"What we want now is nothing short of a revolution. [Censored] that crap you read in Wild Earth or Confessions of an Eco-Warrior. Monkeywrenching is just more than sabotage, and your [Censored] [Censored] right it's revolutionary. This is Jihad, pal. There are no innocent bystanders, because in these desperate hours, bystanders are not innocent. We'll broaden our theater of conflict ..." - By Mike Roselle, cofounder of Earth First!, the Rainforest Action Network, and the Ted Turner-funded Ruckus Society. Printed in the January 1995 Earth First Journal

"I have a theory. My theory is that every time the Forest Service or some other entity commits an act of destruction of the wild, if every time they plow under another roadless area, or murder a wolf, or mangle and plunder and sack a wild place, if every time they do this I take my anger and place it in a certain compartment inside my brain, than when it becomes time to throw bombs I will be the best bomb thrower, perhaps better than the other bombthrowers. So, I spend my days patiently contriving means to stop the madness which drives the Forest Service and other renegades, and each day I read the mail; perhaps I file anther appeal and then at the end of the day I open up this special compartment inside my brain and I put the anger of some new atrocity in it, in anticipation of the day when I shall need this anger in order to throw bombs. But a new fear has overcome me. I perceive my anger calling me from inside its compartment, I hear the door unlatch from inside, and this new terrible question approaches me: "How will I know when it is time to throw bombs." - Wild Rockies Review Volume 6, Number 1 1993 - By Earth Firster, Eric Bowers Ryberg also known as Pajama.

"Bo Turner runs the Flying D [Ranch, owned by Ted Turner]. I have several friends that have hunted there and done well. The ranch is huge, surrounded by 6-foot tall electric fence. The fence kills hundreds of big game animals each year that try to get out -- and also keeps wolves from getting in. This is common knowledge in Montana." - Bob Fanning, Pray, Montana. September 20, 2003

For terrorists, strategic victory means instilling fear and, over time, destroying a way of life, extinguishing an enemy civilization." - Columnist Clifford May (although this was not specifically written about 'environmental terrorists' and 'animal rights' terrorists, it could and certainly does, pertain to both)

Predators are adaptable. Coyotes, rats and roaches come to mind, none of which is threatened. Carry the thought a bit further; you may find that socialism, Marxism and other 'social orders' are akin. - Julie Kay Smithson, August 1, 2002