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. Abundant Wildlife Society of North America, Beresford, South Dakota (Troy Mader) The Anderson Report (SE Arizona)
  WARNING – This site is graphic and pulls no punches in its telling of horror stories in Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe) – it is NOT for the faint of heart. You have been warned. “The ethnic cleansing of Southern Africa's commercial farm communities continues while the world remains silent ... FARM MURDER TOLL: 1,345 farmers, farm workers and [their] kin were killed in South Africa since 1994 -- in often very violent, organised attacks, always by young African males. Payson CC Friends Links Page God Bless America - Joe Eldred – Robert Bidinotto “Individualism, not Environmentalism”

 Crimebusters of South Africa Links Page

 Regional Livestock News and Auctions Washington Contract Loggers Association Regional Ag News Montana Shooting Sports Association (a fine patriot site!)
 Outdoor Liaisons The Sportsman's Connection Outdoor Recreation Network

 The Conservative student publication serving the University of California at Santa Cruz. (Click on Web Links, then on Research) Black Hills South Dakota

 Montana and Wyoming Crop and Livestock News  
 Free information about Tucson, Arizona,20,16,0,