No Darby Refuge



Whether by the original publicized "Proposed National Wildlife Refuge," or by the "Conservation Reserve and Conservation Reserve Enhancement Programs," or by the Environment Protection Agency using "citizen-based, watershed-wide Planning Groups" with which to implement the Clean Water Act, those who live and work in this beautiful and productive area of prime farmland in west-central Ohio are steadfast in their resolve:  two hundred years of farming and rural custom and culture will not be sacrificed on the altar of "open space" and "farmLAND preservation," neither of which preserves private property and productive agriculture and a place to raise families with roots 200 years deep!

Please know that our voices, united with others who understand the vital importance of resource providing and private enterprise (and the middle class!) in America, will be what makes the difference between a slippery slope into United Nations foreign governmental regime in our once-proud land, and recouping that which is ours by hundreds of years of 'sweat equity':  our beloved America!  Our voice must unite and strengthen by education in the truth!  The 'Achilles Heel' of the rural resource provider has been the inability to raise a voice united in educating the public about what we do and why we are the only real stewards of this mighty land.  We now have the networking power of the Internet and other communications tools.  These tools have been used by those who would disenfranchise us, and now it is our opportunity (a problem in work clothes!) to use those tools for our survival!