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BLM 2003 Articles

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Skid Marks #77 12-18-03
Emergency Closure of Federal Lands 12-17-03
BLM proposes off-road ban on Badlands desert 12-12-03
The Many Facets of The Endangered Species Act 11-23-03
Nevada Rancher Sues Federal Government for $30 Million in Takings Suit 10-31-03
Interior Announces $12.9 million In Conservation Grants 10-29-03
Participate in Federal Land Use Planning 10-24-03
Skid Marks #73 10-12-03
News.bytes, issue 129 - BLM California 10-08-03
Land for peace: An end of 'grazing war'? 10-08-03
Klamath Hardy-study flaws exposed by Western scientist 10-05-03
BLM land trashed by junk at Tahneta 10-03-03
Activists seek inquiry of state brand inspector 10-03-03
Non-native Animals on Public Lands 09-30-03
Esmeralda County Voters Draw Their Pens 09-30-03
Utah Rural Summit 2003 10-24-03
Danger rising for federal land officers, group says 09-24-03
Storm Brewing on the Mesa 09-22-03
Wyoming: Thermopolis rancher seeks probe of BLM office 09-19-03
Wild horse cruelty case grows costly for county 09-09-03
Has Wally Klump Failed The Law, Or Has The Law Failed Wally? 08-29-03
BLM proposes grazing rule changes 08-27-03
Off-road business group lodges formal complaint against Nevada BLM employees 08-20-03
News bytes, Issue 121 - BLM California 08-17-03
Bush commits to increased timber cutting 08-13-03
Officials ponder charges over dead horses 07-23-03
PILT - Payment 'In Lieu of' Taxes 07-20-03
Report blasts tortoise protection efforts 07-20-03
Ranchers Butting Heads With BLM 07-20-03
Proposed Amendment 07-12-03
The BLM's Way of Protecting the Tortoise 05-25-03
BLM lays groundwork for land restoration program 04-29-03
BLM Considers "Working Landscape" Grazing Policy Changes, Seeks Public Input in Developing Ideas 04-26-03
Hastings opposes Banks Lake drawdown 04-26-03
Bureau of Reclamation reservoirs prove to be West's lifeblood 04-26-03
Desert deal completed 04-26-03
The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company Abandonment Exemption in Sedgwick County, Kansas 04-13-03
Lowrys Win Major Water Rights Decision! Victory for LU Ranching Co. 04-13-03
California miner fights seizure of valuable deposits 04-12-03
Catellus 04-12-03
Environmentalists, ranchers renew battle over grazing 04-05-03
Mitsubishi, groups work on strategy 04-04-03
Columbia study will stop short of plan 04-04-03
Symposium to look at migration corridors 04-03-03
Land rules almost done: Project addresses off-road vehicles, habitats 04-03-03
Restoration of Unauthorized Routes in Sensitive Species Habitats 03-23-03
Citizens sound off on plan 03-23-03
Dahl v. U.S. 03-17-03
Shooting cleared to continue on Campo Seco public land 03-17-03
BLM to preserve Mojave desert land 03-17-03
BLM classes focus on ecology 02-28-03
City Scores Victory Against Mine 02-28-03
News.bytes, issue 93 - BLM California 02-28-03
White-tailed prairie dogs may have environmental protection 02-24-03
Secretary Norton Announces New Appointments to BLM Resource Advisory Councils 02-24-03
Few Klamath answers 02-24-03
Trails plan tried at private property forum 02-12-03
ROD (Record Of Decision) Signed for Reach 11 Recreation Master Plan 02-12-03
BLM begins roundup of Dann horses 02-09-03
Vegetation EIS 02-09-03
BLM Considers Revising Grazing Policies 02-09-03
BLM Reviews Land Exchange Policies 02-09-03
U.S. set to seize Indian horses on Thursday, February 6, 2003 02-09-03
BLM Implements Enterprise GIS in the National Integrated Land System 01-25-03
Funding rejected for Southern California off-road dunes site 01-25-03
Letter to BLM 01-25-03
CO: Moffat County asserts rights over roads on public lands 01-25-03
Bull trout plan draws local fire 01-24-03
Bush Opens Way for Counties and States to Claim Wilderness Roads 01-24-03
Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan News 01-09-03
West Mojave Management Plan Update 01-09-03
The BLM to Update Manual of Instructions for the Survey of the Public Lands of the United States 01-07-03
San Juan Basin Gas Estimates Doubled  01-07-03