QA - Quality Approach


QA - Quality Assurance


QAP - Question and Answer Period


QAPP - Quality Assurance Project Plan


QC - Quick-Claim


QC - Quivira Coalition


QCA - Quiet Communities Act


QCD - Quit-Claim Deed


QD - Qualifying Distributions


QE - Qualitative Evaluation


QE - Quality Enrichment


QE - Quantifying Estimates


QH - Quaker House (New York, UN)


QHEI - Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index - most recent version is 1989 (EPA)


QL - Query Letter


QLG – Quincy Library Group


QOL - Quality Of Life


QPA - Quality Performance Accreditation


QPS - Quaker Peace & Service (Along with QUNO in New York, represents Quakers to the UN ECOSOC in its Category II Status since 1948) (UN)


QPRT - Qualified Personal Residence Trust (land trust)


QUNO - Quaker United Nations Office (The QUNO offices in New York and Geneva also support Friends around the world by acting as their link to the United Nations. Often this means monitoring and reporting on particular issues. Attends relevant UN meetings, collaborates with other NGOs -- especially those from developing countries-- and prepares reports on issues and activities.) (UN)


QS - Quadrant Sub-market


QS - Query System


QSA - Quantification Settlement Agreement and


QU - Quail Unlimited


Quadrangle - In mapping the term has no definite meaning other than a map of a tract of country shown in rectangular format. For example a map of the NE 1/4 of a section could be said to be a quadrangle (a quadrant) of that section. A map of the NE 1/4 NE 1/4 could be said to be a quadrangle (a quadrant) of the NE 1/4 of that section. U.S.G.S. quadrangle maps can be 30 minute quads (for 30 minutes of latitude and longitude), 15 minute quads (for 15 minutes of latitude and longitude) and 7.5 minute quads (for 7.5 minutes of latitude and longitude). Most quadrangle maps show contours and elevations, highways, roads and other man-made structures, water features, woodland areas, bench marks, triangulation stations (some), geographic names, section lines, etc. - Cadastral Data glossary


Quadrant - Any of four quarters into which something is divided by two real or imaginary lines that intersect each other at right angles. 90 degrees of a circle; one-quarter of a section (the NE 1/4, NW 1/4, SW 1/4, and SE 1/4 of a section are each quadrants of a section); one-quarter of a quarter section. - Cadastral Data glossary


Quaker (QUNO) - In response to the opportunities and responsibilities of NGO's work with the UN and other international institutions, QUNO works towards:

1. Establishing global economic policies and institutions that serve economic, social and environmental needs and rights of weaker and marginalized communities and countries;

2. Establishing regional and international practices and institutions that reduce weapons proliferation and promote non-violent approaches to conflict engagement;

3. Eliminating the use of children as soldiers;

4. Establishing the right to conscientious objection in member states;

5. Protecting human rights in armed conflict and internal conflicts.

This work springs from Quaker convictions that there is that of God in every individual. Life is sacred and all people are equal before God. This deeply held truth leads Quakers to testify and work against war, social inequality, and inequitable and non-sustainable exploitation of the world's resources. (UN)


Qualified Donee - For 1997 and later taxation years, a qualified donee includes the following: a registered charity; a registered amateur athletic association; a non-profit organization that exclusively provides low-cost housing for seniors; a municipality; the United Nations or an agency thereof; a prescribed university; a charitable organization outside the country to which the Government has made a donation in 1999 or 2000; and the Government.


Qualifying facility - A power production facility that qualifies for special treatment under the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act. A qualifying facility must generate its power using cogeneration, biomass, waste, geothermal energy, or renewable resources, such as solar and wind. PURPA prohibits utilities from owning majority interest in qualifying facilities. - Bioenergy Glossary


Qualitative analysis - Determining which metals are present in a sample.


Qualitative Analysis - An analysis used in certain types of environmental or route location studies where multiple factors are compared in a comprehensive manner on the basis of sound judgment. Factors analyzed by using a qualitative analysis are such that they are not readily quantifiable, cannot be measured in monetary terms, and have no apparent common denominators.


Quantitative Analysis - The process used in certain economic, cost-benefit, engineering, or traffic studies where multiple factors, elements, and/or outcomes are evaluated and compared by the use of measurable data. Certain mathematical models, formulas, numerical indices, rankings, and value matrices may be used to assist with such a process.


Quality of Life - Notion of human welfare (well being) measured by social indicators rather than by “quantitative” measures of income and production (United Nations).


Quantitative analysis - Determining how much of a metal is present.


Quantitative Trade Restrictions - Quantitative restrictions are limitations on the quantity or value of a product that may be permitted to enter a country.  They are probably the most familiar of the non-tariff barriers and include quotas, embargoes, restrictive licensing, and other means of limiting imports.  The Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture requires the conversion of quantitative restrictions to bound tariffs and tariff rate quotas.


Quarantine pest - A pest of potential economic importance to the area endangered thereby and not yet present there, or present but not widely distributed and being officially controlled. - UN/FAO International Plant Protection Convention Glossary


Quarter-Quarter-Section Corners - Corners placed on the section line midway between the quarter-section corner and the section corner (except on the last half-mile of section lines closing on the west boundaries of the township, or on other lines between fractional and irregular section). Few quarter-quarter corners were set in the original surveys of the U.S. public lands. - Cadastral Data glossary


Quarter Section - A 160 acre block of land or 1/4 of a section. - Cadastral Data glossary


Quarter Section Corner- The corners on a section line that were established halfway between the section corners. They were established and marked as part of the U.S. Public Land Survey. Although the general plan for the system called for quarter-section corners to be located halfway between section corners, few such corners are mathematically halfway between the section corners. - Cadastral Data glossary


Quarter Section Lines - The lines that divide the sections into four parts. - Cadastral Data glossary


Quartz - Common rock-forming mineral consisting of silicon and oxygen.


Quartzite - A metamorphic rock formed by the transformation of a sandstone rock by heat and pressure.


Quartz Porphyry - Common gold mine lithology.


Quimby Act (California) - State enabling legislation which allows local government to require the dedication of land or the payment of in-lieu fees for parks or recreational purposes as a condition of subdivision approval.


QUNO - Quaker United Nations Office


QWP - Quincy Wright Papers (Department of Special Collections at the University of Chicago’s Regenstein Library)

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