Smart Growth

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If ever there was an oxymoron, "Smart Growth" is it.

Based on a theory, driven by those with six- and larger figure incomes, living in distant gated locations, "smart growth" and "high density housing" are for the masses, little different from the Indian reservations of the last century, yet very different from what is required for physical and mental health for most people.

Certainly, this introduction is arguable -- what isn't? -- but consider that this IS The Wildlands Project being implemented.

This IS vast reaches of our country and our world being CLOSED to all but the most powerful and wealthy.

This IS ... anything BUT "smart."

Diversity is a lie. The agenda is rather a lack of diversity, made crystal-clear by the actions and directives of federal agencies and their 'partners.' There is no diversity when thousands of years of human stewardship/dominion worldwide -- complete with the species diversity that humans have assisted/enhanced -- are on a timeline to be herded like so many sheep up a ramp to the the 'urban slaughter' of 'smart growth' and 'high-density housing.' - Julie Smithson 8/3/02