Invasive Species aka Swiss Cheese
February 9, 2007
By Julie Kay Smithson [email protected]

Define Swiss cheese: Something full of holes, smells a bit odd and is difficult to nail down.



Define "Invasive Species:" Something full of holes, smells a bit odd and is difficult to nail down.



The very phrase 'invasive species' is not definable. That fact goes a long way to understanding why a recent national transportation bill attempted to codify this will-o-the-wisp by merely inserting language mentioning "invasive species." Junk science should not be allowed an end run around common sense.



There ain't no sech theng



There have long been guidelines in place that effectively deal with noxious weeds, predators, nuisance species, etc. Weeds are plants that are not growing where people deem them to be pests.


Inventing new words and phrases in order to create another layer of governmental regulation and the job creation that such a new bureaucracy fledges, means an elephant will be taught to fly.


Consider the fallout from the first 'elephant crash' on those immediately below. At stake: our property rights and ability to responsibly utilize our property without even more regulation.


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