Patriotic Poetry

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A Child Comes Around 5-20-05
America the Beautiful, or so you used to be 5-09-05
Invictus 4-11-05
His Yeomen, We 3-24-05

Near or far, Wherever you are 11-21-04
Open Letter to Andy Rooney Et. Al. 5-26-04
Freedom isn't Free 2-08-04

A Day to Remember  12-12-03
"The Soldier's Night Before Christmas" 12-12-03
A Soldier's Christmas 12-12-03
A Soldier's Christmas different 12-12-03
Philosophy At The Waterhole 8-05-03
Ah, Freedom!  7-30-03
We Fought in Every War 5-25-03
The Gods of the Copybook Headings 3-07-03
The Meaning of the Flag 
Giving Hearts
War for Freedom
In The Land of Ostrich
Dead Men Marching
To What Degree  
Written for the Brady Family List on Memorial Day 2002
The Hangman
The Constitution Speaks
A Visitor from the Past