Boundary Issues


Legal immigrants and illegal aliens 11/25/2006
Immigrants are draining U.S. social programs 11/25/2006
Operation Community Shield 09/14/2006
'Immigrants' not accurate 09-11-2006
Care for illegal immigrants cost more than $22 million 08-23-06
Coalition workshop aims to help immigrants obtain citizenship 08-13-06
Allowed and proud 08-13-06
Court bars Wisconsin from killing gray wolves 08-11-06
Ex-Border Patrol agent in car with immigrants held 08-02-06
Sheriff Defies Immigrants by Billboard and by Blog 07-31-06
Jailed babysitter facing immigration charges 07-05-06
Governor wants nation to patrol the Rio Grande online 06-02-06
Experts worry what wall may do to wildlife habitat 06-02-06
We must join forces, Fox says to workers 05-25-06
More Hypocrisy 05-20-06
Environmentalists divided over Bush policy on illegals 05-19-06
El Salvadoran women fall victim to bandits 05-11-06
Horse Droppings Can Stop Border Agents from Monitoring Illegals on 'Endangered Lands' 04-30-06
Minuteman leader pushes border fence 04-22-06
From the Front Lines of illegal immigration 04-22-06
Brutal life for immigrants in Mexico 04-22-06
Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Criminalizing Illegal Immigrants 04-22-06
Citizenship requests spike among immigrants 04-22-06
U.S.-Born Latinos Oppose Illegal Immigration 04-11-06
Some irked at possibility of new road to the Valley 04-09-06
Overview of State Legislation Related to Immigrants Introduced Jan-Feb 2006 04-04-06
Valley man gets 50 years for drug running 03-29-06
Agents find 10 Chinese, 11 Mexicans in trailer 03-24-06
Development bank spared for now 03-22-06
Crashes stir up broader concern 03-22-06
Seeking a more accurate citizen count 03-22-06
Customs officer takes her life after transfer denied 03-19-06
Future of international bank could spell trouble for local projects 03-19-06
ICE: 20 gang members arrested in South Texas 03-19-06
Companies Cross Borders for Immigrants 03-18-06
Customs agent arrested 03-10-06
Immigrant deaths, rescues increase sharply 03-06-06
Border agent sentenced 03-06-06
Murder cases transferred to Cameron County 03-01-06
Port of Brownsville garners foreign interest 02-27-06
Report: Drugs getting past Mexican soldiers 02-24-06
Indictment claims 300 immigrants falsely received documents 02-10-06
Sheriff Lucio testifies of border dangers 02-09-06
California Coast, Now Online 02-04-06
Two charged in country club smuggling case 02-04-06
Illegal immigrants smuggling drugs may have stolen Tubac horse 01-31-06
Five Mara Salvatrucha members arrested in Valley 01-27-05
Officials find drug tunnel with surprising amenities 01-27-05
Iraq Effort Proves We Can Seal The Border 01-19-06
Immigrants could have ridden in school bus past Sarita checkpoint 01-18-06
Canyon County will appeal dismissal of illegal immigration lawsuit 01-08-06