YAF - Young Americans for Freedom


YARU - the Yale Arbovirus Research Unit (HHS)


Yarding - A method of bringing logs into a roadside area or landing, for truck transport.  Moving the cut trees from where they fell to a centralized place (landing) for hauling away from the stand.  Methods may include forms of skyline cable logging systems, ground-based skidding, balloon, helicopter, etc.


YCBR - You Could Be Right


YCIAS - The Yale Center for International and Area Studies


YCL - Young Communist League


YDS - You Don’t Say


YE - Year Easement


Year - See Climatic year; Water year. – USGS


Year-Long Grazing - Continuous grazing for a calendar year.


Yellowcake - A solid uranium-oxygen compound (U3O8) that takes its name from its color and texture. It is a product of the uranium milling process and is the feed material used for fuel enrichment and fuel pellet fabrication. - Nuclear Regulatory Commission


The Yellowstone Park Act of 1872 - Commanded the Secretary of the Interior to "provide for the preservation from injury or spoilation of ... natural curiosities or wonders within said park, and their retention in their natural condition." 


YEI - Youth Education Institute


YEP - Youth Entrepreneurship Program


YER - Young Executive Report


YGTNPWUSEIS - Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks Winter Use Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement


Yield - 1) Total volume of water flow from a drainage basin over a stipulated long period of time, for example, annual yield; 2) (of renewable resources) see maximum sustainable yield. (UN)


YIMBY - Yes in My Backyard  


YM - Yes Man


YMISL - The Yellow Mountain Institute for Sustainable Living


YN – Yuba Nation (formerly “American Lands Alliance”)


YNP - Yellowstone National Park (UN Biosphere Reserve)


Young-of-year - Young (usually fish) produced in one reproductive year.  Small fish, hatched from eggs spawned in the current year, are considered young-of-year (age 0).


Young Forest – See Early Successional Forest.


Young People's Participation in World Heritage Preservation and Promotion - The Young People's Participation in World Heritage Preservation and Promotion is an inter-regional project coordinated by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and UNESCO's Associated School's Project (coordinated by UNESCO's Sector for Humanistic, Cultural and International Education).  The project was launched in 1994 in order to sensitize young people at secondary school level to the importance of World Heritage.  The project's aim is to initiate or reinforce teaching and activities in the area of World Heritage Education (WHE) and to produce an education kit to this end. - Glossary of World Heritage Terms


Youth - The age group between 15 and 24. (UN)


YRC - Yellow Ribbon Coalition


YTD - Year To Date


Y2Y - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative


YWCA International - Young Women’s Clubs of America International


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