Eminent Domain

Woman at center of eminent domain case visits New Hampshire 09/30/2006
[Texas] Attorney general sues to stop business's land protection claim 09/16/2006
Eminent domain pushed by mayor in Sheffield Lake 08-24-06
Settlement details released in eminent domain case 08-23-06
Eminent-domain fight ends 08-19-06
Homeowners win eminent domain fight in Norwood 07-26-06
Halpers vacate family farm 07-22-06
For some owners, eminent domain strikes twice 07-09-06
Woman in eminent domain case reaches deal to move 07-03-06
Joan Baez Does Property Rights 06-09-06
Legal challenge to Hollywood's seizure of land could jeopardize city agency 04-22-06
Water project never happened 03-19-06
Farmers discuss eminent domain 03-16-06
Dosewallips park grapples with growth 03-16-06
Ohio Citizens Group Will Monitor State Task Force 03-15-06
Citizens Learn Techniques to fight Eminent Domain Abuse 03-15-06

Uniform Appraisal Standards for Federal Land Acquisitions 03-04-06

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States curbing right to seize private homes 02-24-06
93-year-old tenant wins eminent domain case 02-11-06
Corporate courage 02-04-06
Everglades tug-of-war comes to end 01-17-06
Eminent domain foes target [Supreme Court] justice's home 01-22-06