Alaska Questions 12-29-03
Skid Marks #77 12-18-03
Nature Conservancy purchases acres 12-12-03
Rails To Trails Fail 12-12-03
Land-Rights Dispute Continues in Alaska 12-12-03
Judge throws out Norwood suit 12-12-03
If Pilgrims lose land to park, we all do 12-12-03
Bay Township zoning administrator Frykberg resigns 12-01-03
Goshawk ruling reopens forest debate  11-27-03
Grazing foes win key case  11-10-03
Lots of money, little return 11-08-03
Alaska Statehood Act 11-05-03
Bush and States' Rights 11-05-03
Environmental groups support Pilgrim family's case 10-05-03
An Upstream Battle: Stepping up for salmon State rules 11-05-03
PLF Sues Park Service to Preserve Family's Only Access Road to Alaska Property 11-03-03
Packers, Producers Lock Horns Producers Allege That Dakota Dunes-Based Company 10-31-03
AT&T settling cable lawsuits 10-31-03
Federal agency to oppose motion filed by group 10-31-03
Historic water deal approved 10-31-03
Nevada Rancher Sues Federal Government for $30 Million in Takings Suit 10-31-03
Rock Creek Mine appeal denied 10-30-03
Goldwater Scholar Applauds Appeals Court Decision in Bailey Case 10-29-03
Oregon Chosen As Setting for Wolf Lawsuit 10-29-03
Groups Move to Keep Wolf Recovery On Track 10-29-03
Group pushes feds to answer to plover challenge 10-25-03
Restricted water flow stops Mississippi barge traffic 10-25-03
Conference draws judges from region 10-25-03
Mahogany, Peru & Poverty 10-24-03
Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; 10-17-03
Excavator gets jail time for clearing along creek 10-16-03
Barge Industry Crucial to Illinois Economy 10-14-03
Parts of Paul Bunyan State Trail returned to landowners 10-12-0
9th Circuit Court Affirms Lower Ruling In Washington's Methow Valley Irrigation District (MVID) Water Suit 10-12-03
Environmental Litigation Threatens Endangered Species 10-12-03
U.S. appeals court backs Nevada water transfer from farms to refuge 10-12-03
Michigan tests limits of using condemnation 10-12-03
Skid Marks #73 10-12-03
Testimony tells story of farmers vs. fish 10-12-03
U.S. v Jenks 10-12-03
Family timber firm forced to sell 10-12-03
Eminent domain ruling favors city 10-08-03
UC professor says government underestimates impact of habitat designation 10-05-03
Ruling Opens Litigation Floodgates While Voiding Rights 10-03-03
Activists seek inquiry of state brand inspector 10-03-03
Humboldt judge lets Pacific Lumber logging continue 09-30-03
Fish could get parts of Marine base for habitat 09-30-03
Resources Field Hearing on ESA will Examine 09-30-03
United States: 562 Nations Under God 09-24-03
The salmon that never was 09-24-03
The Owl and the Animal Farm 09-22-03
Extracting Ourselves from the Wetlands Quagmire 09-22-03
Reforming the Endangered Species Act 09-22-03
Wyoming: Thermopolis rancher seeks probe of BLM office 09-19-03
Land Rights Advocates Allege Bush Administration Betrayal 09-19-03
CEQ's "Worst Case Analysis" Rule for EISs 09-17-03
Environmental Litigation Threatens Endangered Species 09-17-03
Regarding Montana State Wolf 'Management' Plan 09-16-03
Federal government won't appeal roadless ruling 09-15-03
Sierra Nevada Press Conference 09-09-03
SHARED APPRECIATION: Bukaske v. U. S. Dept of Agriculture, 2002 DSD 5 09-09-03
The Law, The Money and Your Choice 09-02-03
Initiative up a creek after ruling by judge 08-30-03
Irrigators Threaten Feds With Suit 08-30-03
Mapleton fighting landowner over trail 08-30-03
Governor Bush Calls for Investigation in Florida Euthanasia Controversy 08-30-03
Has Wally Klump Failed The Law, Or Has The Law Failed Wally? 08-29-03
Logging OK'd in badly damaged forest 08-27-03
Avena and Other Mexican Nationals 08-27-03
Reforming the Endangered Species Act 08-27-03
Manatee issues spark Cape lawsuit 08-27-03
Court of Appeals Upholds Key Salmon Protections in Washington 08-20-03
Federal appeals court says no protection for Northern Goshawk 08-20-03
Klamath Adjudication -- Adair Decision Reversed 08-17-03
Hearing on a Comprehensive Examination of the CALFED Program 08-17-03
Basin crops still have safe refuge 08-17-03
EPA Investigating Nature Conservancy at Landmark's Request 08-17-03
Bush commits to increased timber cutting 08-13-03
Jury acquits pilot, who questioned IRS, of tax-evasion counts 08-11-03
Bert Harris law supported by Appeals Court 08-09-03
Another Sarno Land Deal? 08-09-03
Surface Transporation Board Decision 08-07-03
New company takes control of Honey Lake water 08-07-03
Group Tries To Turn Law On Its Ear To Save Rivers 08-05-03
Governors discuss river options 08-05-0
Energy Monoliths Could Return 08-01-03
Judge lifts injunctions banning tree-cutting in East Texas 07-30-03
Mexico treaty violation requires action 07-27-03
NYC street artists win again 07-21-03
Corps of Engineers Pressures Homeowners to Sell by Threatening to Condemn Their Land 07-21-03
U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals rules that federal government may regulate wetlands 07-21-03
Log ban imposed on Jackson forest 07-21-03
Judge voids Elko County road deal 07-20-03
NAFTA panel rules against Canadian softwood 07-20-03
Owens and Hurst Closes 07-06-03
Landmark Calls for Probe into EPA Grants to Nature Conservancy 07-03-03
Judge's Anger at Interior Department Overflows 06-23-03
Activist claims property rights on federal lands 06-15-03
NAHB Reacts To U.S. V. Deaton Wetlands Decision 06-13-03
EPA Arsenic Standard May Be Unconstitutional 06-07-03
Judging the Everglades 06-06-03
Animal rights group attacked; PETA integrity under question 06-04-03
Dream of owning land turns sour 06-04-03
Court allows county seal's Commandments 06-03-03
Rancher Wayne Hage tells Nevada legislators his side of lawsuit regarding range 06-03-03
Group warns USFS over fire retardant 06-02-03
Florida Property Owners' demise - Making Willing Sellers ... 06-01-03
Takings Litigation - U.S. Stay Motion Denied 05-31-03
Maine Salmon Farms Closed to Benefit Wild Salmon 05-31-03
Justices deal a blow to Miranda right 05-29-03
Supreme Court won't hear Tok trapping case 05-29-03
Endangered Species Act "Broken" 05-28-03
High Court to hear MD-VA Water Case 05-25-03
Citizen groups sue Forest Service over grazing fee 04-29-03
More on Federal Jurisdiction vs State Jurisdiction 04-29-03
Environmental groups want SNRA grazing shut down 04-26-03
Trial Dates have been set for phase two and three in Hage v. US. 04-26-03
Naches Dam Removal in WA State 04-26-03
Business Owners and Recreation Groups File Suit Against National Park Service 04-13-03
North Carolina Supreme Court won't hear DuPont Forest lawsuit 04-13-03
Lowrys Win Major Water Rights Decision! Victory for LU Ranching Co. 04-13-03
Environmental Concerns Create Headaches for Wine Industry 04-12-03
California miner fights seizure of valuable deposits 04-12-03
Key legal documents from USA v. Garfield County (Utah) 04-12-03
The U.S. military faces a battle of another kind in Japan 04-05-03
Court upholds Forest Service off-highway vehicle management 04-05-03
Ruling on Endangered Species Upheld 04-03-03
Three Counties Formally Support Water Users in Current Litigation 04-03-03
Citizen groups sue Forest Service over grazing fee 04-02-03
More on Federal Jurisdiction vs State Jurisdiction 04-02-03
A New Frontier in Water Wars Emerges in East 03-29-03
Mixed ruling on Forest Service logging west of Tahoe 03-25-03
BLM threatened with suit over wild horses 03-23-03
Monroe County settles property lawsuit 03-23-03
Senators champion water users, states' rights 03-23-03
Environmentalists win suit over Ottawa Forest plan 03-23-03
City Loses $8.3 Million Lawsuit Over Zoning Change 03-20-03
Final biological assessment on Middle Rio Grande water and maintenance operations released 03-20-03
Environmental groups plan lawsuit against Klamath River sturgeon decision 03-20-03
Forest Service, environmentalists square off over land 03-17-03
Activist e-mails have DA ready kick lamb thief free 03-17-03
Dahl v. U.S. 03-17-03
Defenders Urges Court to Stop Town From Selling Private Rights To Highest Bidder 03-17-03
Western Shoshone crisis: Is the U.S. a nation of arbitrary laws? 03-14-03
Falsifying Lab Reports Earns Slap on the Wrist 03-14-03
Groups Seek Revisions to Missouri River Operations 03-14-03
Spring Valley inspector allegedly abused his authority 03-14-03
Groups challenge EPA on rules for farm runoff 03-11-03
Survival of the species 03-11-03
Santa Ana sucker to receive critical habitat 03-11-03
Federal Jurisdiction 03-08-03 (large File)
Lawsuit over DuPont forest may have reached end of line 03-07-03
TRACKSIDE 03-07-03
Food safety activists speak out about USDA whistleblower reprisal 03-06-03
Spring Valley inspector allegedly abused his authority 03-06-03
Everett appeals shore ruling 03-02-03
Wayne Hage is ... A Hero for the New West 03-02-03
PLF battles law that plows up ag workers' contract rights 02-28-03
City Scores Victory Against Mine 02-28-03
Lawsuit Wants Feds To Protect Rio Grande Cutthroat 02-28-03
4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses Ban on Dumping Coal Waste 02-27-03
Need for a search warrant trips social workers 02-27-03
Public Interest Groups Charge USDA With Unfair Treatment of Whistleblower 02-27-03
Salamander solution? 02-27-03
Eminent domain suit rejected 02-24-03
United States Department of Justice files brief supporting students' right to distribute religious candy canes at school 02-24-03
Water in the Mojave 02-24-03
Courant Seeks To Open Records Sealed State Court Files Challenged 02-24-03
Officials: Bugryn property vital 02-24-03
Move over, Saddam 02-24-03
Designation of Critical Habitat for the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow; Final Rule 02-24-03
Ford Fined for Hazardous Waste Violations at Auto Plants 02-24-03
Validity of Oregon's Judge's Oaths Challenged in Writ to U.S. Supreme Court 02-24-03
Farmers appeal CBOT suit dismissal 02-13-03
3 property owners fight city's plans for renewal 02-13-03
Ohio Judge rules anti-gun law violates state constitution 02-13-03
Analysis of Hage v. United States 02-12-03
Trails plan tried at private property forum 02-12-03
Judge Orders Protections for Mexican Owl 02-12-03
Farmers Getting Closer With Appeal Brief Filing in CBOT Lawsuit 02-12-03
Courts Ruling on the Environment 02-12-03
Soybean farmers meet CBOT in court 02-09-03
Judge Backs Deal to Retire California Farms 02-09-03
Wrecking Property Rights 02-09-03
In Towns That Slowed Growth, Backlash Stirs 02-09-03
Another Victory in Hage v. United States 02-09-03
Does the due process clause protect property? 02-09-03
World Court: U.S. Must Stay 3 Executions 02-09-03
Piscataway officials, family face off in court 02-09-03
Iowans push for packer ban at federal level 02-09-03
Not Guilty 02-04-03
Federal Claims Court rules against the Corps of Engineers 02-04-03
Maryland Environmental Trust v. Gaynor, 140 Md. App. 433 02-02-03
Lawmaker takes aim at forest management 01-28-03
For Environmentalists 01-28-03
Family sues to reclaim ancestral land from Forest Service 01-28-03
The Forest Service Today 01-28-03
Shared Appreciation 01-27-03
California Coastal Decommission 01-27-03
Stevens wants no Tongass appeals 01-27-03
State to decide this week whether to pursue Estates land purchase to dislodge resident 01-27-03
Ruling may give lynx greater protection 01-27-03
ACLU fails to remove 10 Commandments 01-25-03
War on the West: Constitutional Liberties at Risk 01-25-03
Park service employees could be arrested for violating property rights 01-25-03
Swisher leads national fight for property rights 01-24-03
Amicus Request 01-24-03
The Land Grab Continues 01-23-03
Albuquerque Case Pits Thirst Against Fish 01-23-03
Affidavit in Support of the Ten Commandments 01-20-03
Something in the Water 01-18-03
Plan to Set Aside Land in Arizona for Owls Slammed 01-14-03
Appeals court to hear arguments in silvery minnow case 01-14-03
Water wars 01-09-03
Missouri River Uncertainty Already Scuttling Recreation for 2003 01-07-03
Supreme Court Won't Hear Fishing Permit Seizure Case 01-07-03
Smart Growth Debate Reaches Boiling Point in Loudon County, Va. 01-07-03
An environment for law 01-07-03
New Jersey Mayor Sues ... HIMSELF 01-07-03
Boss Abbey Calls For BLM Raid on Dann Sisters 12-29-02
Give It Back to the Indians?
Court asked to reconsider logging ban
In U.S. First, Local Government Refuses to Recognize Corporate Claims to
Civil Rights!
Commentary and news from Pacific Legal Foundation 12-20-02
Hundreds rally for '10 Commandments judge'
Arizona Court Downzones Property Rights 12-17-02
Feedlot owner files lawsuit against KC-based meat packer 12-17-02
New Jersey Court Declares State's Civil Forfeiture Funding Scheme
Court upholds deep-ripping ruling, 4-4
Court Orders Consideration of Dredging Alternatives 12-14-02
Defenders Stops Environmental Groups' Smart Growth Proposal
Appellate judges reinstate roadless rule, remand case to district court 12-14-02
TRACKSIDE 12-09-02
A Landmark Case On Land Rights
JUSTICE GARMAN delivered the opinion of the court: 12-03-02
Chinook Salmon As Threatened Is Illegal
Nature Conservancy settles Oil Royalties suit 12-01-02
Controversial Geothermal Project Gets Go Ahead
Activists’ water claim hit
$90 School-board race 11-23-02
Lakebed determinations could net state millions of acres of land 11-17-02
1995 RAND corporation report begs question: To what extent is activism
Shot Cops Seek Damages From Gunmaker
Sturgeon lawsuit filed 11-16-02
More briefs allowed in property rights case 11-16-02
Court bolsters Clinton national monuments 10-22-02
$10 Million Settlement Reached with Perdue Farms in Wage and Hour

Kentucky Judge 08-23-02
Appeals court rules Wyoming rancher can sue BLM 08-23-02
Suit Challenges Everglades Limestone Mining 08-23-02
Bush Administration Defends Road Building Ban in North Dakota 08-16-02
Endangered species case sparks others
A Soiled Victory -- Who sold out America's black farmers? 08-16-02
Summary Judgment: Bush: Nine Former Presidents Wrong; Clinton Right!
Lawsuit to be Filed against Brand Inspector
Landowners Gain New Protections in High Court's Ruling 08-02-02
Earth First! activist fined, given one year probation 07-27-02 
Major Victory in Hage v. United States 07-27-02
In Virginia, A Property Rights Win For The Little Guy 06-16-02
Feds take property for a trail; take taxpayers for a ride 06-04-02              
WE WON !!!!! 06-16-02
1993 Summary of NEPA Decisions
Lawsuits seek federal environmental grant data 04-09-02