What does the word "Everglades" conjure up in your mind?
Lincoln Vail, the man on patrol?
Sugar beet farms?
Global control freaks gone mad?
Recreational fishing lakes and campgrounds?
South Florida Ecosystem Restoration?
The Miccosukee Indian Tribe?
The Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan/Project?
The Wildlands Project?
It's true that, prior to "European settlement," the Everglades -- which composes a vast amount of the southern third of Florida -- was a swamp/wetland teeming with sawgrass and alligators.
It is also true that the human touch on this part and every other part of America has not been decimating to species. The human touch -- like everything else on earth -- is not perfect, but it can learn and it does learn, by trial and error, and it is gifted by God to exercise dominion over all the world.
As a clique of certain you know who you are non-governmental agencies -- purporting to be "environmental" or "conservationist" -- would have the world believe, formaldehyde is the perfect medium for all plants and animals: PRESERVED, so they say, "for future generations."
Snort. As though we would be so foolish as to believe that trees live forever, when those that would "save" them orchestrate their mass incineration?
As though time could be commanded stand still, as though space was static?
As though we could be deceived that "saving" species is done by the removal of those grand plant and animal stewards: farmers, ranchers, timber raisers and harvesters, miners, fishermen -- leaving birds without birdseed and birdbaths and waterers and trees planted for them?
Hands that cradle a baby bottle to help a newborn child or animal -- that pray unashamedly for right timing of sun and rain for little plants and young trees -- these HUMAN hands are the RIGHT ONES for our nation's Everglades, and her Klamath, and her Darby.
Tis not a crime to be rural and live rural and produce what feeds and shelters and glorifies so many people and all that is in their care.
As though we would go to the insane conception of "high-density" "housing" and think it either "smart" OR "growth"?
The Everglades, like the Klamath and the Darby and places all over America, are in the crosshairs of those that would trick us into giving those parts of God-blessed America up to such NON-stewards.
Let us not ask what our Constitution and our land can do for us; let US ask what WE can do for our Constitution and our land!
Let us REALIZE that we are charged with the REAL protection of our sovereign nation -- and how close we've come through complacency and comfort, to losing it all -- let us disallow the gutting of our Constitutional Republic through the theft of our lands and our property rights and our freedom.
Vigilant we once were; vigilant we are again.
NOT the Everglades; NOT the Klamath; and NOT the Darby.
These places are NOT United Nations "Biosphere Reserves" -- they are part of OUR America!
They are NOT parts of "The Wildlands Project" -- they are OURS to care for and live in and do right by!