A New Star Over Texas   
By Monty K. Fisher
There's a new star over Texas
It's the symbol of courage unsurpassed
There's a new star over Texas
It is a fire that will last
It holds the souls of the Brave
That gave all and now are free
It's the symbol of what they gave
To find new things for you and me
They left us in a flash at dawn
And served their duty well
They have been taken far beyond
'Twas just the shell on fire that fell
They were out to achieve
A purpose for you and I
Searching for things in which to believe
Beyond this Earth and Sky
They traveled so far above
And watched us fighting down below
And may have glimpsed the Love
That engulfs the Earth you know
They saw how small we are
And I'm sure a prayer was their last thought
As they became a living star
That we might fight the last war to be fought
They were the lucky ones you see
No longer trapped down below
They saw it all as God and Angels see
That in this hate we may never know
So let's thank them today
And ask them to do all they can
To send spirits with wisdom our way
To open the eyes of earthbound Man.
Thank you Shuttle crew
We will remember you.
God be with the families and all involved.
I wrote this Poem this morning, Saturday, February 1, 2003 9:11 AM
Monty Fisher, Disabled Vietnam Veteran
P.O. Box 3796
Sunriver, Oregon 97707