Glossary - Acronyms

Acronym - A word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase, as WAC from Women's Army Corps. From The Random House College Dictionary, 1980 Revised Edition; as SOD from Stewards Of the Darby.

AASPO - American Association of Small Property Owners

ADM - Archer Daniels Midland

AG - Acronym Glossary

AG - Agriculture

AHRI - American Heritage Rivers Initiative

AROPL - Abundant Recreation Opportunities on Public Lands

ARUP - Appropriate Refuge Uses Policy

ASW - Ancient Silent Witness (earth)

ATSTSB - American Traffic Safety and Transportation Services Board

AWSRA - American Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

BANANA - Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything

BAS - Best Available Science

BC - Buffer Council

BCD - Biological and Conservation Data (a copyrighted patent product of The Nature Conservancy)

BECC - Border Environment Cooperation Commission

BH - Breeding Habitat

BI - Buffer Initiative

BIOMASS - The total mass or amount of living organisms in a particular area or volume.  The total weight of all living organisms in a biological community.

BM - Behavior Modification

BMP - Best Management Practice(s)

BO - Barriers and Opportunities

BO - Biological Opinion

BO - Biological Organisms

BO - Biological Outflow

BP - Buffer Practices

BPF - Balancing the Playing Field

BR - Biological Resources (DOI)

BR - Bioregion

BR - Biosphere Reserve

BR - Brownfields Redevelopment

BR - Budget Resolution

BR - Buffer Restrictions

BWA - By What Authority...?

CA - Change Agent

CABPRO - California Association of Business, Property, and Resource Owners

CAE - Center of the American Experiment

CAE - Centers of Academic Excellence

CAM - Cross-Allocation Methodology

CANAMEX - The CANAMEX Trade Corridor as defined by Congress in the 1995 National Highway Systems Designation Act is a High Priority Corridor. The Corridor follows I-19 from Nogales to Tucson, I-10 from Tucson to Phoenix, US 93 in the vicinity of Phoenix to the Nevada Border, US 93 from Arizona to Las Vegas and I-15 from Las Vegas through Montana to the Canadian Border. However, CANAMEX is also a broad economic development concept that fosters trade and provides an opportunity for accelerated economic growth throughout the region. For several years there has been an interest in developing this Corridor, chiefly to facilitate transportation distribution, commerce and tourism.
The region consists of Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Montana in the United States; the Mexican states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Queretero, Estado de Mexico, and the Federal District; and the Canadian province of Alberta.

CARICOM - Caribbean Community and Common Market

CARNIVORE - DCS1000 (Digital Collection System)(Definitive Codification)

CATO Institute - Founded in 1977, the Cato Institute is a nonpartisan public policy research foundation headquartered in Washington, D.C. The Institute is named for Cato's Letters, libertarian pamphlets that helped lay the philosophical foundation for the American Revolution.

CBI - Consensus Building Institute

CD - Collateral Damage

CWC - Compliant World Citizens

CZV - Criminal Zoning Violation

DENR - Department of the Environment and Natural Resources

DF - De Facto (without law)

DFC - Desired Future Condition

DFNS - Debt For Nature Swap

DIALOG - an online database service made available by Knight Ridder Information Services, Inc.  Offers much information on foundations and grants through DIALOG.

DMP - Design Management Plan (Scenic Byways)

DOFI - Dependence On Foreign Importation

DP - Demographic Profiles

DP - Discharge Petition (water)

DP - Displaced Person

DP - Domestic Policy

DPL - Destocking of Public Lands

DPOD - Discreet Point Of Delivery

DPS - Distinct Population Segment

DRI - Desert Research Institute (weather modification)

DSBA - Direct Sampling By Aircraft

DSS - Decent, Safe and Sanitary (Comparable Replacement Dwelling, FHWA)

DT - Declaration of Taking

DT - Deep Tillage

DT - Delphi Technique

DT - Demographic Trends

DTAS - Developing Trust Among Stakeholders

DUE - Describe and Understand the Earth (USGS)

DVEP - Decision-making and Valuation for Environmental Policy

DWW - De facto Wilderness Withdrawals

EBR - Excessive Buffer Restrictions

EC - Earth Community

EC - Earth Crisis

EC - Ecologically Crucial

EC - Economic Consequences

ECARP - Environmental Conservation Acreage Reserve Program

ECHO - Each Community Helps Others

ECHO - Environmental Conservation Hotlinks

ECPPR - Ecologically Crucial Predator/Prey Relations

ECRA - Economic Cleanup Responsibility Act

EE - Eco-Extremism

EFA - Education For All (UNESCO)

EI - Ecologic Integrity

EI - Ecological Indicators

EI - Emotional Intelligence (why it can be more important than IQ)

EMP - Ecosystem Management Plans

EOE - Evaluation Of Evidence

EQIP - Environmental Quality Incentives Program

ERAAS - Earth-Raping, Animal-Abusing Scum (view of Earth Liberation Front toward multiple users)

ERR - Environmentally Responsible Recreation

ESA - Environmentally Sensitive Area

ET - Event Trees (part of risk analysis)

EWPP - Emergency Watershed Protection Program

FAO - Food and Agricultural Organization (UN)

FAS - Federation of American Scientists (Formless self, all humankind, creating a Supra-historical history)

FB - Field Borders

FBS - Farmland Buying Strategies

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real

FERM - Forest Ecosystem Restoration and Management  

FFW - Farms For Wetlands

FGDC - Federal Geographic Data Committee (involved with The Nature Conservancy)

FOE - Father Of Environmentalism (Jean-Jacques Rousseau)

FOE - Friends Of Earth

FONSI - Finding of No Significant Impact

Form 990-PF - Public record information return that all private foundations area required by law to submit annually to the Internal Revenue Service.

FOV - Field Of View

FPF - Flood Plain Forest(s)

FTMT - Follow The Money Trail

FYFS - Farmers.....Your Favorite Scum (Animal Liberation Front slogan)

G8S - Group of Eight Summit (Genoa 2001) (UN)

GEIC - Global Environment Information Center

GEMI - Global Environmental Management Initiative

GEMS - Global Environmental Monitoring System

GINEF - Global Initiative on National Environment Funds (IUCN)

GIO - Globally Important Objects

GLCTSA - Global Land Cover Test Site Activity (UN)

GLERL - Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

GLS - Generational Land Stewards (resource providers)

GNET - The Global Network of the Environment

GPR - Grazing Permit Retirement

GR - Group Rights (replaces individual rights)

GRLHF - Global ReLeaf Heritage Forests

GTSC - Grow The Social Consciousness

GW - Grassed Waterway

GZO - Greenways Zoning Overlay

HA - Human Activity

HABS - Historic American Buildings Survey

HAM - Human Activity Management

HC - Heritage Corridor

HCA - Human-Caused Alteration

HEAP - Human Envelope of Accessible Passage

HEAT - Human Envelope of Accessible Travel

HFH - Human-Free Habitat

HGCZ - Human/Grizzly Conflict Zone

HICC - Human-Induced Climate Change

HL - Historic Landscape

HNAWC - Human and Natural Agents of Watershed Change

HOV - High Occupancy Vehicle

HRM - Human Resources Management

HS - Human Settlement

IAC - International Agriculture Center

IADB - Inter-American Development Bank (IUCN)

IAFWA - International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies

IAS - Invasive Alien Species

IBR - Included By Reference

ICESCR - International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (UN)

IE - Instant Expert (just add money)

IEM - the International Environmental Monitor (a twice-yearly survey of influential experts and stakeholders in OECD countries to track sustainable development trends)

IF - Interjurisdictional Fish

IGAE - Inter-Governmental Agreement on the Environment (IUCN)

IGBP - International Geosphere Biosphere Program (UN)

IHDP - The International Human Dimensions Program on Global Environmental Change (UN)

IMPACT - Implementation Planning and Control Technique 

IP - Implementation Process

IP - Incentive Package

IP - Incremental Process

IP - Intergenerational Programming

IRDP - Integrated Resource Development Project (IUCN)

IRM - Information and Resource Management

IRRA - Inventory of Resource Rich Areas (UN)

IS - Indicator Species

ITG - International Trails and Greenways

IUCN - World Conservation Union (UN)

IUCN - International Union for (the) Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (UN)

JPM - Justifiable Protection Measures

JSB - Jarbidge Shovel Brigade

JVFA - Joint Venture Focus Area(s)

KP - Kyoto Protocol

KPMG International - A Swiss association. KPMG International's member firms have more than 100,000 professionals, including 7,000 partners, in 155 countries.   KPMG is the accounting, tax and financial advisory firm that understands the needs of business in the global economy.  In 1994, Peat Marwick Thorne and Peat Marwick Stevenson & Kellogg -- the Canadian branch -- joined forces to become KPMG Canada. In 1996, the firm standardized its name
internationally as KPMG.)

KWIC - Key Word In Context

KWUA - Klamath Water Users Association

JVP - Joint Venture Plan

KCS - Kansas City Southern railway (NAFTA Railway)

KMRA - Known Mineral Resource Areas

KNF - Key Natural Features

LAD - Land Administration Discipline

LAP - Land Acquisition and Preservation

LBP - Last Best Places (The Nature Conservancy)

LC - Livable Communities

LDD - Limited Distribution Document (UN)

LDS - Landscape Diversity Strategy

LEM - Land-Enclosing Movement

LLPA - Life-long Learning and Public Awareness

LOTF - Landscapes Of The Future

LP - Light Pollution

LPPP - Land Protection Planning Process

LR - Living Rocks

LRMP - Land and Resource Management Plan

LTC - Less Than Credible

MA - Monitoring Activity

MAB - Man and the Biosphere Treaty

MAP - Maintain A Presence

MCC - Montana Consensus Council

MCP - Management Control Program (DOI)

MCP - Mega-Cities Project

MCP - Municipal Compliance Plan

MEA - Multi-scale Ecological Assessment

MEB - Management Institute for Environment and Business - World Resources Institute (part of the World Resources Institute)

MEP - Maximum Ecosystem Protection

MFA - Management Focus Area

MFE - Managing For Extinction - (BLM)

MFRC - Methods For Resolving Conflict

MH - Migration Habitat

MINO - Money Is No Object

MM - Media Manipulation

MOA - Memorandum Of Agreement

MOPO - Molder Of Public Opinion

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding

MPP - Municipal Police Power (one of which is zoning)

MS - Multi Sensory

MSRP - Multi-Species Recovery Plan

MW - Monkey-Wrenching (Dave Foreman)

MWH - Migratory Waterfowl Hosts (often farmers)

MWL - Managed Water Levels

NBS - National Biological Survey

NC - National Corridors

NCAS - National Core Area Service (now known as the National Park Service)

NCIDME - No Compromise In Defense of Mother Earth (Earth Firstís slogan)

NDI - Natural Diversity Inventory

NDT - National Discovery Trail

NEAP - National Environmental Action Plan (IUCN)

NEC - Natural Ecosystem Capacity

NEMP - National Environment Management Plan (IUCN)

NEP - Non-Essential Population

NET - Neighborhood Eco-Teams

NFI - Natural Features Inventory

NGO - Non-Governmental Organization

NGOWG - Non-Governmental Organizations Working Group (UN)

NHSHPCS - National Highway System High Priority Corridor System

NHU - No Human Use

NIMBY - Not in My Back Yard

NLE - National Library for the Environment

NLP - National Landcare Program

NNL - National Natural Landmark

NO - Noise Overlay

NOI - Notice Of Intent (to formally announce in the Federal Register the intent to prepare and consider an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a proposed project)

NPL - National Priority List

NPR - National Partnership for Reinventing Government

NPSP - Non Point Source Pollution

NRI - Nationwide Rivers Inventory (DOI)

NRP - Natural Rivers Program

NRPE - National Religious Partnership for the Environment

NSA - National Scenic Area

NSBP - National Scenic Byways Program

NSTS - Natureís Services To Society

NWI - National Wetlands Inventory

NWIS - National Water Information System

NWN - National Watershed Network

NWPS - The National Wilderness Preservation System (Pew Wilderness Center)

NWQI - National Water Quality Inventory

NWRA - National Water Resources Association

OALS - Office of Arid Lands Studies

OCCDD - Observe, Communicate, Collaborate, Document, Decide

OCD - Our Creative Diversity

OCF - Our Common Future

OD - Obligation Document

OD - Offshore Drilling

OGG - Old-Growth Grass

OL - Obligation Limits

OM - Override Methodology

OMA - Office of Management Authority

OP - Odor Pollution

OS - Obligate Species

OS - Open Space

OSA - Open Space Attributes

OSEC - Office of Sustainable Ecosystems and Communities

OSR - Open Space Requirements

OUBMN - Organic Unity Between Mankind and Nature

PA - Partnership Agreement

PA - Production Agriculture (NOT a synonym for farmland preservation!)

PA - Protected Area(s)

PA - Public Access

PA - Public Awareness

PAC - Public Awareness Campaign

PAC - Political Action Committee

PAE - Preservation And Enhancement

PAR - Preliminary Area Reconnaissance

PAR - Prior Authorization Review

PD - Permitted Discharges

PEER - Progress with Economic and Environmental Responsibility

PEER - Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

PER - Pan Evaporation Rate (agriculture) (Authorís note: does this factor in risk assessment of resources?)

PIFPA - Partners In Flight Physiographic Areas

PILT - Payment In Lieu of Taxes (Authorís note: In the case of USFWS, after the first few years, fails to meet promised or expected levels significantly.)

PLUAC - Public Land Use Advisory Committee

PM - The Progressive Movement (Greenpeace and others)

PMA - Potentially Mineralized Areas

POC - Point Of Compliance

POC - Property Owner Concerns (Conservation Fund)

POTC - Property Owner and Tenant Concerns (Conservation Fund)

PPAP - Public-Private Aid Package (includes tax abatements)

PPOS - Public Parks / Open Space

PPP - Parallel Programs and Policies

PPP - Polluter Pays Principle (IUCN)

PR - Passive Recreation

PRB - Productive Resource Base

PRBCA - Platte River Basin Cooperative Agreement (Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming)

PROSMP - Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan

PS - Priority Species

PSP - Point-Source Pollution

PTC - Pedestrian Travel Corridor

PTE - Potential To Emit

PVE - Protected Visual Environment

PW - Permit Withdrawal

QUNO - Quaker United Nations Office

RAC - Resource Assessment Commission (IUCN)

RAC - Rural Advancement Center (IUCN)

RACT - Reasonable Available Control Technology

RAE - Restoration And Enhancement

RAMSAR - United Nations Convention on Wetlands of International Importance, signed in Ramsar, Iran, in 1971)

RARE II - Roadless Area Review and Evaluation, The acronym for the second Roadless Area Review and Evaluation conducted by the Forest Service in 1979 that resulted in an inventory of roadless areas considered for potential
wilderness designations.

RC - RAND Corporation (developer of the Delphi Technique to "achieve

RC - River Compacts

RCV - the Recreation Community View

RDB - Red Data Book (published by the IUCN)

REHL - Relatively Expendable Human Lives

RER - Rare Earth Reserves

RFTA - Recreation Fee Test Area

RFTP - Recreation Fee Test Project

RGM - Rural Groundwater Management

RI - Roadless Island

RK - River Keeper

RLC - Russian Land Code

RLEAP - Rural Land and Environmental Action Plan

RLGS - Recreation Land Grading and Shaping

RMDH - Restoration and Management of Declining Habitats

ROP - Real Or Perceived

ROS - Recreation Opportunity Spectrum

ROS - Reintroduction Of Species

ROS - Restoration Of Species

RRA - Resource Rich Areas

RRM - Roof Runoff Management

RS - Remnant Slough

RT - Revocable Trust

RTT - The Right To Travel

RU - Resource User

RWTL - Run With The Land

RZSPR - Riparian Zone of Selected Public land and Regions

SAW - Significantly Altered Wetlands

SBSP - Streambank and Shoreline Protection

SCB - Society for Conservation Biology (Reed Noss, co-author of The Wildlands Project)

SCORP - Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

SD - Stable Disagreement (also known as Consensus)

SEN - Sacred Earth Network

SEQR - State Environmental Quality Review

SFWMD - South Florida Water Management District

SGD - Scenic Greenways Districts

SGLM - Species Genetic Linkage Map

SHIM - Stream Habitat Improvement and Management

SIC - Significant Impact Concentrations

SLAPP - Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation

SLF - Significant Landscape Feature

SLM - Sound Land Management

SMA - Stormwater Management Authority

SNPLMA - Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act (1998)

SOMOT - Safe and Outstanding Memories Of Time (spent at Federal Sites - DOI)

SPARE - Smart growth Preservation, Acquisition, Restoration, End commercial logging (Sierra Club)

SPIKE - Specially Prepared Individuals for Key Events

SPRFDP - Second Phase Recreation Fee Demonstration Program

SRA - Safe Resting Area (wildfowl)

SS - Settled Science (Kyoto Protocol)

SSC - Stream Segment of Concern

SSM - Single Species Management

SSP - Streambank and Shoreline Protection

STAR - Science To Achieve Results

STW - Schools-to-Work

SUCCEED - Southeastern University and College Coalition for Engineering Education

SWK - Subjected to Without Knowledge

SWMW - Shallow Water Management for Wildlife

SWSRGW - Stratospheric WELSBACH Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming

SYW - Surf Your Watershed

TAAS - Texas Assessment of Academic Skills test

TAS - Trust Among Stakeholders

TDM - Travel Demand Management

TDPHO - Total Duck Production Habitat Objective

TDR - Transfer of Development Rights

TFP - Transboundary Flathead Project

TIA - Takings Implication Assessment

TIES - The International Ecotourism Society

TMDL - Total Maximum Daily Load

TN - Trespass Notice

TOW - Transfer Of Wealth

TRIM - Terrain Resource Inventory Mapping

TRIP - Geneva Trade, Intellectual Property, Food and Biodiversity

TRIP - Trade-Related Intellectual Property (UN - CBD)

TRIP - Transboundary Resource and Inventory Program

TRM - The Ranching Myth

TRORE - The Realities Of Restoration Ecology

TWP - The Wildlands Project (Dave Foreman and Reed Noss, co-authors)

TWS - The Wall of Shame (eco-terrorists putting contact info of farmers who had signed up for government programs, on the Internet)

UEE - Under the Eagle's Eye (U.S. Postal Service's customer surveillance program) (similar to the KYC - Know Your Customer - surveillance of banking customers)

UMRGLRJVIP - Upper Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region Joint Venture Implementation Plan

UNCAPS - United Nations System Shared Cataloguing and Public Access System

UNCBD - United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

UNCC - The United Nations Conciliation Commission

UNCCD - United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

UNCED - United Nations Conference on Environment & Development (also known as
Earth Summit II)(1992)

UNCEDAW - United Nations Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination
Against Women

UNCHS - United Nations Center for Human Settlements

UNCITRAL - United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

UNCITSALW - United Nations Conference on Illicit Trade in Small Arms and
Light Weapons (2001)

UNCLOS - United Nations Conference on the Law Of the Sea

UNCRC - United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

UNCSTD - United Nations Conference on Science and Technology for Development

UNCSW - United Nations Conference on Small Arms (2001)

UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade And Development

UNCTC - United Nations Center on Transnational Corporations

UNDDA - United Nations Department for Disarmament Affairs

UNDEP - United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty

UNDESA - United Nations Division for Sustainable Development

UNDP - United Nations Development Program

UNDPI - United Nations Department of Public Information

UNEC - United Nations Economic Council

UNEF - United Nations Emergency Force (United Nations General Assembly, established on 11-7-1956; first example in human history of an international police force)

UNEP - United Nations Environmental Program

UNESC - United Nations Economic and Social Council

UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNESSD - United Nations Earth Summit on Sustainable Development (2002)

UNF - Unified Federal Policy

UNF - United Nations Foundation

UNFPA - United Nations Fund for Population Activities

UNGA - United Nations General Assembly

UNGASS - United Nations General Assembly Special Session

UNGEF - United Nations Global Environment Facility

UNHRC - United Nations Human Rights Commission

UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNICEF - United Nations International Childrenís Emergency Fund

UNIDO - United National Industrial Development Organization

UNISIST - UNESCOís World Science Information System

UNITAR - United Nations Institute for Training and Research

UNMS - United Nations Millennium Summit

UNPD - United Nations Procurement Division

UNPF - United Nations Population Fund

UNPFI - United Nations Pension Fund Investments

UNRC - United Nations Resident Coordinator (UN)

UNU - United Nations University

UPOV - Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants

UPP - User Pays Principle (IUCN)

URARPAR - Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Regulations (administered by the FHWA)

USA - United States of America (the country, not the COMPANY)


USGBC - United States Green Building Council

USNCMAB - United States National Committee for the Man and the Biosphere Program

USNHII - United States Network for Habitat II

UWHM - Upland Wildlife Habitat Management

VA - The Vail Agenda

VA - Visual Alteration

VA - Visual Analysis

VAC - Visual Absorption Capability

VACSEN Matrix - Visual Absorption Capability and Visual Sensitivity

VCC - Visual Condition Class

VEI - Visions for the Earth Initiative (Canada)

VLA - Visual Landscape Analysis

VLD - Visual Landscape Design

VLI - Visual Landscape Inventory

VLM - Visual Landscape Management

VM - Vocal Minority

VOR - Visual Obstruction Readings

VPP - Vest-Pocket Parks

VQC - Visual Quality Class

VQO - Visual Quality Objective

VR - Visual Resources

VRI - Visual Resources Inventory

VRU - Visual Resource Unit

VSA - Visually Sensitive Area

VSC - Visual Sensitivity Class

VSI - Visual Site Inspection

VSU - Visual Sensitivity Unit

VSURP - Visual Sensitivity Unit Rating Point

VSURPS - Visual Sensitivity Unit Rating Point System

VT - Visionary Thinker

WAP - Watershed Assessment and Protection

WASDE - World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates

WBGEF - World Bank Global Environment Facility

WBM - World Biosphere Management

WCARRD - World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (UN, Rome,
June, 1979)

WCMC - World Conservation Monitoring Center

WCNDR - World Conference on Natural Disaster Reduction (UN)

WCPR - Wildlands Center for Preventing Roads

WDRUP - Wildlife-Dependent Recreation Uses Policy (USFWS)

WESTFORNET - Western Forest Information Network (USFS)

WET - Wetland Evaluation Technique

WET - Whole Effluent Toxicity

WET - Water Education for Teachers

WFM - Weather as a Force Multiplier

WGIP - Working Group on Indigenous Populations (UN - WIPO - CHR)

WICEE - The Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy (European think-tank for sustainable development and eco-efficiency)

WICEM - World Industry Conference on Environmental Management

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization (UN, dealing with copyrights, inventions and trademarks)

WMC - Wildlife Movement Corridor(s)

WMD - Waste Management Division

WMD - Water Management District

WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMD - Wetland Management District

WMP - Wet-Mesic Prairie

WON - Wonder Of Nature

WOP - Watercourse Overlay Protection

WOW - Wonderful Outdoor World

WPP - World Population Program

WRDS - Water Regulation in Drainage Systems

WRC - Wild Remnants of Creation

WRHC - Wabash River Heritage Corridor

WS - Wildlife Services (formerly known as Animal Damage Control)

WSCB - Water and Sediment Control Basin

WSL - World Species List

WSP - Wilderness Stewardship Policy (USFWS)

WSRS - Wild and Scenic River Segments (DOI inventory)

WTSM - Wildland Trust of Southeastern Massachusetts

WUS - Waters of the United States

WWHM - Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management

YNP - Yellowstone National Park (UN Biosphere Reserve)

Y2Y - Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

ZERI - Zero Emissions Research Initiative (UN)

ZM - Zoning Management

ZPG - Zero Population Growth

ZR - Zoning Restriction(s)

Now, imagine ferreting out the OFFICIAL definition for as many of these acronyms as possible, and THOUSANDS more, all of them in one way or another on the topic of property rights.  That is what is contained in the Acronym Glossary, along with thousands of definitions, case and treaty law summaries, and U.S. Code and Public Law.