You say you want to Write a Letter to the Editor ...


January 26, 2002


I am often asked about email addresses and other contact information for submitting Letters to the Editor, Op-eds or Guest Editorials.

For those with the moxie to take advantage of this information, here is the proverbial goldmine of information. I've done the hard part for you; all you need do is visit these sites to find the newspapers that you hope to get your letters published in! A half dozen handy tips follow the list of 22 websites. 

Now -- what excuse can you have left for not writing that letter you've been meaning to write?


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Tips from experience, to get letters published:

1. Keep them short and concise -- less than 200 words is good; less than 150 words is ideal! -- and appealing to the readership of that publication.

2. Send only one email letter at a time. Sending a fine letter to the editor out as a mass mailing (either showing who else it getting it, or worse yet, to 'undisclosed recipients') often gets it deleted by the receiver when dealing with editors of papers! You may use the same letter to different papers, but please send it to one at a time. Remember that the goal is to get your letter published!

3. Be sure to have your full name, full mailing address (including zip code) and full phone number including Area Code -- they cannot call to verify a letter if no area code is given!

4. Know going in that all letters don't get published, and that 'cookie-cutter letters' being sent over and over are destined for 'File 13.' A snappy, positive and bright letter will attract the editor FIRST and FOREMOST -- and will likely cause him/her to give his/her READERS the chance to enjoy it!

5. Go easy on the facts and provide a website/s to go to for further information. Remember, 150-200 words is eaten up in a hurry!

6. Usual policy is one letter per writer per month.