Mill Closures & Curtailments From 1989 Until 2003
Version 9-19-03
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State City Company Location Type of Mill Number of Jobs Lost Year Shutdown Number of Jobs Curtailed Physical Location of Mill/Reason for Shutdown
AK Ketchikan Ketchikan Pulp Co. Ketchikan P&P   11-Feb-97    
AK Sitka Alaska Pulp Corporation Sitka Pulp   17-May-93    
AL Abbeville Abbeville Forest Products Abbeville Sawmill   2000    
AL Abbeville U.S. Forest Abbeville Sawmill 100 2001    
AL Braggs Stallworth & Johnson Braggs Sawmill   2003    
AL Brent Olen Belcher Brent Sawmill   2003    
AL Calera Alabama Dry Felt Mill Calera Pulp   18-Sep-02    
AL Centreville Hampton Lumber Sales Centreville Sawmill   22-Jun-05    
AL Childersburg Bowater Childersburg P&P   Curtailed    
AL Clayton Louisiana Pacific Clayton Particleboard   2001    
AL Coosa Pines Bowater Coosa Pines Newsprint 300 2001    
AL Courtland International Paper Courtland P&P   Curtailed    
AL Eufaula Caraustar Industries, Inc. Eufaula Tube Plant 25 2003    
AL Evergreen Louisiana Pacific Lockhart Sawmill   2000    
AL Goodwater Sterling Lumber Co. Goodwater Sawmill   2002    
AL Grove Hill Hamilton Veneer Grove Hill Sawmill   2002    
AL Jackson Jackson Saw Mill Co. Jackson Sawmill   1998    
AL Lockhart Louisiana Pacific Lockhart Sawmill   2/8/99   25 N Crestview, FL
AL Millport Weyerhaeuser Millport Plywood 250 2003    
AL Mobile International Paper Mobile P&P   1999    
AL Mobile Kimberly Clark Mobile P&P   1999    
AL Mobile Kimberly Clark Mobile Pulp 450 2001    
AL Mobile Kimberly Clark Mobile Tissue 115 2001    
AL Mobile SAPPI Mobile P&P 500 2001    
AL Moundville International Paper Moundville Sawmill   2003    
AL Selma International Paper Riverdale Pulp   6/30/99    
AL Talladega Georgia Pacific Talledega Plywood   Temp    
AL Tuscaloosa Loper Lumber Co. Tuscaloosa Sawmill   1997    
AR Ashdown Domtar Ashdown P&P   2000 200  
AR Ashdown Georgia Pacific Ashdown Pulp Dryers   Sep-98    
AR Bearden Bearden Mill Bearden Sawmill        
AR Camden International Paper Camden Bag 300 1999    
AR Camden International Paper Camden P&P 600 2001    
AR Crossett Georgia Pacific Crossett P&P   2000 300  
AR Fort Smith Smurfit-Stone Corp. Fort Smith Box Plant        
AR Fort Smith MeadWestvaco Fort Smith Container 72 Mar-03    
AR Little Rock Georgia-Pacific Corp. Little Rock Container   9-Sep-00    
AR McGehee Potlatch McGehee P&P   2001 50  
AR Mountain Pine Weyerhaeuser Mountain Pine Sawmill 300 2002    
AR Stephens Elk Corp. Stephens Sawmill        
AR Warren Potlatch Bradley Unit Sawmill   2000    
AR Warren Potlatch Southern Sawmill   2000 75  
AR Wheelen Springs International Paper Wheelen Springs Sawmill   2000    
AZ Clay Springs Parker Lumber Clay Springs Sawmill        
AZ Eagar Stone Forest Ind. Eagar Sawmill   1999    
AZ Eagar Precision Pine Eagar Sawmill   1997    
AZ Flagstaff Bunger Lumber Co. Flagstaff Sawmill        
AZ Flagstaff Jeldwen Flagstaff Moulding        
AZ Flagstaff Kaibab Industries Flagstaff Sawmill        
AZ Flagstaff Stone Forest Ind. Flagstaff Sawmill        
AZ Fredonia Kaibab Industries Fredonia Sawmill        
AZ Heber Western Pine Ind. Heber Sawmill        
AZ Nutrioso Reidhead Brothers Lumber Nutrioso Sawmill   2002    
AZ Payson Kaibab Industries Payson Sawmill        
AZ Showlow Reidhead Lumber Co. Showlow Sawmill        
AZ Snowflake Snowlake Lumber Snowflake Sawmill        
AZ Snowflake Stone Container Corp. Snowflake Pulp        
AZ Williams Western Pine Ind. Williams Sawmill        
AZ Winslow Precision Pine Winslow Sawmill   1999    
AZ Winslow Duke City-Precison Pine Winslow Sawmill        
BC Nanaimo CIPA Lumber Nanaimo Sawmill 95 2001    
BC   MacMillan Bloedel   Plywood   1991    
BC Vancouver Weyerhaeuser Vancouver Sawmill 300 2002    
BC Youbou TimberWest Youbou Sawmill 120 2001    
CA Adin Edgerton Lumber Co. Adin Sawmill 15 1991    
CA Alton Eel River Redwood Alton Sawmill 31 1990    
CA Alturas WTO/Alturas Lumber Co. Alturas Sawmill 135 1990    
CA Anderson Butler Forest Products Anderson Sawmill 24 1995    
CA Anderson Clear Creek Forest Products Anderson Sawmill 75 1990    
CA Anderson P&M Cedar Products Anderson Sawmill 45 1994    
CA Anderson Pry-Core Inc Anderson Sawmill 50 2000    
CA Anderson Pry-Core Inc Anderson Veneer 50 2000    
CA Anderson Roseburg Forest Products Anderson Sawmill 240 1994    
CA Anderson Roseburg Forest Products Anderson Sawmill 70 1993    
CA Anderson Shasta paper Anderson P&P 400 2001   This one and next
CA Anderson Shasta Paper Co. Anderson P&P   2001   may be duplicates
CA Anderson Wisconsin-California Forestry Anderson Sawmill   2002    
CA Antioch Gaylord Container Antioch P&P 120 1991    
CA Antioch Inland Paperboard Antioch P&P   4-Oct-02    
CA Arcata Blue Lake Forest Products Arcata Sawmill   2002    
CA Auberry Sequoia Forest Industries Auberry Sawmill 125 1994    
CA Bieber Big Valley Lumber Bieber Sawmill   2002    
CA Bieber Big Valley Lumber Bieber Sawmill   2001    
CA Big Lagoon Simpson Timber Co. Big Lagoon Sawmill 50 1999    
CA Burney Burney Power & Forest Products Burney Sawmill 85 1991    
CA Burnt Ranch Stone Forest Industries Burnt Ranch Sawmill 72 1990    
CA Camptonville Sierra Mountain Mills Camptonville Sawmill 75 1994    
CA Canby Pit River Wood Products Canby Sawmill 15 1998    
CA Carlotta Carlotta Lumber Co. Carlotta Sawmill 75 1993    
CA Cedarville Surprise Valley Lumber Cedarville Sawmill 10 1996    
CA Cloverdale Louisiana Pacific Cloverdale Sawmill 140 1991    
CA Cloverdale Preston Lumber Co. Cloverdale Sawmill 60 1996    
CA Covelo Louisiana Pacific Covelo Sawmill 100 1991    
CA Crescent City Stimson/Miller Crescent City Sawmill 75 1994    
CA Cromberg Sierra Pacific Cromberg Sawmill 50 1991    
CA Dinuba Sequoia Forest Industries Dinuba Sawmill 105 1998   75 miles N Bakersfield
CA Dinuba Sierra Pacific Dinuba Sawmill 125 2000    
CA Eureka Simpson Paper Eureka P&P   1-Dec-92    
CA Fairhaven Simpson Timber Co. Fairhaven P&P 262 1993    
CA Foresthill Georgia Pacific Foresthill Sawmill 130 1993    
CA Fort Bragg Georgia Pacific Fort Bragg Sawmill   2002    
CA Fort Jones Butler Forest Products Fort Jones Sawmill 20 1996    
CA Fortuna Eel River Sawmills Fortuna Sawmill   2001    
CA Grass Valley Sierra Pacific Grass Valley Sawmill 60 1991    
CA Happy Camp Stone Forest Industries Happy Camp Sawmill 85 1994    
CA Hayfork Sierra Pacific Hayfork Sawmill   1998    
CA Hayfork Sierra Pacific Hayfork Sawmill 110 1996    
CA Klamath Simpson Timber Co. Klamath Sawmill 160 1990    
CA Lassen Big Valley Lumber Lassen Sawmill 110 2001    
CA Los Angeles Smurfit-Stone Los Angeles Box 46 2001    
CA Loyalton Sierra Pacific Loyalton Sawmill   2001    
CA Madera Norby Lumber Co. Madera Sawmill 62 1994    
CA Martell Georgia Pacific Martell Sawmill 215 1997    
CA Marysville Feather River Forest Products Marysville Sawmill 65 1992    
CA Marysville Marysville Forest Products Marysville Sawmill 140 1993    
CA McCloud California Cedar Products McCloud Sawmill   April, 2003    
CA Mt. Shasta P&M Cedar Products Mt. Shasta Sawmill 66 1990    
CA Newark Inland Paperboard Newark P&P   20-May-98    
CA North Fork Sequoia Forest Industries North Fork Sawmill 125 1994    
CA Nuebieber Lassen Forest Products Nuebieber Sawmill 92 1992    
CA Oroville Bald Knob Land & Timber Co. Oroville Sawmill 120 1990    
CA Oroville Cal Oak Lumber Co. Oroville Sawmill 12 1990    
CA Oroville Louisiana Pacific Oroville Sawmill 75 1992    
CA Paskenta Crane Mills Paskena Sawmill 120 1992    
CA Philo Redwood Empire Philo Sawmill 60 1990    
CA Pioneer P&M Cedar Products Pioneer Sawmill 41 11/1/98   50 miles E Sacramento
CA Placerville Cornett Lumber Co. Placerville Sawmill 110 1990    
CA Pomona Pomona Paper Co. Pomona P&P   4-Oct-02    
CA Potter Valley Louisiana Pacific Potter Valley Sawmill 129 1990    
CA Quincy Siskiyou Plumas Lumber Quincy Sawmill 57 1993    
CA Red Bluff Louisiana Pacific Red Bluff Sawmill 120 1990    
CA Red Bluff Red Bluff Products Red Bluff Sawmill 25 1999    
CA Red Bluff Roseburg Forest Products Red Bluff Plywood 120 1992    
CA Red Bluff Roseburg Forest Products Red Bluff Sawmill 125 1990    
CA Redcrest Eel River Sawmills Redcrest Sawmill   2001    
CA Redding Redding Power/Forest products Redding Sawmill 140 1990    
CA Redding Wisconsin-California Forestry Redding Sawmill   2002    
CA Richmond Richmond Mill Richmond          
CA Samoa Louisiana Pacific Samoa Sawmill 140 1995    
CA Santa Ana B.J. Fibers Santa Ana     17-Feb-97    
CA Scotia Pacific Lumber Scotia Sawmill   2000    
CA Scotts Valley Standard Lumber Co. Scotts Valley Sawmill 25 1993    
CA Soledad Redwood Empire Soledad Sawmill 70 1991    
CA Standard Fibreboard Standard Plywood 170 1995    
CA Sun Valley Sun Valley Mill Sun Valley     1-Dec-92    
CA Susanville Jeld-Wen/Susanville Forest Products Susanville Sawmill 20 1993    
CA Trinidad Louisiana Pacific Trinidad Sawmill   1998    
CA Truckee Fibreboard Corp. Truckee Plywood 100 1990    
CA Wallace Fibreboard Corp/Snider Lumber Wallace Plywood 90 1992    
CA Willits Harrah Lumber Co. Willits Sawmill 125 1990    
CA Willits Louisiana Pacific Willits Sawmill 90 1996    
CA Yreka Hi Ridge Lumber Yreka Sawmill 125 1999    
CA Yreka High Ridge Lumber Yreka Sawmill   1997  
CO Commerce City Republic Paperboard Commerce City P&P   20-Aug-01    
CO Montrose Blue Mesa Forest Prds. Montrose Sawmill 67     Canadian Imports
CO South Fork Stone Forest Industries South Fork Sawmill        
CO South Fork U.S. Forest Industries South Fork Sawmill   24-Jun-05    
CO Walden Louisiana Pacific Walden Sawmill       Canadian Imports
CT Manchester Lydall & Foulds Division Manchester     15-Mar-99    
CT Montville Rand Whitney Paperboard Corp. Montville P&P   22-Mar-95    
CT Rogers Rogers Mill Rogers          
CT Torrington Smurfit-Stone Corp. Torrington Box Plant        
DE Newark Crown Vantage Inc. Newark P&P   15-Aug-97    
DE Newark MeadWestvaco Newark Container 80 2003    
DE Wilmington Mill Div. Brandywine Park Wilmington          
FL Blountstown Blountstown Mill Blountstown          
FL Fernandina Beach Smurfit-Stone Fernadina Beach P&P   2001    
FL Graceville American Timber Graceville Sawmill   2001    
FL Graceville U.S. Forest Industries Graceville Sawmill   2002    
FL Jacksonville Caraustar Industries, Inc. Jacksonville Tube Plant 25 2003    
FL Jacksonville Smurfit-Stone Jacksonville Container 410 12/1/98    
FL Jacksonville Smurfit-Stone Corp. Jacksonville P&P        
FL Jacksonville Smurfit-Stone Corp. Jacksonville Box Plant       Duplicate (Container)
FL Miami Miami Board Division Miami          
FL Miami Roofing Plant Division Miami          
FL Ocala Ocala Lumber Sales Ocala Sawmill   22-Jun-05    
FL Port St. Joe Florida Coast Paper Co., LLC Port St. Joe P&P   15-Mar-99    
GA Augusta Ponderosa Augusta Newsprint   2-Jan-03    
GA Cedartown Caraustar Industries, Inc. Cedartown Tube Plant 25 25-Jun-05    
GA Cedar Springs Georgia Pacific Cedar Springs Pulp 50 1-Sep-01    
GA Cuthbert Burgin Lumber Company Cuthbert Sawmill   2003    
GA Port Wentworth Smurfit-Stone Savannah River Container 420 12/1/98    
GA Saint Marys Durango Paper Company Saint Marys P&P 800 28-Oct-02    
GA Savannah Building Materials Group Savannah          
GA Savannah International Paper Savannah Kraft Paper 290 2001    
GA Savannah Georgia Pacific Savannah Paper 232 Jun-01    
GA Savannah Savannah Mill Savannah P&P        
GA Statesboro Louisiana-Pacific Statesboro Sawmill   21-Jun-05    
GA Washington International Paper Washington Sawmill 264 2000    
GA Waycross International Paper Waycross Plywood        
IA Burlington Simpson Burlington Converting   10/1/99    
IA Dubuque Celotex Corp. Dubuque          
IA Keokuk Smurfit-Stone Corp. Keokuk Box Plant        
ID Boise Producers Lumber Co. Boise Sawmill   1-Jan-98    
ID Boise Croman Corporation Boise Sawmill   1-Apr-02    
ID Bonners Ferry Louisiana Pacific Bonners Ferry Sawmill   3-Apr-03    
ID Cascade Boise Cascade Cascade Sawmill 80 2001    
ID Coeur d'Alene Crown Pacific Coeur d'Alene Sawmill 150 2001    
ID Council Boise Cascade Council Sawmill   1996    
ID Craigmont Channel Lumber Co. Craigmont Sawmill   1998    
ID Craigmont Camas Prairie Lumber Craigmont Sawmill   2001    
ID Emmett Boise Cascade Emmett Sawmill 275 2001    
ID Horseshoe Bend Boise Cascade Horseshoe Bend Sawmill   1999    
ID Julietta Gem State Lumber Co. Julietta Sawmill   1998    
ID Keuterville Poxleitner Sawmill Keuterville Sawmill   2001    
ID Old Town Crown Pacific Old Town Sawmill   1997    
ID Plummer Rayonier Inc. Plummer Sawmill 124 12/16/98   35 Miles S Coeur d"Alene
ID Post Falls Louisiana Pacific Post Falls Sawmill   1/1/96    
ID Princeton Central Idaho Forest Products Princeton Sawmill   4/1/01    
ID Sand Point Crown Pacific Sand Point Sawmill   1/1/98    
IL Alton Smurfit-Stone Alton Container 410 12/1/98    
IL Alton Smurfit-Stone Corp. Alton P&P        
IL Chicago Caraustar Chicago Recycle 64 2001    
IL Chicago Chicago Paperboard Chicago P&P   2-Jan-01    
IL Chicago Western Electric Co. Chicago          
IL East Saint Louis East Saint Louis Mill East Saint Louis          
IL Joliet Genstar Building Materials Co. Joliet          
IL Marseilles Federal Paper Board Marseilles P&P        
IL Mt. Carmel Mt. Carmel Mill Mt. Carmel P&P        
IL North Lake International Paper North Lake Packaging 114 1-Mar-01    
IL Peoria Peoria Mill Peoria P&P        
IL Quincy British Plaster Board Quincy Paper Board 156 1-Jun-02    
IL Redmon Fort James Corp. Redmon Packaging 130 1999    
IL Rock Island Weyerhaeuser Rock Island Packaging 74 Mar-01    
IL Wilmington Wilmington Mill Wilmington P&P        
IN Brownstown Kieffer Brownstown Recycle Paper   2002    
IN Crown Point Smurfit-Stone Corp. Crown Point Box Plant        
IN Indianapolis Simkins Industries Indianapolis P&P   15-Mar-99    
IN Indianapolis Smurfit-Stone Corp. Indianapolis Box Plant        
IN Indianapolis Paper MFG. Company Indianapolis Paper 80 Oct-02    
IN LaPorte Smurfit-Stone Corp. LaPorte Box Plant        
IN South Bend Smurfit-Stone Corp. South Bend Box Plant        
IN Summit Roofing Products Div. Summit          
IN Terre Haute International Paper Terre Haute Converting 109 1-Jun-00    
IN Vincennes Vincennes Paper Mill Vincennes P&P        
KS Kansas City International Paper Kansas City Converting 94 1-Jul-02    
KY Louisville Thoroughbred Container Louisville Container 68 1-May-01    
KY Hawesville Willamette Industries, A Weyerhaeuser Business Hawesville Paper Machine Shut Down   8-Oct-02 200  
KY Owensboro FiberMark Inc. Owensboro P&P   15-Aug-97    
LA Bernice Leesville Lumber Bernice Sawmill 35 2002    
LA Bogalusa Gaylord Container Bogalusa P&P   2002 120  
LA Castor Hunt Forest Products Castor Sawmill   2000    
LA Elizabeth Elizabeth Paper Mill Elizabeth P&P        
LA Fisher Boise Cascade Fisher Sawmill   1999    
LA Hodge Smurfit-Stone Hodge Machine   2001    
LA Hodge Duro Bag Hodge Bag 142 Nov-02    
LA Jonesboro-Hodge S&G Bag Jonesboro-Hodge Bag 300 2001    
LA Lillie Weyerhaeuser Lillie Particleboard   2002    
LA Mansfield Mimms Lumber Mansfield Sawmill   2001    
LA New Iberia New Iberia Mill New Iberia          
LA New Orleans New Orleans Mill New Orleans          
LA New Orleans Roofing Division New Orleans          
LA Oakdale Arizona Chemical Oakdale Paper Byproduct   2002    
LA Oakdale MTR Hardwood Chips Oakdale Chip Mill   2001    
LA Ruston Willamette Ruston Plywood   2002    
LA Simsboro Weyerhaeuser Simsboro Laminated Beam   2002    
LA Slidell Republic Gypsum Slidell P&P        
LA Springhill International Paper Springhill Sawmill   2002    
LA Springhill White Papers Group Springhill P&P        
LA Urania Georgia Pacific Urania Plywood   2002    
LA Urania Louisiana Pacific Urania Plywood   1/1/99   40 miles NE Alexandria
LA Winnfield L.L. Brewton Winnfield Sawmill   2002    
LA Zachary Georgia Pacific Zachary Pulp Dryers   Sep-98    
MA Baldwinville American Tissue Baldwinville P&P   30-Jan-96    
MA Canton Delphax Canton Printers 130     Moved to Canada
MA Dalton Beloit Corp. Dalton Pulp Equipment 235     Moved to Canada
MA Erving International Paper Erving P&P   15-Mar-99    
MA Fitchburg FiberMark Inc. Fitchburg Specialty Papers 100 2001    
MA Fitchburg FiberMark Inc. Fitchburg P&P   13-Dec-01    
MA Fitchburg Massachusetts Inc. Fitchburg     5-Apr-90    
MA Holyoke Holyoke Mill Holyoke          
MA Lawrence Newark Atlantic Paperboard Lawrence P&P   3-Oct-02    
MA Lee Westfield River Paper Co. Inc. Lee P&P   19-May-92    
MA Mattapan Perkit Folding Box Corp. Mattapan Container   11-Jul-02    
MA Miller Falls International Paper Miller Falls Paper   Aug-00    
MA Monroe Bridge Monroe Bridge Mill Monroe Bridge          
MA Pepperell Pepperell Paper Co. Inc. Pepperell P&P 71 28-Aug-02   Canadian Imports
MA Russell Simkins Industries Russell Paper Products 130     Moved to Canada
MA Russell Westfield River Paper Co. Inc. Russell P&P   29-Dec-93    
MA Turners Falls Strathmore Paper Co. Turners Falls P&P   13-Jan-95    
MA West Springfield FiberMark DSI, Inc. West Springfield P&P   12-Jul-02    
MA Springfield Meadwestvaco Springfield Converting 273 1-Nov-02    
MA Westfield International Paper Westfield P&P   20-Feb-98    
MA Westfield Westfield Mill Westfield          
MD Baltimore Caraustar Baltimore Recycled Paper   Mar-00    
MD Baltimore Chesapeake Paperboard Co. Baltimore P&P   15-Mar-99    
MD Baltimore JESCO Baltimore Packaging 42 1-Dec-01    
MD Church Creek Spicer Lumber Co. Church Creek Sawmill   23-Jun-05    
MD Hagerstown 1st Urban Fiber Inc. Hagerstown P&P   15-Mar-99    
MD Luke Westvaco Luke Paper 75 Jan-99    
MD Princess Anne Smurfit-Stone Corp. Princess Anne Sawmill        
MD White Hall Reading/White Hall Co. White Hall P&P        
ME Ashland Irving Forest Products Ashland Sawmill 138     Canadian Imports
ME Augusta American Tissue Augusta P&P   31-Jul-02    
ME Baileyville Georgia Pacific Baileyville Sawmill 56     Canadian Imports
ME Brunswick Mariner Lumber Co. Brunswick Sawmill   23-Jun-05    
ME Costigan International Paper Costigan Sawmill 150 2000    
ME East Millinocket Great Northern Paper East Milinocket P&P 400 2003    
ME Gardiner Gardiner Paperboard Gardiner P&P   1-Oct-01    
ME Gardiner Newark Group Gardiner P&P 40 2001    
ME Houlton Georgia Pacific Houlton Paper 70 Apr-02    
ME Madawaska Nexfor Inc. Fraser Paper Madawaska P&P 190 2003    
ME Madawaska Fraser Paper Madawaska P&P 325 2003    
ME Mechanic Falls Mechanic Falls Mill Mechanic Falls P&P        
ME Millinocket Great Northern Paper Milinocket P&P 700 2003    
ME North Anson Woodtek North Anson Sawmill 100 2001    
ME Old Town Georgia Pacific Old Town Tissue   3-Apr 300  
ME Passadumkeag International Paper Passadumkeag Sawmill 263 2000    
ME Rumford Mead Paper Rumford Paper 4 machines Dec-99    
ME Shermon Station Sherman Lumber Co. Shermon Station Sawmill 150 2000    
ME Westbrook SAPPI Westbrook Paper 2 machines Jun-99    
ME Winslow Kimberly-Clark Winslow P&P   15-Aug-97    
ME Winslow Kimberly-Clark Winslow Tissue 115     Mexican Imports
MI Alpena Fletcher Paper Co. Alpena P&P   18-Jan-00    
MI Baraga Connor Forest Ind. Baraga Wd Prds.   2001   NAFTA Imports
MI Benton Harbor Bowater Benton Harbor Coater   00-Aug-02   machine shutdown
MI Bessemer Steiger Lumber Bessemer Sawmill 45 2001    
MI Coloma Menasha Coloma Container   2003    
MI Detroit Laimbeer Pkg. Detroit Packaging 126 Sep-02    
MI Filer City Packaging Corporation of America Filer City Paper   20-Jun-05    
MI Flint Laimbeer Pkg. Flint Packaging 44 1-Mar-02    
MI Kalamazoo Fort James Kalamazoo          
MI Kalamazoo Fournier Group Kalamazoo Paper   19-Jun-05    
MI Kalamazoo Georgia-Pacific Kalamazoo P&P   15-Mar-99    
MI Kalamazoo Georgia-Pacific Kalamazoo Printing Paper 224 2001   NAFTA Imports
MI Kalamazoo Nickal Paper Kalamazoo Linerboard        
MI Kalamazoo Mead Kalamazoo Specialty Papers 185 1-Mar-01    
MI Kalamazoo Portage Paper Co. Kalamazoo P&P   13-Aug-97    
MI Kenton Pine River Lumber Limited Kenton Hwd Sawmill 10 2001   NAFTA Imports
MI Menominee Visy Paper Menominee Linerboard and Paper 122 2001   NAFTA Imports
MI Monroe East Mill Monroe P&P   28-Jun-95    
MI Monroe Stone Container Monroe P&P   8-Aug-96    
MI Muskegon SAPPI Muskegon Paper   2003 36  
MI New York Hawthorne Paper Co. New York P&P        
MI Parchment Crown Vantage Inc. Parchment Paper 249 2000    
MI Plainwell Plainwell Paper Co. Plainwell P&P   15-Mar-99    
MI Port Huron Blue Water Fiber Port Huron Pulp   2001    
MI Rochester FiberMark Inc. Rochester Specialty Papers 90 2001    
MI Rockford Rockford Paperboard Rockford Recycled paper board   6-Aug-01    
MI Saginaw Caraustar Industries, Inc. Saginaw Tube Plant 25 25-Jun-05    
MI Vicksburg Fox River Paper Vicksburg P&P 214 2001    
MI Wakefield Connor Forest Ind. Wakefield Wd Prds. 125 2001   NAFTA Imports
MI Watersmeet Superior Milling Limited Watersmeet Finished Hwd Lumber 31 2001   NAFTA Imports
MI Watervliet Fletcher Paper Co. Watervliet P&P   1-Oct-94    
MI Ypsilanti Crown Vantage Ypsilanti P&P   9-Jul-01    
MN Bemidji   Bemidji OSB        
MN Brainerd Potlatch Corp. Brainerd Paper   15-May-02 500  
MN Cloquet SAPPI Cloquet P&P 250 24-Jun-05    
MN Ely Kainz's Sawmill Ely Sawmill 60 1993    
MN Grand Marais   Grand Marais Sawmill        
MN Grand Rapids UPM-Kymmene Grand Rapids Paper 300 2003 2 Machines  
MN Hoyt Lakes Furniture Hoyt Lakes Furniture        
MN Little Falls Hennepin Paper Co. Little Falls P&P   15-Mar-99    
MN Marcell   Marcell Sawmill        
MN Minneapolis Smurfit-Stone Corp. Minneapolis Box Plant        
MN Minneapolis Pioneer Packaging Minneapolis Packaging 49 2001    
MN Osage Wadena Sawmills Osage Sawmill   1997    
MN Northhome   Northhome Sawmill        
MN Redby Red Lake Forest Products Redby Sawmill   1998    
MN St. Paul Smurfit-Stone St/ Paul Fold Carton 102 2003    
MN Two Harbors Hedstrom Lumber Two Harbors Sawmill 40 2001    
MO Bourbon Don Reeves Saw & Pallet Bourbon Sawmill   2002    
MO Cabool D & M Materials, Inc. Cabool Sawmill   2002    
MO Chillicothe Chillicothe Lumber Co. Chillicothe Sawmill   2003    
MO Foristell Duro-Flex Container Inc. Foristell Container 13 Apr-01    
MO Kansas City Building Materials Group Kansas City          
MO Kansas City Stuart Hall Company Kansas City Paper/Conv 316 1-Oct-01    
MO Kansas City Gibbon Lumber Co. Kansas City Sawmill   2002    
MO North Kansas City Roofing Division North Kansas City          
MO Rolla Frank Powell Lumber Rolla Sawmill   2001    
MO Salem Royal Oak Enterprises Salem Sawmill   2001    
MO Sarcoxie Mid-America Wood Product Sarcoxie Sawmill   2001    
MS Ackerman Alabama River Ackerman Chip       Close to Columbus
MS Bruce Memphis Hardwoods Bruce Sawmill        
MS Gloster Georgia Pacific Gloster Plywood   2002    
MS Greenville MeadWestvaco Greenville Packaging 125 2003    
MS Hattiesburg Inland Hattiesburg Box Plant 110 2003    
MS Jackson Smurfit-Stone Jackson Converting 110 Jan-03    
MS Meridian Meridian Mill Meridian          
MS Morton International Paper Morton Sawmill 185 2002    
MS Moss Point International Paper Moss Point P&P 375 2000    
MS Natchez International Paper Natchez Cellulose Fiber   2002    
MS Natchez International Paper Natchez P&P   Jun-03    
MS Oxford Georgia Pacific Oxford Particleboard 170 Apr-03    
MS Philidelphia Neshoba Lumber Philidelphia Sawmill        
MS Wiggins Wiggins Lumber Company Wiggins Sawmill   2002    
MT Ashland Northern Cheyenne Pine Ashland Sawmill 35     Canadian Imports
MT Ashland Tongue River Lumber Co. Ashland Sawmill   2002    
MT Belgrade Louisiana Pacific Belgrade Sawmill       Canadian Imports
MT Bonner Stimson Lumber Bonner Plywood 47     Canadian Imports
MT Bozeman Idaho Pole Company Bozeman Sawmill 10 1997    
MT Columbia Falls WTD Forest Industries Columbia Falls Sawmill 90 1991    
MT Darby Darby Lumber Darby Sawmill 55 1994    
MT Darby Darby/Stoltze Lumber Darby Sawmill 90 1998    
MT Deerlodge Louisiana Pacific Deerlodge Sawmill       Canadian Imports
MT Dillon F.H. Stoltze Dillon Sawmill 95 1990    
MT Dillon Darby Lumber Dillon Sawmill   2001    
MT Drummond Tricon Lumber Drummond Sawmill 50 1994    
MT Eureka Owens & Hurst Lumber Eureka Swd Sawmill 43     Canadian Imports
MT Judith Gap JD Lumber Company Judith Gap Sawmill 60 1997    
MT Kalispell American Timber Kalispell Sawmill 120 2001    
MT Kalispell Timberline Lumber Kalispell Sawmill 21 1997    
MT Libby Champion International Libby Sawmill 200 1993    
MT Libby Louisiana Pacific Libby Sawmill 40 1995    
MT Libby Stimpson Lumber Libby Sawmill 300 2002    
MT Missoula Champion International Missoula Sawmill 188 1990    
MT Missoula Missoula White Pine Sash Missoula Sawmill 190 1995    
MT Missoula Smurfit-Stone Missoula Machine   2001    
MT Olney American Timber Olney Sawmill 150 2000   Canadian Imports
MT Polson Flathead Lumber Co. Polson Sawmill 70 1991    
MT Rexford Border Lumber Rexford Sawmill 30 1997    
MT Seeley Lake Pyramid Mountain Lumber Seeley Lake Sawmill 65 2001   Canadian Imports
MT Superior Crown Pacific Superior Sawmill 146 1994   Canadian Imports (160)
MT Thompson Falls Crown Pacific Thompson Falls Sawmill 120 1996    
MT Thompson Falls Tri River Lumber Co. Thompson Falls Sawmill   1998    
MT Trout Creek Vinson Lumber Trout Creek Sawmill 25 2003    
NC Apex Apex Lumber Apex Sawmill NA 2000    
NC Charlotte IP Finance Svc. Ctr. Mecklenburg Co Paper   12/1/97 73 Consolidated
NC Charlotte Metso Paper Mecklenburg Co Paper Machine Servicing 245 12/1/01   Corporate
NC Charlotte Smurfit-Stone Corp. Charlotte Box Plant        
NC Cherryville Pretty Paper, Inc. Gaston County Paper 100 11/1/91    
NC Concord American Display Company Cabarrus Paperboard   2/1/91 45 Consolidated
NC Durham Bowater Inc. Durham paper 70 1/1/94    
NC Gastonia If It's Paper Gaston County Paper 5 12/1/00    
NC Gastonia Weyerhaeuser Gaston County Paper 80 5/1/98   Business
NC Greensboro George C. Brown Cedar Co. Gulford County Sawmill   12/4/01 75 Business
NC Greenville Proctor & Gamble Co. Pitt County Paper   9/1/99   Buy out
NC Greenville Proctor & Gamble Co. Pitt County Paper 100 1/1/95   Downsized
NC Henderson Louisiana Pacific Corp. Vance County Sawmill 68 11/1/00   Market
NC Hendersonville Caraustar Industries. Inc. Hendersonville Tube Plant 25 6/25/05    
NC Jacksonsville Weyerhaeuser Transylvania Co Plywood   1/1/90 275 Modernization
NC Lenoir Lenoir Mill Lenoir          
NC Marion Woodlawn Lumber Marion Sawmill 30 2000    
NC Pisgah Forest Ecusta Paper Mill Transylvania Co Paper 31 2/1/95    
NC Pisgah Forest RFS (US) Inc. Ecusta Mills Transylvania Co Paper   1-Nov-01 160 Slow Order
NC Pisgah Forest RFS (US) Inc. Ecusta Mills Pisgah Forest P&P   30-Dec-02    
NC Plymouth Weyerhaeuser Plymouth Paper 165 3/1/03   Competition
NC Plymouth Weyerhaeuser Washington Co. Plywood   6/1/97 200 Poor Market
NC Raleigh International Paper Wake County Paper 22 1/1/02   Reorganization
NC Raleigh International Paper Wake County Paper   12/1/94 Layoffs Consolidated
NC Riegelwood International Paper Columbus Co. Pulp   8/1/01 55  
NC Riegelwood International Paper Columbus Co. Paper 110 2/1/02   Reorganization
NC Roanoke Rapids Halifax Paper Board Co. Roanoke Rapids P&P   14-Jun-01    
NC Rockingham Rockingham Mill Rockingham P&P        
NC Salisbury Carmen Wilson Lumber Salisbury Sawmill NA 2000    
NC Sylva Jackson Paper Jackson Co. Paperboard   4/1/95 17 Business slowdown
NC Statesville Niemand Industries, Inc. Iredell County Paperboard   4/1/94 120 Consolidated
NC Taylorsville Rock-Tenn Company Alexander Co. Paperboard   3/1/99 136  
NC Thomasville Westport Containers, Inc. Davidson Co. Paperboard   4/1/92 9 Relocataing
NC Union Grove CTR Manufacturing Iredell County Pulp 104 3/1/99   Restructring
NE Omaha Smurfit-Stone Corp. Omaha Box Plant        
NH Contoocook Papertech Corporation Contoocook P&P   15-Mar-99    
NH Gorham American Tissue Gorham Pulp 755 2001    
NH Hinsdale Hinsdale Products Co. Hinsdale P&P        
NH Hinsdale McGoldrick Tissue Mill Hinsdale P&P   12-Jul-02    
NH Milton Milton Mill Milton P&P        
NH Milton Technical Papers & Board Div. Milton P&P        
NH North Rochester Spaulding Composites Co. North Rochester          
NH Penacook Penacook Fibre Co. Penacook     15-Nov-01    
NH West Henniker West Henniker Mill West Henniker          
NH Winchester American Tissue Winchester     15-Mar-02    
NJ Camden Caraustar Camden Wall Brd   Sep-00    
NJ Garfield Enron Garfield Newsprint 250 2001    
NJ Gloucester City Building Materials Group Gloucester City          
NJ Hughsville Riegel Division Hughsville          
NJ Jersey City Jersey City Mill Jersey City          
NJ Jersey City Railroad Roofing Corp. Jersey City          
NJ Jersey City Weyerhaeuser Jersey City Converting 52 1-Mar-01    
NJ Jersey City Rock-Tenn Co. Jersey City     15-Mar-99    
NJ Linden Celotex Corp. Linden          
NJ Manville Manville Mill Manville          
NJ Milford Curtis Papers Milford Specialty 213 1-Jun-03    
NJ Paterson Paterson Mill Paterson     18-Dec-90    
NJ Vineland Rock-Tenn Co. Vineland Paper 92 1-Jul-02    
NJ Whippany Eden Mill Whippany          
NJ Whippany Hanover Mill Whippany          
NJ Whippany Stony Brook Mill Whippany          
NM Alamogordo White Sands Forest Alamogordo Sawmill 120 2000    
NM Cimarron Tricon Lumber Cimarron Sawmill   2002    
NM Espanola Rio Grande Forest Products Espanola Sawmill   6/1/03    
NM Reserve Stone Forest Industries Reserve Sawmill        
NY Amsterdam Sonoco Products Amsterdam P&P 38 1-Sep-98   Moved to Canada
NY Beaver Falls FiberMark Inc. Beaver Falls Paper 100 1999    
NY Carthage Fort James Corp. Carthage P&P   20-Feb-98    



Fort Orange Paper Co. Castleton-on-Hudson P&P   10-Mar-02    
NY Chatham Columbia Corp. Chatham     13-Nov-95    
NY Clayville Doeskin Inc. Clayville          
NY Corinth International Paper Corinth Coated Gnd wd Machine 91 9/30/99   NAFTA
NY Corinth International Paper Corinth P&P 225 2001    
NY Deferiet Deferiet Paper Deferiet P&P 420 2001    
NY Fayetteville McIntyre Paper Co. Fayetteville P&P   23-Jul-02    
NY Fulton North End Paper Co. Fulton P&P   18-Nov-94    
NY Fulton Smurfit-Stone Corp. Fulton Box Plant        
NY Ganesevoort Ganesevoort Mill Ganesevoort P&P        
NY Greenwich American Tissue Greenwich P&P   20-Feb-02    
NY Greenwich Greenwich Mill Greenwich P&P   16-Oct-90    
NY Lockport Caraustar Industries Buffalo Mill Gypsum 60 1-Mar-03    
NY Lyons Falls Lyon Falls Pulp & Paper Lyons Falls P&P 186 2002    
NY Maspeth Fonda Group Maspeth Converting 140 Sep-01    
NY Napanoch Napanoch Mill Napanoch P&P        
NY Newark Gulf States Paper Company Newark P&P 219 1-Nov-01    
NY New Windsor Lafayette Paper New Windsor P&P   15-Aug-97    
NY Newton Falls Appleton Papers Newton Falls P&P   4-Dec-00    
NY North Tonawanda North Tonawanda Mill North Tonawanda P&P        
NY Ogdensburg Ponderosa Ogdensburg P&P        
NY Oswego International Paper Oswego P&P 102 2002    
NY Oswego International Paper Oswego Container   4-Feb-02    
NY Piermont Piermont Mill Piermont P&P        
NY Plattsburgh Collins Aikman Imperial Wall Coverings Plattsburgh     1-Sep-98    
NY Pulaski Felix Schoellar Pulaski P&P 165 2001    
NY Pulaski Felix Schoeller Technical Papers Inc. Pulaski P&P   10-May-02    
NY South Glens Falls James River Fiber Warehouse South Glens Falls          
NY South Glens Falls Palatka Division South Glens Falls P&P        
NY Tonawanda Spaulding Composites Tonawanda     15-Dec-92    
NY Utica Evers Paper Co. Utica P&P        
NY Victory Mills Victory Specialty Victory Mills Speciality 71 1-Feb-00    
NY Warrensburg Warrensburg Mill Warrensburg          
NY Watervliet Norton Coated Abrasives Watervliet Paper 43     Moved to Canada
OH Bethesda D& R Lumber Bethesda Sawmill 40     Canadian Imports
OH Brecksville Jaite Mill Div. Brecksville          
OH Chillicothe MeadWestvaco Chillicothe Paper 350 2002    
OH Cincinnati Celotex Corp. Cincinnati          
OH Cincinnati International Paper Cincinnati Packaging 143 1-May-01    
OH Cincinnati Cincinnati Mill Cincinnati          
OH Circleville Smurfit-Stone Circleville Container 420 12/1/98    
OH Circleville Smurfit-Stone Corp. Circleville P&P   1998    
OH Cleveland Weyerhaeuser Cleveland Converting 100 Jul-02    
OH Cleveland Grief Brothers Corp. Cleveland Converting 29 Sep-01    
OH Cleveland Simkins Industries Cleveland Speciality 48 Dec-02    
OH Columbus Columbus Specialty Paper Products Columbus P&P   27-Jul-00    
OH Dayton Cross Pointe Paper Dayton P&P   13-Nov-95    
OH Hamilton Hamilton Division Hamilton P&P        
OH Lockland Lockland Mill Lockland P&P   4-Jan-94    
OH Masillon Sonoco Masollon Packaging   2003    
OH Miamisburg American Packaging Corp. Miamisburg Container        
OH Miamisburg Miamisburg Mill Miamisburg          
OH Middletown Harding Jones Mill Middletown          
OH Middletown Crystal Tissue Middletown Tissue 80 1-Mar-03    
OH Middletown Middletown Paperboard Corp. Middletown P&P   28-Oct-02    
OH Middletown Wausau-Mosinee Paper Corp. Sorg Paper Co. Middletown P&P 160 15-Mar-99    
OH Munroe Falls Sonoco Munroe Falls P&P 110 2001    
OH Sandusky The Cellulo Co. Sandusky          
OH West Carrollton Fraser - Nexfor West Carrollton P&P 305 2001    
OK Sand Springs Smurfit-Stone Corp. Sand Springs Box Plant        
OK Stroud Stroud Mill Stroud          
OR Albany Simpson Timber Co. Albany Plywood 200 1989    
OR Albany Stone Forest Industries Albany Sawmill 286 1994    
OR Albany Weyerhaeuser Albany Sawmill   2002    
OR Albany WI - Duraflake Albany Sawmill 39 199?    
OR Alicel   Alicel Sawmill        
OR Ashland Croman Corp. Ashland Sawmill   1997    
OR Astoria Astoria Plywood Astoria Plywood 300 1991    
OR Baker City Ellingson Lumber Co Baker City Sawmill 152 199?    
OR Bandon   Bandon Sawmill        
OR Beavercreek   Beavercreek Sawmill        
OR Bend Crown Pacific Bend Sawmill   1995    
OR Bend Weyerhaeuser Bend Particle board 111 2002    
OR Boring Vanport Manufacturing Boring Sawmill 180 1999    
OR Carver   Carver Sawmill        
OR Cascade Locks Cascade Locks Lumber Cascade Locks Sawmill 44 1990    
OR Cave Junction Rough & Ready Lumber Co. Cave Junction Sawmill   2003    
OR Central Point Central Point Lumber Co. Central Point Sawmill   2000    
OR Central Point Double Dee Lumber Central Point Sawmill 40 1993    
OR Central Point Tree Source Central Point Sawmill   2002    
OR Chiloquin   Chiloquin Sawmill        
OR Clatskanie Beaver Lumber Clatskanie Sawmill 70 1996    
OR Coburg   Coburg Sawmill        
OR Coos Bay Coos Bay Mill Coos Bay Sawmill        
OR Coos Bay Weyerhaeuser Coos Bay Sawmill 175 1998    
OR Coos Bay Weyerhaeuser - Dellwood Logging Coos Bay Sawmill 40 1991    
OR Coquille Georgia Pacific Coquille Sawmill 340 1990    
OR Corvallis Brand-S Corporation Corvallis Sawmill 6 1999    
OR Corvallis Leading Plywood Corvallis Plywood 46 1990    
OR Corvallis Midway Engineered Wood Products (WTD) Corvallis Sawmill 50 1998    
OR Corvallis Superior Hardwoods Corvallis Sawmill 40 1999    
OR Cottage Grove Cascade Lumber (WTD) Cottage Grove Sawmill 40 1990    
OR Cottage Grove Starfire Lumber Co. Cottage Grove Sawmill 30 1990    
OR Cottage Grove Weyerhaeuser Cottage Grove Sawmill 235 1994    
OR Creswell Cress Ply Creswell Plywood 65 1990    
OR Culp Creek Bohemia Culp Creek Sawmill 225 1990    
OR Cushman   Cushman Sawmill        
OR Dairy Diversified Fiber Corp. Dairy Sawmill 70 1995    
OR Dalles Weyerhaeuser Dalles Sawmill   2002    
OR Dillard Roseburg Forest Products Dillard Sawmill 275 2000    
OR Dillard Roseburg Forest Products Dillard Plywood   2003    
OR Dixonville   Dixonville Sawmill        
OR Drain   Drain Sawmill        
OR Eddyville   Eddyville Sawmill   199?    
OR Elgin Boise Cascade Elgin Stud Mill 37 1997    
OR Elgin Boise Cascade Elgin Sawmill   2000    
OR Enterprise Great Western Pellet Mills Enterprise Pellets 14 1993    
OR Estacada Estacada Forest Products Estacada Sawmill        
OR Eugene Cuddeback Lumber Eugene Sawmill 75 1990    
OR Eugene Falcon Manufacturing Eugene Sawmill 120 199?    
OR Eugene Seneca Sawmill Eugene Sawmill 24 1990    
OR Eugene

Springfield Forest


Eugene Sawmill 60 199?    
OR Eugene WTD Industries Eugene Sawmill 55 1990    
OR Eugene WTD Industries Eugene Veneer 80 1990    
OR Eugene Zip-O-Log Mills Eugene Sawmill 30 1990    
OR Forest Grove   Forest Grove Sawmill        
OR Foster   Fpster Sawmill        
OR Gardiner International Paper Gardiner P&P   21-Jun-05    
OR Gardiner WI - Bohemia Gardiner Sawmill 280 1992    
OR Glendale Gregory Forest Products Glendale Plywood 25 1990    
OR Gold Beach Gold Beach Plywood, Inc. Gold Beach Plywood 315 199?    
OR Goshen Cone Lumber Co. Goshen Sawmill 69 1995    
OR Goshen Goshen Veneer (WTC) Goshen Veneer 53 199?    
OR Grants Pass Fourply Lumber Grants Pass Sawmill 200 1993    
OR Grants Pass Medford Corporation Grants Pass Plywood 170 1989    
OR Grants Pass U.S. Forest Industries Grants Pass Sawmill 200 2003    
OR Grants Pass Spalding & Son Grants Pass Sawmill 160 1998    
OR Gresham Olympic Mill (Interforest) Gresham Veneer 44 1998    
OR Griggs WI - Cascade Logging Griggs Sawmill 32 1991    
OR Harrisburg DG Mouldings Harrisburg Sawmill 95 199?    
OR Hebo Noble & Bittner Plug Co. Hebo Sawmill 19 1989    
OR Heppner Kinzua-Heppner Mill Heppner Sawmill 135 1999    
OR Heppner Frontier Forest Products Heppner Sawmill   2000    
OR Hines Louisiana Pacific Hines Sawmill 116 2000    
OR Hines Snow Mountain Pine Ltd. Hines Sawmill 260 1995    
OR Hood River Hanel Lumber Hood River Sawmill 138 2000    
OR Idanha Green Veneer, Inc. Idanha Veneer   1998    
OR Idanha   Idanha Sawmill   199?    
OR Imbler Peacock Lumber Co. Imbler Sawmill 25 1994    
OR Independence Mountain Fir Independence Chip Mill 45 1992    
OR Jasper   Jasper Sawmill        
OR John Day Malheur Lumber John Day Sawmill 30 2000    
OR Joseph Boise Cascade Joseph Sawmill 52 1994    
OR Joseph Joseph Timber Joseph Sawmill 70 2000    
OR Joseph R-Y Timber, Inc. Joseph Sawmill 68 1994    
OR Junction City

Junction City Lumber


Junction City Sawmill 102 1990    
OR Klamath Falls Circle D Klamath Falls Chip Mill   2000    
OR Klamath Falls Collins Products Klamath Falls Plywood   2001    
OR Klamath Falls Klamath Veneer Klamath Falls Veneer 50 1996    
OR Klamath Falls Modoc Lumber Klamath Falls Sawmill 169 1996    
OR Klamath Falls Roseburg Forest Products Klamath Falls Sawmill 680 199?    
OR Klamath Falls Weyerhaeuser Klamath Falls Sawmill   1995    
OR Lakeview

American Precision


Lakeview Sawmill 27 1990    
OR Lakeview Goose Lake Lumber Lakeview Sawmill 60 1990    
OR Lakeview Lakeview Lumber Lakeview Sawmill 60 1995    
OR Langlois   Langlois Sawmill        
OR Lebanon Lebanon Mill Lebanon          
OR Lebanon White Plywood Lebanon Plywood 180 1990    
OR Lebanon WI - Lebanon Plywood Lebanon Plywood 125 1991    
OR Linnton Linnton Plywood Linnton Plywood 235 2002    
OR Long Creek Blue Mountain Forest Long Creek Sawmill 20 1996    
OR Madras   Madras Sawmill        
OR Mapleton   Mapleton Sawmill        
OR Maupin   Maupin Sawmill        
OR Medford Boise Cascade Medford Plywood 450 1998    
OR Medford Boise Cascade Medford Veneer   1999    
OR Medford C B Cedar Co. Medford Sawmill 50 1989    
OR Medford

Eugene F. Burrill Lumber


Medford Sawmill 112 1998    
OR Medford KOGAP Medford Sawmill 200 1990    
OR Medford Medford Corporation Medford Sawmill 320 1992    
OR Merlin Miller Redwood Merlin Sawmill 85 1993    
OR Mill City Bugaboo Timber Mill City Sawmill 50 1997    
OR Mill City Green Veneer Mill City Veneer 40 1997    
OR Mill City QVL/Young & Morgan Mill City Sawmill   2001    
OR Millersburg Simpson Timber Co. Millersburg Sawmill 200 1990    
OR Milwaukie The Murphy Co. Milwaukie Sawmill 97 1990    
OR Molalla Avison Lumber Co. Molalla Sawmill   1991    
OR Molalla Brazier Forest Industries Molalla Stud Mill 83 1995    
OR Murphy

Murphy Creek Lumber


Murphy Sawmill 24 1991    
OR Myrtle Point   Myrtle Point Sawmill        
OR North Bend   North Bend Sawmill        
OR North Plains   North Plains Sawmill        
OR North Powder Tree Source North Powder Sawmill   2001    
OR Norway   Norway Sawmill        
OR Oakland Evergreen Forest Products Oakland Sawmill 480 1999    
OR Oakridge Bald Knob Co. Oakridge Sawmill 140 1991    
OR Oakridge Pope & Talbot Co. Oakridge Sawmill 370 199?    
OR Oakridge

Pope & Talbot Co.

(Bald Knob Co.)

Oakridge Sawmill 20 1990    
OR Ophir   Ophir Sawmill   ?    
OR Oregon City Stimson Lumber Oregon City Sawmill 85 1991    
OR Oregon City Caffal Brothers Oregon City Sawmill   1996    
OR Paisley   Paisley Sawmill   ?    
OR Pedee   Pedee Sawmill   ?    
OR Philomath Diamond B (Georgia Pacific) Philomath Sawmill 155 1992    
OR Philomath Philomath Wood Products Philomath Sawmill 106 1998    
OR Philomath Tree Source Pac/Soft Philomath Sawmill   1998    
OR Philomath Tree Source/Phil. FP Philomath Sawmill   1998    
OR Phoenix Special Products of Oregon Phoenix Sawmill 80 1994    
OR Pilot Rock Louisiana Pacific Pilot Rock Sawmill 60 199?    
OR Portland Boise Cascade Portland R&D 55 1999    
OR Portland Felt Mill Portland          
OR Portland Portland Mill Portland          
OR Portland Weyerhaeuser Headquarters Admin 345 2002/03    
OR Prairie City   Prairie City Sawmill        
OR Prineville Crown Pacific Ltd. Prineville Sawmill 36 1990    
OR Prineville Crown Pacific Ltd. Prineville Sawmill 60 2001    
OR Prineville D & E Wood Products Prineville Sawmill 15 1999    
OR Prineville Northwest Pacific Moulding & Cutstock Prineville Moulding 18 1991    
OR Prineville Ochoco Prineville Sawmill 80 2001    
OR Prineville Ochoco Lumber Co. Prineville Sawmill 100 2001    
OR Prineville Pine Products Prineville Sawmill 97 1992    
OR Prinville Crown Pacific Prinville Sawmill   2001    
OR Redmond Cascade Pine Specialties Redmond Sawmill 60 1998    
OR Redmond Crown Pacific Redmond Sawmill 214 1996    
OR Redmond DAW Forest Products Co. Redmond Sawmill 45 1990    
OR Reedsport International Paper Reedsport Sawmill 80 1996    
OR Reedsport International Paper Gardiner P&P 325 1997    
OR Riddle C & D Lumber Co. Riddle Sawmill 80 1990    
OR Rogue River Louisiana Pacific Rogue River Veneer   2000    
OR Rogue River Medford Corporation Rogue River Veneer 75 1992    
OR Roseburg California Cedar Prds. Roseburg Sawmill 50 2001    
OR Roseburg Champion (Seneca Timber) Roseburg Plywood 260 1995    
OR Roseburg P&M Cedar Products Roseburg Sawmill   1999    
OR Roseburg Pacific Chips Roseburg Chip Mill 36 1990    
OR Roseburg Roseburg Forest Products Roseburg Sawmill 42 1997    
OR Saginaw Willamette Industries Saginaw Sawmill 62 1998    
OR Salem Diamond Pacific Milling/Dry Kilns Salem Sawmill 15 1995    
OR Salem North Santiam Plywood Co. Salem Plywood 100 1989    
OR Seaside Kohl Lumber Co. Seaside Sawmill 13 1989    
OR Sheridan Taylor Lumber & Treating Sheridan Sawmill   1994    
OR Silverton Silverton Forest Products (WTD) Silverton Sawmill 65 199?    
OR Springfield Georgia Pacific Springfield Plywood 250 1989    
OR Springfield Nicolai Company Springfield Sawmill 163 1994    
OR Springfield Oregon Cedar Products Springfield Sawmill 80 1996    
OR Springfield Springfield Forest Products Springfield Sawmill 200 199?    
OR Springfield Stone Forest Industries Springfield Sawmill 53 1994    
OR Springfield Weyerhaeuser Springfield Sawmill 270 1991    
OR Springfield Weyerhaeuser Springfield P&P 520 2002    
OR Springfield Weyerhaeuser Springfield P&P 140 2002    
OR St. Helens Pacific Western Forest Products St. Helens Plywood 288 1993    
OR St. Helens St. Helens Mill St. Helens          
OR Stayton Weyerhaeuser Stayton LVL Plant 43 2002    
OR Sutherlin   Sutherlin Sawmill   ?    
OR Sweet Home Linn Forest Products Sweet Home Sawmill 95 199?    
OR Sweet Home Weyerhaeuser Sweet Home Sawmill 81 2002    
OR Sweet Home WI - Foster Sawmill Sweet Home Sawmill 44 1991    
OR Sweet Home WI - Midway Veneer Sweet Home Veneer 80 1990    
OR Sweet Home Willamette Industries Sweet Home Plywood 168 1994    
OR Swisshome   Swisshome Sawmill   ?    
OR Tillamook WTD Tillamook Sawmill 30 199?    
OR Toledo Wheeler Manu. (Conf. Tribes of Siletz) Toledo Sawmill 90 199?    
OR Tualatin American Hardwoods Tualatin Sawmill 166 1995    
OR Tygh Valley   Tygh Valley Sawmill   ?    
OR Union WTD Industries Union Sawmill 80 1990    
OR Vaughn   Vaughn Sawmill   ?    
OR Veneta International Paper Veneta Sawmill 100 1996    
OR Waldport   Waldport Sawmill   ?    
OR Wallowa Rogge Wood Products Wallowa Sawmill 30 199?    
OR Wallowa Wallowa Forest Products Wallowa Sawmill 50 2000    
OR Warm Springs Warm Springs FP Warm Springs Sawmill   2002    
OR Warrenton Warrento Lumber Products Warrengton Sawmill 147 199?    
OR White City Boise Cascade White City Veneer 30      
OR White City Burrill Lumber Co. White City Sawmill   1997    
OR White City Double Dee Lumber Co. White City Sawmill 20 1990    
OR White City Medco White City Sawmill   1998    
OR White City Medford Corporation White City Sawmill   1997    
OR White City Medite Corporation White City Sawmill 80 1996    
OR Willamina Conifer Plywood Co. Willamina Plywood 158 1990    
OR Williams   Williams Sawmill   ?    
OR Winchester   Winchester Sawmill   ?    
OR Winston Weyerhaeuser Winston LVL Plant 37 2002    
OR Woodburn Weyerhaeuser Wood Burn Sawmill 57 2002    
OR Yoncalla Yoncalla Timber Products (WTD) Yoncalla Sawmill 45 199?    
PA Ambler Ambler Division Ambler          
PA Bridgeport Bridgeport Mill Bridgeport          
PA Bristol Patapar Division Bristol          
PA Chambersburg Chambersburg Mill Chambersburg          
PA Coatesville Beaver Dam Mill Coatesville          
PA Downingtown Brandywine Paperboard Mills Downingtown P&P   23-Jun-97    
PA Downingtown Davey Co. Downingtown Mill Downingtown     19-Jun-00    
PA Downingtown RTS Packaging Downingtown   36 1-Sep-02    
PA Erie International Paper Erie P&P 760 2002    
PA Erie International Paper Co. Erie Mill Erie P&P   24-May-02    
PA Fairless Hills Mead Fairless Hills Container 101     Moved to Canada
PA Lancaster American Paper Products Co. Lancaster P&P   7-Jun-93    
PA Lebanon Sterling/Lebanon Pkg. Lebanon Packaging 35 1-Jul-01    
PA Lock Haven International Paper Co. Lock Haven P&P   14-Mar-02    
PA Miquon Miquon Mill Miquon     20-Sep-95    
PA Modena Exton Mill Modena     4-May-93    
PA Mount Jewett Temple Inland Mount Jewett Particle Bd.   3-Apr-03    
PA Norristown Norristown Division Norristown          
PA Paxinos Cellu Division Paxinos          
PA Philadelphia Connelly Containers Inc. Philadelphia Container   20-Feb-98    
PA Philadelphia Carauster Industries, Inc. Philadelphia Tube Plant 25 25-Jun-05    
PA Philadelphia Philadelphia Mill Philadelphia          
PA Philadelphia American Packaging Philadelphia Packaging 58 1-Sep-01    
PA Philadelphia International Paper Philadelphia Container 77 1-Mar-00    
PA Pittsburgh American Mail-Well Pittsburgh Specialty 30 1-Sep-01    
PA Reading Intersate Intercorr Inc. Reading     15-Aug-97    
PA Riegelsville International Mills Inc. Riegelsville          
PA Tyrone Westvaco Tyrone P&P 265 2001    
PA Tyrone Westvaco Tyrone P&P   31-Oct-01    
PA Whitehall Tarkett Inc. Whitehall     15-Mar-99    
PA York Shelter Materials Group York          
PA York Smurfit-Stone Corp. York P&P   1999    
RI Phillipsdale Phillipsdale Mill Phillipsdale          
SC Cameron Westvaco Cameron Sawmill   21-Jun-05    
SC Edgefield B.L. Mims & Sons Edgefield Sawmill   23-Jun-05    
SC Greenwood ECK Greenwood Sawmill        
SC Greenville Temple Inland Greenville   81 1-Dec-02    
SC Newberry Dickert Lumber Co. Newberry Sawmill 65 2001    
SC Varnville Georgia-Pacific Varnville Sawmill   2000   Hampton County
SC Elloree Elloree Veneer Company Elloree Veneer   2000   Orangeburg County
SC Florence Tyler Plywood Company Florence Plywood   2000   Florence County
SC Mullins Palmetto Hardwood Inc. Mullins Sawmill   1999   Marion County
SC Kingstree Lexington Furniture Inc. Kingstree Finishing   2001   Williamsburg
SC Hodges ECK Wood Products, Inc. Hodges Sawmill   2000   Greenwood County
SC McCormick Georgia-Pacific McCormick Sawmill   2000   McCormick County
SC Little Mountain Derrick Lumber Company Little Mountain Sawmill   2001   Newberry County
SC Clover Propst Sawmill Inc. Clover Sawmill   2002   York County
SC North K-Cap North Sawmill   1999   Orangeburg County
SC Richburg Hough's Krating Richburg Sawmill   2000   Chester County
SC Troy White Chip Company Trpy Chip Mill   2001   McCormick County
SC St. George Indian Field Lumber Co. St. George Sawmill   2002   Dorchester County
SC Newberry Halterwanger Lumber Newberry Sawmill        
SC Newberry Saluda Hardwood Newberry Sawmill        
SC Orangeburg Smurfit-Stone Corp. Orangeburg Sawmill 93 2000    
SC Port Wentworth Smurfit-Stone Corp. Port Wentworth Paper        
SC Sellers International Paper Masonite Corp. Sellers     1-Sep-98    
SC Spartanburg Smurfit-Stone Corp. Spartanburg Box Plant        
TN Chattanooga Ahlstrom Chattanooga Specialty 65 2001    
TN Cleveland MeadWestvaco Cleveland Converting 135 3-Jun    
TN Covington Lydall Composite Materials Covington     20-Aug-01    
TN Elizabethton Inland Elizabethton Box Plant 125 25-Jun-05    
TN Harriman American Kraft Mills of Tennessee Harriman P&P   24-Jan-02    
TN Harriman American Tissue Harriman P&P 80 2001    
TN Kingsport Willamette Kingsport P&P 150 4/1/99    
TN Memphis American Paper Corporation Memphis P&P   31-Jul-02    
TN Paris Celotex Corp. Paris          
TX Arlington International Paper Arlington Packaging 40 1-Sep-01    
TX Bon Weir Georgia Pacific Bon Weir Plywood   2002   Newton County
TX Bon Weir Hughes Wood Products Bon Weir Sawmill   1998   Newton County
TX Burkeville Wiergate Lumber Burkeville Sawmill   2002    
TX Cleveland Louisiana Pacific Cleveland Chip Mill   2000   Liberty County
TX Conroe Brabham & Parker Lumber Conroe Sawmill   1995   Montgomery County
TX Corrigan Louisiana Pacific Corrigan Waferwood   1998   Polk County
TX Dallas Smurfit-Stone Corp. Dallas Box Plant        
TX Denison Sonoco Denison Packaging   2003    
TX Ft. Worth Lumber Treating Co. Ft. Worth Treating   1998   Tarrent County
TX Gilmer Dean Lumber Company Gilmer Sawmill   2000   Uphur County
TX Houston Weyerhaeuser Houston Converting   5/1/01    
TX Huntsville Oliver Brothers Lumber Huntsville Sawmill   2001   Walker County
TX Huntsville Walker Borthers Lumber Huntsville Sawmill   2000   Walker County
TX Jacksonville Peacock Crate Factory Jacksonville HW Veneer   1999   Cherokee County
TX Jasper Hart Creosoting Co. Jasper Treating   1998   Jasper County
TX Jasper Louisiana Pacific Jasper Plywood   1998   Jasper County
TX Jasper Louisiana Pacific Jasper Sawmill   1998   Jasper County
TX Livingston Ogletree Forest Products Livingston Sawmill   1999   Polk County
TX Longview Garland Creosote Co. Longview Treating   1998   Gregg County
TX Lufkin Louisiana Pacific Lufkin Plywood   1998   Angelina County
TX Madisonville Madisonville Chips Madisonville Chip Mill   1996   Madison County
TX Maud Spencer & Son, Inc. Maud Chip Mill   1998   Bowie County
TX Moscow Louisiana Pacific Moscow Chip Mill   1999   Polk County
TX Moss Hill Louisiana Pacific Moss Hill Sawmill   1998   Liberty County
TX New Waverly Louisiana Pacific New Waverly Plywood   2000   Walker County
TX New Waverly Louisiana Pacific New Waverly Stud Mill   1999   Walker County
TX New Waverly Louisiana Pacific New Waverly Waferwood   1998   Walker County
TX Orange Equitable Bag Co. Orange Bag   28-Aug-00    
TX Orange Temple-Inland Orange P&P 75 2001    
TX Pasadena Abitibi Pasadena Paper   2002    
TX Pasadena Pasadena Paper Pasadena Paper 1 machine Dec-98    
TX Pineland Temple-Inland Pineland Plywood   2001   Sabine County
TX Sheldon Abitibi Consolidated Sheldon Paper   2003   Harris County
TX Silsbee Louisiana Pacific Silsbee Particleboard   2002   Hardin County
TX Trinity Louisiana Pacific Trinity Sawmill   1998   Trinity County
TX Woodville E & L Lumber Company Woodville Sawmill   1989   Tyler County
UT Panguitch Kiabab Forest Industries Panguitch Sawmill   1-Aug-97    
UT Fort Duchesne Great lakes Timber Co. Fort Duchesne Sawmill   1-Aug-98    
UT Escalante Utah Forest Products Escalante Sawmill 65 2002    
VA Bummpass Tradewinds of Virginia Bummpass Sawmill       Near Richmond
VA Doswell Park Corp. Doswell          
VA Franklin International Paper Franklin Machine   10/1/99 108  
VA Front Royal MeadWestvaco Front Royal Specialty 160 6/24/05    
VA Hopewell Aqualon Company Hopewell          
VA Keysville Smurfit-Stone Keysville Sawmill 40 2001    
VA Richmond FiberMark Inc. Richmond Specialty 98 2001    
VA Richmond FiberMark Inc. Richmond P&P   15-Mar-99    
VA Richmond MeadWestvaco Richmond Converting 320 3-Jun-03    
VA Richmond Weyerhaeuser Richmond Converting 81      
VA Richmond Curtis Fine Papers Richmond Specicialty 69 24-Jun-05    
VA Suffolk Coastal Lumber Suffolk Sawmill 60 2002    
VA West Point Smurfit-Stone West Point Sawmill 61 2001    
VA Wise County Mullican Wise County Sawmill 45 2002    
VT Bellows Falls Bellows Falls Mill Bellows Falls          
VT Brattleboro SCA Inc. Brattleboro Paper 128 1-Oct-02    
VT East Ryegate Kimberly Clark East Ryegate Technial Papers 83 2001    
VT Gilman American Paper Mills of Vermont Gilman P&P   2-Jan-03    
VT Gilman Simpson Gilman Paper   10/1/99    
VT West Burke Burke Lumber Company West Burke Sawmill   7/1/01    
VT Wells River Wells River Mill Wells River     1-Jun-98    
WA Anacortes Publishers Forest Products Co. Anacortes          
WA Arlington Enterprise Lumber Arlington Sawmill 60 2001    
WA Bellingham Georgia Pacific Bellingham Chlor/Alkali 60 Oct-99    
WA Bellingham Georgia Pacific Bellingham P&P 650 2002    
WA Camus Georgia Pacific Camus P&P   2001 250  
WA Hoquiam Quality Veneer & Lumber Hoquiam Veneer   2001    
WA Ione Vaagen Brothers Ione Sawmill   1996    
WA Longview Rose-Simmons Hwd Longview Sawmill 145 2001    
WA Longview Weyerhaeuser Longview Fine Paper 200 Jul-01   190 miles S Seattle WA
WA Longview Weyerhaeuser Longview P&P   2002 282  
WA Oso Enterprise Lumber Oso Sawmill 40 2001    
WA Packwood Hampton Affiliates Packwood Sawmill   2000    
WA Port Angeles Crown Pacific Port Angeles Sawmill 25 2003    
WA Port Angeles Rayonier Port Angeles Mill Port Angeles P&P   2-Mar-97    
WA Port Gamble Pope & Talbott Port Gamble Sawmill   1-Jan-96    
WA Renton Barbee Mill Co. Renton Sawmill   1-Jan-00    
WA Seattle Smurfit-Stone Corp. Seattle Box Plant        
WA Sedro Woolley Encore Group Sedro Woolley Sawmill   2002    
WA South Bend Treesource/WT South Bend Sawmill 100 2001    
WA Steilacoom Abitibi-Consolidated West Tacoma Division Steilacoom P&P   25-Jan-01    
WA Tacoma Abitibi-Consolidated Tacoma Newsprint   Dec-00    
WA Tacoma Paxport Mills Tacoma Sawmill   Jan-96    
WA Walla Walla Louisiana Pacific Walla Walla Sawmill   Jan-96    
WA Wallula Ponderosa Fibres of Washington Wallula P&P   2-Jan-02    
WA Yakima Boise Cascade Yakima Plywood   1999    
WI Appleton Appleton Mill Appleton P&P   12-Mar-02    
WI Appleton Inter Lake Fibers Appleton P&P   19-Jul-02    
WI Ashland Fort James Corp. Ashland P&P   20-Feb-98    
WI Combined Locks Appleton Papers Combined Locks Paper 1 machine Aug-00    
WI DePere International Paper DePere P&P   2002    
WI Kimberly Inter Lake Papers Kimberly Printing 125     Canadian Imports
WI Madison Rock-Tenn Madison Paper 165 Dec-01    
WI Marinette Kimberly Clark Marinette Tissue 32 Mar-98   Mexican Imports
WI Menasha Mead/Gilbert Paper Menasha P&P 273 2001    
WI Merrill Ward Paper Co. Merrill P&P   13-Jan-95    
WI Milwaukie Smurfit-Stone Corp. Milwaukie Box Plant        
WI Neenah Kimberly Clark Neenah P&P   2003 45  
WI Neenah Kimberly Clark Neenah P&P   1-Aug-01    
WI Nekoosa Domtar Inc. Nekoosa Paper 110 Mar-02    
WI Niagara Stora Enso Niagara Paper 1 machine Apr-99    
WI Niagara Stora Enso Niagara Paper 100 Apr-03    
WI Oconto Falls Kimberly Clark Oconto Falls Tissue 437     Mexican Imports
WI Oshkosh American Papers Oshkosh Pulp 26 Apr-01    
WI Oshkosh Smurfit-Stone Corp. Oshkosh Box Plant        
WI Peshtigo Badger Paper Mills Peshitgo Pulp 69     Canadian Imports
WI Peshtigo Badger Paper Mills Peshitgo Paper & Packaging 69     NAFTA
WI Stevens Point Kimberly Clark Stevins Point P&P   2003 45  
WI Tomahawk American Tissue Tomahawk P&P   15-Aug-97    
WI Tomahawk Tomahawk Power & Pulp Co. Tomahawk Pulp   5-Apr-90    
WI Tomahawk Tomahawk Tissue Corp Tomahawk Paper        
WI Whiting Stora Enso Whiting Paper 1 machine Jan-99    
WI Wisconson Rapids Stora Enso Wisconsin Rapids Fine Paper 290 2002    
WI Wisconson Rapids Stora Enso Wisconsin Rapids Chipboard 120 2002    
WI Wisconson Rapids Stora Enso Wisconsin Rapids P&P 159     NAFTA (duplicate?)
WY Newcastle Pope & Talbot Newcastle Sawmill 75 2000    
WY Lander Wyoming Wood Products Landor Sawmill 10 23-Jun-05