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ACLJ Gets 10 Commandments Win in Kentucky Case 12-30-05
Judge halts snowmobile grooming 12-24-05
Hages provide solutions to PRFW 12-23-05
Fired Police Chief Sues [National] Park Service for $2.15 Million 12-16-05
C.A. [Court of Appeals] Revives Pacific Lumber Plan for Logging On North Coast 12-13-05
Tribe sues Interior secretary over Endangered Species Act 11-30-05
Conservation Groups File Lawsuit to Protect National Parks From Harmful Off-Road Vehicle Use 11-30-05
Ruling allows couple to keep Gorge dream home, fuels land-use debate 11-27-05
U.S. House Votes to Limit Government Power to Take Property 11-04-05
Land-use ruling puts issue back at Square One 10-16-05
Advocates 'elated' [that] court will hear case 10-12-05
Did the CBD author parts of TESRA? 10-08-05
Brief of Robert Marlett and Gloria Omerkov, Appellees v Steve Lawing, Appellant (in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit - Jacksonville, Florida) 09-13-05
Court Turns Down Irrigators Demand for Taxpayer Handout 09-13-0
No Compensation Is Due Oregon Farmers 09-13-05
BERES v. U.S. 09-13-05
Hash v. U.S. No. CV99-324 09-13-05
Court slams EPA over water pollution permits 08-26-05
2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court 08-26-05
Judges rebuff government on Endangered Species 08-26-05
Judge Tells U.S. to Revisit Wolves' Status 08-26-05
Eagle ruling fuels property rights movement 08-26-05
Park Service's Smoking Guns 08-15-05
Michael New wins a round! 08-02-05
Karuk's lawsuit will stop mining 07-25-05
U.S., Mexican groups sue Department of Interior over water 07-25-05
Feds to look at protected species 07-20-05
Sierra Club seeks amends 07-20-05
Gas industry gambles on New Mexico mesa - Federal plan seeks balance in rare desert grasslands 07-17-05
Mohawk Chief To Congress: Land Claim Settlement Should Go Forward 07-15-05
Interior ripped on Indian royalties 07-14-05
U.S. appeals court reverses Canadian cattle ban 07-14-05
Tribes win case against government 07-14-05
Eureka lumber mill closing 07-14-05
OíConnorís resignation prompts hope for Hispanic justice 07-13-05
State high court rules for Coastal Commission 06-26-05
Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes 06-23-05
County agrees to pay $450,000 to settle land-use suit with grower 06-23-05
A neighborhood torn down 04-11-05
Chenoweth-Hage Guest Opinion 03-31-05
This Land is Your Land ... Maybe 03-30-05
The most important property rights case in 50 years 03-07-05
Shore man tries to stop land takeover 02-28-05
The Klamath Bucket Brigade - New Important Information 02-27-05
Court ships wilds suit back to Utah 02-10-05
Restoring the Rule of Law to US Mining 02-10-05
Ruling halts downgraded wolf protections 02-10-05
Judge demands appearance by Gale Norton 02-10-05
Who runs Tucson? Kieran Suckling. Carolyn Campbell. 02-03-05
Showdown nears in "right to take" case 02-03-05
U.S. District Court dismisses Michael New 01-23-05
CBD guilty: Jury Awards $600,000 to Arizona Rancher 01-22-05
MUIRNet News Brief 01-22-05
Historic land case on docket 01-22-05
State of Florida vs. David Smith 01-22-05
Panel OKs PCB settlement spending 01-22-05
Klamath River Salmon Protections Ruled Illegal! 01-12-05
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