 3 were jointly claimed by both groups. The following targets were hit by animal liberation activists in 2001: 10 fur stores 8 Stephens Inc. targets 7 Bank of New York offices or facilities 5 research labs 2 Bank of America offices or facilities 4 animal breeders 4 meat stores 3 fur farms 3 McDonalds 3 Dairy Queen 3 Burger King 3 factory farms 2 HLS targets 2 Pizza Hut 1 KFC 1 Wendy's 1 hunting store 1 pet store 1 wild horse facility 1 circus animal train Damaged property: approx. 150 windows or glass doors approx. 11 vehicles and 1 yacht 4 fires were set Animals rescued or released: 3000 mink 1047 ducks and ducklings 469 chickens 200 horses 62 pigeons 50 geese 44 beagles 28 rabbits 12 perch 10 ferrets 2 hermit crabs 1 snail North American Animal Liberation Front Press Office ***The Voice of the A.L.F.*** Spokesperson: David Barbarash Email: [email protected] 250-897-0791 24-Hour Fax Line: 419-858-9065 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3673, Courtenay, B.C. V9N 7P1 Canada (Nature Conservancy website) Southwest Center for Biological Diversity "SINCE 1995, THE CANAAN VALLEY INSTITUTE (CVI) has been fostering local decision-making in support of sustainable communities in the Mid-Atlantic Highlands. The Mid-Atlantic Highlands includes portions of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and all of West Virginia. The Institute is a not-for-profit, non-advocacy organization committed to enhancing the ability of the region's residents to improve their quality of life. CVI works to help communities build on their assets and implement locally determined solutions to problems that threaten their economic or environmental resources." The Canaan Valley Institute Partners The Center for Agricultural, Resource and Environmental Systems (CARES) is an intercollegiate research and education center within the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources at the University of Missouri at Columbia. Very involved in sustainable issues. North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation Center for Environmental Leadership in Business The Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) The Commission on Global Governance The Commission on Global Governance Terms of Reference The Commission on Global Governance Links Page (VERY interesting) City of Columbus (Ohio) - Planning Division - A community information resource developed and maintained by the Neighborhood Planning Section of the Columbus Planning Division. You will find data on Franklin County and the city of Columbus, along with various Columbus neighborhoods and planning districts. "The Riverfront Vision" -- The Columbus Riverfront Vision Plan (Columbus, Ohio) expresses the community's vision for a nine-mile corridor that stretches along the Scioto & Olentangy rivers from The Ohio State University to State Route 104. The plan identifies over 600 acres of potential parkland, 30 miles of mixed-use trails & 150 acres of new development opportunities. The Plan makes general design & development recommendations for the entire nine-mile corridor, as well as specific recommendations tailored to address the unique characteristics of each of the five reach areas established through the planning process. The Riverfront Vision Plan – Columbus, Ohio A Pattern Language for Sustainability Columbus, Ohio, City Council (Earth Net) National Council for the Social Studies Links Page Foundation for Deep Ecology/Megatechnology & Globalization Program (William Devall) Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. a writer and teacher [and self-proclaimed deep ecologist] in Seattle, WA; author of "Healing Our World," A Journey from the Darkness Into the Light." This site automatically transfers the visitor to Delta Strategy The Earth Charter Initiative GREEN – Global Rivers Environmental Education Network


http:// "Eco-Exchange," a publication of the Rainforest Alliance Northwest Ecosystem Alliance The Earth Council Five E's Unlimited (Sustainable Development Solutions: Specializing in environmental sustainability, strengthened economies, & social equity. SUSTAINABILITY is achieved when we understand the economic, environmental, and social CONSEQUENCES of our actions and make DELIBERATE CHOICES that allow all people to lead healthy, productive and enjoyable lives.) (Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition) Northern and Central California Coastal Wetland Information System Big Darby Creek Watershed Data Sharing Project (OSU and TNC) American Farmland Trust: Dialogues with Agriculture – Appendices (79-page pdf file) Funders Network on Trade and Globalization (FNTG) The mission of the Funders Network on Trade and Globalization is to support foundations and other members of the funding community in their efforts to promote global relations, policies and institutions that foster environmentally sustainable, human-centered and just economic development in the US and around the world. FNTG emerged out of a series of briefings organized by the Environmental Grantmakers Association and the Consultative Group on Biodiversity in Seattle during the 3rd Ministerial Meetings of the World Trade Organization towards the end of 1999. Over 40 funders attended these briefings and civil society-led events during those dramatic days, and a decision was made soon after to launch a new network devoted to trade and broader globalization issues. FNTG is for grantmakers who care about human rights, democracy, peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability. The starting point for FNTG is that globalization matters to these issues. While each of our perspectives on globalization may differ, as grantmakers, we share a common commitment to a more just and sustainable society. As a consequence, globalization and its impacts-good and bad-matter to all of us. Globalization, a central phenomenon of our time, deserves our attention. FNTG has emerged out of concerns that the full implications of globalization are neither sufficiently understood nor adequately addressed by foundations and other members of the funding community. The network's goals are to: 1. Raise awareness of the relevance of international trade and other globalization issues to the funding community; 2. Identify information needs of funders, focus on emerging global issues and promote potential funding opportunities and alliances in ways that help increase the strategic impact of grantmaking; and 3. Increase financial resources devoted to environmentally sustainable, human-centered and just economic development worldwide. Forest Conservation Portal -- Rainforest, Forest and Biodiversity Conservation News & Information: The site features a search index of the entire content of nearly 1,000 reviewed forest conservation sites and makes approximately 1/2 million URLS fully searchable. Global Forest Watch Global Vision Corporation, sponsored by the United Nations Earth Force – GREEN – Global Rivers Environmental Education Network Mikhail Gorbachev's website "Water Conflict Prevention" In their own words lies the intent: Green Cross works to prevent conflicts in water-stressed regions. We promote informed and participatory decision-making, regional cooperation and the integrated management of land and water resources at the basin level. Green Cross contributes to the prevention and resolution of actual and potential conflicts by convening people representing all sectors of affected communities to shape solutions together. We aim to actively avoid and mitigate conflicts in water-stressed regions by encouraging the participatory integrated management of basins at the local, national and international levels. Green Cross promotes the need for international mediation to prevent and resolve water related conflicts, the need for an international fund for water, to be used particularly in times of emergency, and the recognition that a basic entitlement to safe water is a universal human right. Current activities include our integrated Water Emergency Plan for the Middle East, the Fight Against Desertification in Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivoire, a drinking water project in Swaziland, mediation between communities effected by large dams in Argentina and Paraguay, and active involvement in the World Water Council, Global Water Partnership and Gender and Water Alliance. Green Cross International was a major contributor to the World Water Vision for the 21st Century and 2nd World Water Forum in the Hague in March 2000, and is active and committed to the continuing "Framework for Action" process. Regional projects are already being developed in West and Southern Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. The Green Institute (their library is in Minneapolis, Minnesota) "Green Teacher: Education for Planet Earth" Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D. a writer and teacher [and self-proclaimed deep ecologist] in Seattle, WA; author of ""Healing Our World", A Journey from the Darkness Into the Light." A site search for "human extinction" gets 17 ONSITE results

. The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives EcoNet International Institute for Sustainable Development Island Press, the environmental publisher The California Legacy Project (should be renamed the California Wildlands Project, since that's what it is) Local Initiatives Support Corporation Low Impact Development: A non-profit organization balancing growth and environmental integrity -- Established to develop and provide information to individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting the environment and our water resources through proper site design techniques that replicate pre-existing hydrologic site conditions. The Midtown Greenway Coalition (Minneapolis, Minnesota) Sustainable Development Michigan State University - Center for Urban Affairs (CUA) – Links Page (Mother Lode!)

=undefined&id=0&cMinx=-180&cMaxx=180&cMiny=-90&cMaxy=90 The "Global 200 (map):" More than 200 areas have been identified by World Wildlife Fund as the most critical regions for conservation. They are some of the richest, rarest and most endangered terrestrial, marine and freshwater natural areas on the planet. "Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World" map The Nature Conservancy "Nature Serve: Knowledge To Protect the Diversity of Life" States of the Union: Ranking America's Biodiversity – A NatureServe Report prepared FOR THE Nature Conservancy The NCSD Network (The National Councils for Sustainable Development – operational in over 80 countries) National Council for the Social Studies "National Farmers Union" supports conservation programs that increase land-use options for producers and provide cost-sharing to meet compliance mandates. NFU supported passage of the new six-year farm law. "Earth Tomorrow" "Created by the National Wildlife Federation and 'teens like you'" "Earth Tomorrow" - National Wildlife Federation, " ... a leader in environmental education for over 65 years ... " Office International des Epizooties (English translation: World Organization for Animal Health) Old River Committee – San Joaquin County/Tracy, California The Ombudsman Centre "1000 Friends of Minnesota" "Looking for Oregon's Future: What is Sustainability?" The Appalachian Mountain Club The Appalachian Mountain Club, "about us," in their own words: Founded in 1876, the Appalachian Mountain Club is America's oldest conservation and recreation organization. More than 94,000 AMC members actively enjoy, appreciate, and protect the outdoors. In the words of our mission statement: The Appalachian Mountain Club promotes the protection, enjoyment, and wise use of the mountains, rivers, and trails of the Northeast. We believe that the mountains and rivers have an intrinsic worth and also provide recreational opportunity, spiritual renewal, and ecological and economic health for the region. We encourage people to enjoy and appreciate the natural world because we believe that successful conservation depends on this experience. We fulfill our mission through the three interconnecting pillars of the AMC: conservation, education, and recreation. Pacific Biodiversity Institute Road Map: We can mail you a wall size version of our famous Road Map. It has ALL the roads that you can drive in the country without using four-wheel drive. No other map has all the roads ... so don't take a trip without this map! For a 36" by 48" wall size road map (showing all 7 million miles of roadway) in the lower 48 states of the United States send us your mailing address plus a check for $18.00 (covers printing, postage and a sturdy mailing tube). Any extra donation that you want to make to help us with this project is greatly appreciated. Our mailing address is Pacific Biodiversity Institute, PO Box 298, Winthrop, WA 98862 USA. This map was produced as a part of our effort to assess what hasn't been paved yet ... to find what is left of the wild landscape that once spread from sea to sea. Papillo-Missouri River Natural Resources District Progress With Economic and Environmental Responsibility The Performance Institute (The Common Ground World Project) The Pew Charitable Trusts

=undefined&left=-180&bottom=-90&right=180&top=90NationalGeographic MapMachine: Online atlas, street maps Yet ANOTHER Andy Kerr website: Welcome to the website for the National Public Lands Grazing Campaign, a multi-year, multi-organization strategy to end abusive livestock grazing on the nation's public lands. Public lands livestock grazing is ecologically damaging, economically irrational, and fiscally imprudent. Conservationists and public lands grazing permittees/lessees could argue forever on these issues and never reach consensus. Or we could work together to lobby Congress to establish a voluntary federal grazing permit buyout program. NPLGC advocates legislation to pay grazing permittees/lessees $175 per animal unit month to voluntarily retire their permit or lease and end grazing on the associated allotment permanently. This legislation would provide grazing permittees/lessees with another option for their permit or lease, while relieving public lands from continued livestock grazing wherever the buyout option is exercised. Research Program in Environmental Planning and Geographic Information Systems -- REGIS -- (College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley) River Network Current Partners of River Network with email and websites Student Conservation Association (SCA) - 3-12 month internships (expenses paid & stipends) in national parks, forests, wildlife refuges, urban greenways, and wildlands managed by government and nonprofit organizations. "Changing lives through service to nature." (The Community Network Movement) Sustainable Agriculture, Incorporated The Hellbranch Run Watershed Protection Overlay Project (Ohio) "The Farm" Summertown, Tennessee U.S.A. (eco-village, founded in 1971) The Thoreau Institute (The Nature Conservancy) (The Nature Conservancy of California) (Desired Future Status of Forested Landscapes) TNC – Landscape Conservation Networks: Fostering the Conservation of Functional Landscapes -- LCNs are a highly effective vehicle for accelerating both conservation work at specific portfolio landscapes, as well as organizational learning about conservation planning, threat abatement, and strategy development and implementation. The networks bring together Conservancy field staff, partners, and scientific experts in a series of facilitated, progressive workshops focused on key threats and strategies identified in ecoregional and conservation area plans. Trails and Greenways Clearinghouse (TAG) Tall Timbers Research Station (The Wildlands Project – "Official Site") ("Cebadillas") ("Maine Wildlands Network") ("Sky Islands Wildlands Network") ("Yellowstone to Yukon") The Wilderness Society Ohio Watersheds Homepage Union of Concerned Scientists (reader, beware of language deception at every turn!) Upper Mississippi Basin Stakeholder Network Centre for Ecological Economics and Water Policy Research (Australia) (Formerly the Centre for Water Policy Research) United Nations Environment Programme UNEP's Calendar of Environmental Treaties List of worldwide biosphere reserves The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement Visibility Improvement – State and Tribal Association of the Southeast (VISTAS) Gender and Water Alliance (no kidding!) In their own words: Everybody, men, women and children must help manage and share water fairly. Conflicts over "troubled water" -- sometimes too much, too little or too polluted -- must be avoided. They harm people, food production, nature and the environment. Research and practical experience from the Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) have demonstrated that effective, efficient and equitable water resources management is only achieved when both women and men are involved in integrated water resource management. Links page from Becomes "Center for Environmental Education: Web Links" Western Governors' Association Link from the Western Governors' Association website to a bill to establish a Federal Drought Council that would aid in the pre-positioning of firefighters so that they could pounce on fires as quickly as possible. Language in the bill fails to address restoration of fire-dependent ecosystems. (Say what???) Western Regional Air Partnership (WRAP) National Regional Planning Organizations (RPO) Information Links page (VERY extensive, you won't believe all that's here...) (Partnered with the Center for Biological Diversity, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Department of Interior)





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