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FEC fines Sierra Club 11/20/2006
Chenoweth v. Clinton 10/09/2006
Payments in condemnation bid 10/04/2006
MSSA [Montana Shooting Sports Association] Comment - Re: Wolf Delisting 09/30/2006
Park County plans to join lawsuit for wolf delisting 09/30/2006
Wrangling over property rights in Canyonlands 09/30/2006
Canada Lynx Become Pawns to Stop Trapping 09/20/2006
[Texas] Attorney general sues to stop business's land protection claim 09/16/2006
DNR: Judge's ruling keeps at least five wolves alive 09-02-06
AG [Attorney General] unblocks water spigot for livestock 08-31-06
Norton says BLM revamping its policies on rights of way 08-31-06
Groups go to court hoping to block snowmobile trail 08-22-06
Court order suspends trapping and lethal control of Wisconsin wolves 08-24-06
Settlement details released in eminent domain case 08-23-06
The Shifting Sands of the Clean Water Act 08-22-06
State asks Supreme Court to keep water running 08-19-06
Court bars Wisconsin from killing gray wolves 08-11-06
What, exactly, are Public Lands? 07-31-06
Judge rules against Florida in tri-state water dispute 07-31-06
Court Decision Lifts Endangered Species Act Threat to Rights of Way Across Federal Lands 07-30-06
Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd 07-29-06
Judge hears arguments in Reno courtroom on Hage’s ‘takings’ case 07-27-06
Homeowners win eminent domain fight in Norwood 07-26-06
Lawsuit seeks ATV ban in Wrangell-St. Elias 07-05-06
"Sue" ownership court opinion 06-18-06
Wayne Hage, 69; Battled Government on Land Rights 06-09-06
E. Wayne Hage Obituary 06-08-06
Migrant workers file suit against Arkansas farm operation 06-04-06
Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity file suit against Mother Nature 05-23-06
Environmental groups sue over roads, winter use 05-22-06
10 states sue EPA over global warming 05-01-06
Legal challenge to Hollywood's seizure of land could jeopardize city agency 04-22-06
Bernard H. Siegan, R.I.P. 03-30-06
Interior Department Announces Guidelines to Implement Court Decision on R.S. 2477 03-29-06
Salmon, suckers lose 03-28-06
Ohio Citizens Group Will Monitor State Task Force 03-15-06
Citizens Learn Techniques to fight Eminent Domain Abuse 03-15-06
The right and left of property rights 03-14-06
Pilgrims: Court won't let Pilgrim family drive to its land 02-14-06
93-year-old tenant wins eminent domain case 02-11-06
Snowmobilers file motion 02-06-06
Simplex Technologies, Inc. v. Town of Newington 1-28-06
Eminent domain foes target [Supreme Court] justice's home 01-22-06
Alaska aerial hunt of wolves declared illegal 01-18-06
Butterfly lawsuit pits activists against vehicles 01-10-06
Canyon County will appeal dismissal of illegal immigration lawsuit 01-08-06
Environmentalists told to post $100K bond 01-04-06
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