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Nature Conservancy digging to regain wetland from reclaimed farmland 10-29-03
Testimony tells story of farmers vs. fish 10-12-03
Environmentalists favor pulling plug on Utah lake 09-22-03
BuRec buys former feedyard for habitat 09-22-03
Governor wants water withheld from Mexico 09-10-03
Los Angeles to get more water from north under water proposed pact 09-09-03
Irrigators Threaten Feds With Suit 08-30-03
Bureau of Reclamation Facts & Information 07-23-03 BOR
Lease land fight settled - for now 07-21-03 BOR
Klamath Project shut down 07-20-03 BOR
All eyes are on the Upper Klamath 07-03-03 BOR
Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the Klamath Project Operation 06-13-03 BOR
Basin shouldn't be Owens Valley II 03-25-03 BOR
Reclamation to close Folsom Dam Road following security review 03-20-03 BOR
Traffic detour ahead at dam 03-20-03 BOR
Final biological assessment on Middle Rio Grande water and maintenance operations released 03-20-03 BOR
Award-winning Reclamation research results available 02-28-03 BOR
Bureau Of Reclamation to announce 2003 Pilot Water Bank Program 02-27-03 BOR
$10 Million Funds Minnow-Survival Effort 02-24-03 BOR
CAP land could become recreational boon 02-13-03 BOR
Ecology Department acquires water rights to help Yakima basin flows 02-09-03 BOR
When Water Rules Become Land Use Decisions 
02-02-03 BOR
Barnes Ranch deal goes to Washington 01-18-03 BOR
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