2002-2005 Archives

Environmental Clearcut - Forest fire. 
PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals 

Hyper bole: A very nervous tree trunk!

"I have the 'excitability threshold' of a three-toed tree sloth". - Julie Kay Smithson
After interminable agency 'management,' will the new catch phrase be 'critical Babbittat?'



Deranged: What a pot or pan is when you remove it from the stovetop.


Urban Reforestation - Paper in several stacks, high enough to be envisioned as urban trees.


Urban Tree - What Gang Green considers all those former trees (paper) to be, when stacked high enough. After five years is considered to be 'old growth' urban tree.



Aesopian Language is nothing new.

Those who understand still number but a few.

Starting today,

As I make my way,

I'll be explaining it to YOU.

- Shirley U. Jest, August 20, 2002



Singing horses -- click on one or all, click again to stop.  


Reindeer and Santa -- click on one or all, click again to stop.,,4845,00.swf  


Last year I replaced several windows in my house. They were the expensive double-insulated, energy-efficient kind. This week I received a call from the contractor complaining that the work has been done for a year and that I had failed to pay for them. Boy, did we go round and round! I told him that no one pulls a fast one on this ole lady, even though I am a senior citizen and a blonde, doesn't mean that I am automatically stupid! I proceeded to tell him just what his salesman told me last year: "In one year, they will pay for themselves." - Unknown (but greatly appreciated!)