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December 5, 2003
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - On December 2, 2003, Federal Judge Charles Weiner of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania denied the most recent motion in a refund lawsuit brought by Tax Honesty Advocate, Ken Evans.

The Order consists of only once sentence and provides no reason or logic for the denial.  
The rejected motion for reconsideration, filed by Evans, pointed out the court's failure, in its original ruling, to address the primary argument in Evans' case, namely, the proper application of Section 861 of the Internal Revenue Code.  

"If you still have any faith left in our judicial system, take a close look at the details of my case and that faith will rapidly evaporate," said Evans.

In addition, the court rejected Evans' motion without any opposing argument from the government as to why the motion should be denied.
This is a growing and disturbing pattern for the Department of Justice and the court.  
Earlier in this case, the DOJ failed to provide any response to Evans' motion for summary judgment or to Evans' interrogatories, which, during a hearing for oral arguments held on August 22, 2003, the court verbally instructed the DOJ to answer.  
One has to wonder how the judge could rule against Evans with virtually no opposition.  
It is not entirely surprising, therefore, to learn that the judge denied Evans' refund claim without ever once mentioning the proper application of Section 861, which represents the crux of Evans' argument.

"If you read my Interrogatories you will quickly come to understand the government's silence," said Evans.  
"The first question I asked was 'Are Section 861 and the related regulations applicable in determining how much, if anything, I owe in federal income tax?'  This is a question that frightens those in power because they realize that the answer is 'yes' and that this section of law (and its regulations) expose the true limited nature of exactly to whom the federal income tax applies."

"Another of my interrogatories," Evans continued, "asked exactly what amount, if anything, do I owe?  Seems like a straightforward enough question, doesn't it?  But, the government refuses to provide me with an answer to this simple question, even after being instructed to answer by the court.  This situation is absolutely bizarre!  I brought this lawsuit seeking a refund of money erroneously collected under the guise of federal income tax and the government won't even make an argument that I actually owe any amount of tax.  Yet, the court refuses to refund my money.  No rational person can find an ounce of logic in the
government's position.  It's become apparent to me that the judge's ruling was not based on logic, but rather it has its foundation in tyranny."

As more and more Americans become aware of the massive fraud being perpetrated by our own government, the rate at which the fraud is falling continues to multiply.  
Recent cases like the acquittal of Fed-Ex pilot, Vernice Kuglin on charges of tax evasion and the hung jury (voting 11-1 to acquit) in the case of Richard Simkanin on charges of
failure to withhold, demonstrate that the American public is waking up to the truth.    

"However," Evans cautions, "As this fraud crumbles, every American should be on guard against the lies our government will fabricate to perpetuate its unending revenue stream. Recent comments by General Tommy Franks related to questioning the Constitution and militarizing the country should not go unnoticed."

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Gen. Tommy R. Franks information:
Quoted this week (of November 22, 2003) in, General Tommy R. Franks issued baldly that the U.S. Constitution will probably need to be scrapped, in favor of some form of military dictatorship. Citing the blanket-spectre of "terrorist threats," he reasoned that the U.S. would need to come under lockdown and Total Control via the U.S. military -- for our own good.