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They toil in indescribable conditions of danger, in all weather, including weather that makes theirs one of the most, if not the most, dangerous jobs in the world.  They labor without complaint for wages that are hefty, but they must live to realize the fruits of their catch. 

They are those men and women who comprise the fisheries industry.  These people are out of the public eye, many miles from the creature comforts that we take for granted on land.  Their lips and hands crack from the salt that makes the humidity something to be reckoned with, yet they endure.  Why?  This way of life exists to feed us the seafood that we love!  Lives are put on the line to bring shrimp and lobster and other ocean delights to our table, and on this site we pay homage to them by telling their story, and how their custom and culture, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, is under siege by UN 'international law' that stops human use of this great 'watery cropfield'.