August 27, 2002

By John D'Aloia, Jr.

[email protected]

While the nation's attention is riveted on the war on terrorism, business corruption, church scandals, and the kidnaping of children, another war to subjugate American citizens goes unnoticed except by those in the cross-hairs. This war is being waged inside our borders. The apostles of Gaia, with the help of principle-less elected officials and Quisling Clerks, are advancing their agenda, the depopulation of large areas of the country, a.k.a. The Wildlands Project.

You have not heard of the Wildlands Project? The victories of its adherents do get space here and there in the media, but never in a way that the reader would grasp that what is described is in fact part of a master plan to eliminate private property and herd people into cities. A local group might be hailed as "saving" a wetland, but not mentioned is that taking the property out of private ownership means that one more piece of land has been lined up to implement the eventual creation of a huge tract of land from which humans will be banned. The Wildlands Project is real. It is being implemented by a variety of strategies, all at odds with the rights of citizens as set forth in our Founding Documents and the historical relationship between government and citizens.

The goal of The Wildlands Project is to depopulate one half of the nation and return it to its primeval state. Its disciples believe that their desired end justifies any means, including the elimination of freedom. Their beliefs are anti-Christian. Humans are a cancer and their numbers must be reduced; animals have as much value as humans. All aspects of society must be changed to honor and worship Gaia. The Project's web site is filled with words that on first reading appear to be for apple pie and motherhood, but upon contemplation, the stark reality of what is being proposed hits home. This from its web site provides an inkling of what they have in store for you: "The amount of productive land used by the average US citizen today-for food, water, fuel, habitation, clothing, transportation, and waste-management-is 12 acres. A large portion of this land is appropriated from other countries." Read it carefully -- the implications for our society, our national sovereignty, and our freedom are ominous.

The feds are attempting to implement the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP.) CERP describes a process by which 25,000 people will be forced from their land, about 200,000 acres. J. Zane Walley, Executive Director of the Paragon Foundation and an organizer of the Sawgrass Rebellion, a peaceful but vocal group of landowners coming together from across the country to oppose CERP, wrote: "As best I can determine, every land grabbing scheme devised by the green feds left over from the Clinton regime and their environmentalist cronies has been brought to bear on the people in rural south Florida. CERP [is] the model for future land grabs nationwide."

In Oregon, a massive forest fire threatens to drive the inhabitants of the Illinois Valley from their homes. The devastation is creating an environment to which they may never be able to return. Hemmed in by laws that prevent reconstruction and beneficial use of their land, owners will be easy targets for government or land trusts to buy up and kick out. It is now predicted that the fire will burn 800 square miles of forest and will be extinguished only when winter rains start. The fire is burning with an uncommon intensity. Why? Because over the years, the eco-fascists got laws enacted that prevented early control of the fire -- it was in a wilderness area; firefighters were barred from entering -- and laws that prevented proper forest management, the removal of brush and the dead trees now fueling the fire. The Wildlands Project (and the UN by no mere coincidence) maps the Illinois Valley as a region from which they want to ban humans. In effect, the eco-fascists are, as noted by Dr. Arthur Robinson, arsonists who will reap the benefit of their "means justify the ends" strategy.

Government is now the willing accomplice of those who would destroy our constitutional republic. The end of our free nation is in sight -- in sight, that is, unless the electorate wakes up, realizes what is happening, and takes meaningful political action to replace via the ballot box those who bend their knee to Gaia and the other false gods of today's political scene.

Ronald Reagan nailed it: "We've gone astray from first principles. We've lost sight of the rule that individual freedom and ingenuity are at the very core of everything that we've accomplished. Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives."

Excuse me, Mr. President. Did not you mean to say "ruin?"

See you Trackside.