Fiscal Year 2003 Refuge Land Acquisition

October 30, 2003

From: [email protected]  (Evan Hirsche)

Dear Refuge Friends,

Following is a listing of approved FY04 refuge land acquisition dollars/projects and language from the Interior Appropriations conference report. Please let me know if you have questions.


The conference agreement provides $43,628,000 for land acquisition instead of $23,058,000 as proposed by the House and $64,689,000 as proposed by the Senate. Funds should be distributed as follows:

Area (State) Amount

Alaska Peninsula NWR (AK) $250,000

Baca NWR (CO) 7,000,000

Back Bay NWR (VA) 750,000

Balcones Canyonland NWR (TX) 2,000,000

Big Muddy NFWR (MO) 500,000

Boyer Chute NWR (NE) 500,000

Canaan Valley NWR (WV) 600,000

Cape May NWR (NJ) 750,000

Chickasaw NWR (TN) 750,000

Clarks River NWR (KY) 500,000

Dakota Tallgrass Prairie (SD) 1,000,000

Great River NWR (MO/IL) 500,000

Great Swamp NWR (NJ) 750,000

James Campbell NWR (HI) 250,000

Lower Hatchie NWR (TN) 1,800,000

Lower Rio Grande NWR (TX) 1,000,000

Northern Tallgrass Prairie (MN/IA) 470,000

Patoka River NWR (IN) 500,000

Rachel Carson NWR (ME) 750,000

Red River NWR (LA) 500,000

Rhode Island refuge complex (RI) 1,000,000

San Diego NWR (CA) 2,000,000

Silvio O Conte NWR (MA/NH/VT) 750,000

Togiak NWR (AK) 1,000,000

Waccamaw NWR (SC) 1,300,000

Western Montana Project/Blackfoot Challenge 2,000,000

White Sulphur Springs NFH (WV) 400,000

Yukon Flats NWR (AK) 500,000

Subtotal 30,070,000

Acquisition Management 8,500,000

Emergencies and Hardship 1,000,000

Exchanges 500,000

Inholdings 1,500,000

Cost Allocation Methodology (CAM) 2,058,000

Total 43,628,000

The managers are supportive of the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge but have deferred decisions on further appropriations at this time based on information from the Service that additional funds could not be obligated in 2004. Further acquisitions have been delayed pending resolution of outstanding issues related to contaminants. The managers strongly encourage the Service to work to address these issues so that further development of the refuge can proceed.

The managers understand and appreciate the potential benefits of a proposed expansion of the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. The expansion would restore over 800 acres of prime wetland habitat, while simultaneously mitigating flood risks for neighboring communities. The managers strongly urge the Service to work expeditiously to complete action on the joint EIS.

The managers have not included funding for Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge because there are presently no options to purchase land.

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