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A good man is concerned for the welfare of his animals. - 

Proverbs 12:10

The romantic portrayal of the cowboy trailing along on a half-asleep horse behind a herd of sensible and tame cows is what most people think they know about ranchers. Like the owner-operator of a semi truck, the rancher wears many hats. He or she is often the bookkeeper, auditor, 'gopher', salesman, delivery person, midwife, business consultant, marketing agent, mother, father, babysitter, teacher, and many other things that go into being a sole proprietorship. Having a career that includes the home and family has its pros and cons, but most who ranch would say the positive has outweighed the negative ...... until the dawn of the 'environmentalist.'  This ornery critter seems to be everywhere at once, a real invasive and noxious weed, looking like something it's not (locoweed, for instance), thriving at the expense of its host (like a parasite), and then dropping off (like a full tick) and finding another host.  If it were only a nuisance pest, the rancher would have simply shrugged it off and gone on about the business of supplying food and fiber and medicinal components, and a lot more, and never complained. This 'environmentalist,' though, is now a mouthpiece that says how awful that those horrid cows defecate in streams and on 'fragile ecosystems!'
 Domestic livestock, it would seem, are the only critters whose digestive systems regularly drop on land and in water, and foul it for all the lovely-to-look-at 'endangered' species who apparently NEVER poop ANYWHERE! That same newly-hatched species is more than willing to tell all who will lend an ear, that there are 90% too many humans on the planet, and how we simply MUST depopulate before we destroy 'the rest of Mother Nature!' A rational mind will consider the possibilities, then the probabilities, then walk away from such scam artists.  This new species, though, has a PLAN!  The plan is to educate the young to BELIEVE all this drivel, and to even turn in their parents for having (shudder!!) WOOD furniture, or a GASOLINE engine!  Guns, of course, have no place in the peaceful world that this new species 'envisions.' Meanwhile, back at the ranch, another crop of livestock is being born, and yep! they're pooping all the way to the slaughterhouse, where they become more food and fiber and medicinal ingredients for us, the consumers!

I got ticked when I saw the beef Checkoff symbol at [a] McDonald's ... but we don't eat there anymore ... they still use the symbol -- but don't use U.S. beef.  Any halfwit could see this Checkoff plan supports the wrong folks, i.e. processors and retailers. - E. J., Illinois cattle producer

"Food is Power! We use it to control behavior. Some may call it bribery. We do not apologize." - Catherine Bertini, Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Program, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, speaking at the UN World Food Summit, Nov 1996.


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