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Wolves Thrive, but Animosity Keeps Pace 12-27-05
Prairie dogs met match in farmer 12-19-05
Johanns Announced Nearly $2.7 Billion for Voluntary Conservation Programs on Working Lands 12-14-05
Habitat conservation plans impose unnecessary new burdens on landowners without corresponding benefits 12-10-05
How the loss of property rights caused Zimbabwe's collapse 12-09-05
Eminent Domain Issue Haunts Farmers 11-30-05
My Official Comments regarding the "Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan" 11-30-05
U.S., Mexican agencies discuss cooperation with Rio Grande usage 11-21-05
Search is on to pay for incentives to encourage farmers to stop irrigating crops 11-03-05
TESRA, the ESA and the Truth 10-24-05
Cattle grazing could help endangered species 10-17-05
Paid in full - Mexico clears water debt, Valley irrigators remain skeptical 10-09-05
My anti-ESA 'reform' screed 10-08-05
Amish balk at tagging livestock 10-07-05
Zimbabwe: Mugabe says land reforms key to achieving UN development goals 09-14-05
No Compensation Is Due Oregon Farmers 09-13-05
Court Turns Down Irrigators Demand for Taxpayer Handout 09-13-0
articles09/Mad cow 'linked to human remains' 09-13-05
Cutting Off Irrigators Again 08-15-05 
A Shaft of Light 08-15-05
NOAA fisheries cuts back critical habitat for Pacific salmon 08-15-05
Governor Rendell Marks Farmland Preservation Milestone in Monroe County 08-15-05
Strange disease kills 17 in Southwest China 07-25-05
SAIN resources about Ecological Recovery 07-14-05
The new sodbusters 7-13-05
City of Pickering Faces Accusation of Contempt 06-23-05
Invasive plant species spread trouble to trails 06-23-05
County agrees to pay $450,000 to settle land-use suit with grower 06-23-05
Agriculture department seeks to tag all West Virginia cattle 06-17-05
NRCS Data Show Significant Gains in Agricultural Wetland Acreage 05-19-05
Wolf Truth Information 05-19-05
Cattle Update 04-11-05
The Cubin/Herseth Resolution (HJR 23) 04-11-05
Venezuela Defends Disputed Land Seizures 03-30-05
About the Klamath Agricultural Experiment Station 02-27-05
In Poland, the big bad wolf is afraid of no one since ban on hunting 02-15-05
Family Farms: Where are they going from here? 02-03-05
Canadian Food Inspection Agency 01-23-05
Johanns has his work cut out for him 01-23-05
Mad-cow threat just 'BS' 01-23-05
McDonalds touts ties to its Oregon suppliers 01-23-05
Canada confirms new case of mad cow 01-12-05
Klamath River Salmon Protections Ruled Illegal! 01-12-05
Animal From Canada Mad Cow Herd May Have Reached U.S. 01-10-04
Wyoming Cattle Rancher's Thoughts on Canadian Border Reopening and Reasons 01-10-05
Couple killed in highway accident experts on chronic wasting disease 01-10-05
Democrats Poised to Seize Water (and Power) in Washington 01-10-05
U.S. Consumer Groups Against Canadian Cattle Imports 01-10-05
Polluted Runoff 01-10-05
Growing Wolf Population Not Easy for Livestock Owners 01-10-05
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