“Guest Workers” explained


Author unknown.


Since hearing the plan for treating illegal immigrants as "guest" workers, I now have undergone a complete reversal in my understanding of the proper meaning of words. I stupidly believed the definition of "guest" is one who is invited. Now I'm told this is no longer correct.

For instance, if a burglar breaks into my home, he really becomes a guest who is only looking for a better life. Because he broke in for that reason, I must accept the obligation to provide him with living quarters, health care, education, and transportation. He has as much "right" to my house as I do, but I have to pay taxes he doesn't; because the government doesn't really know he is a "guest" in my house and I am not allowed to turn him in.

He will get preferential treatment  because he is a "guest" in my house, yet I can not say anything against him. If I do vocalize my feelings, I must attend "sensitivity" training, because I just don't understand how to accept my "guest "and his customs/religion/culture, etc.

I am also required to learn his language so that we may communicate. It is not necessary for him to learn mine because he is a "guest" in my house. I am not allowed to wave my flag, but he may fly or wave his flag anywhere he chooses, because he is my "guest."

I am required to subsidize his family and provide for his family's needs. When I get paid, I must give a portion of it to him in the form of welfare and food stamps so he can get his food and supplies free and at reduced prices. Because any money he makes is all his, he can buy the luxuries for his family that I can not afford for my family, but I have to be OK with that, because he is now a resident in my house. I feel SO much better -- now that I understand!