Eminent Domain
South Texas county may sue to take wildlife preserve 12-24-05
27.00 Eminent Domain - Introductory Note and Comment 12-16-05
Alaska has to Define Eminent Domain 12-16-05
Conservation Leaders Recognized 12-09-05
Everglades holdout finally must go, but not quietly 12-09-05
State OKs eminent domain for Niagara Falls land sought by Senecas 12-09-05
Eminent Domain Issue Haunts Farmers 11-30-05
U.S. House Votes to Limit Government Power to Take Property 11-04-05
New London severs ties with development authority 10-18-05
Ohio Senate approves bill to ban eminent domain 10-12-05
Advocates 'elated' [that] court will hear case 10-12-05
Florida town plans to use eminent domain 10-12-05
New Battle Over Eminent Domain Erupts In New London 10-11-05
Zimbabwe: Mugabe says land reforms key to achieving UN development goals 09-14-05
Combating Eminent Domain Abuse in Connecticut (CEDAC) 09-13-05
Two Sides of Eminent Domain 08-02-05
La Salle County group plans ‘summit on eminent domain’ 08-02-05
New London Agrees to Moratorium on Eminent Domain 08-02-05
Protect property rights lest they be savaged by private and public interest groups 07-20-05
Western caucus panel focuses on property rights 07-17-05
Lawmakers tackle issue of Eminent Domain 07-14-05
Miccosukees forced to give up land to Glades restoration 07-14-05
Caught in government's vise 07-14-05
Glades exile forced to change home, life 07-14-05
Everglades Holdout Picks Up $4.18M Check 07-13-05
Florida landowner fights to keep 'hole in doughnut' 07-14-05
Homeowners protest eminent domain decision 07-13-05
Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes 06-23-05
Couple was not paid for seized land 06-23-05
Two opt out of park debate 06-23-05
County landowner faces possible arrest for standing ground 05-09-05
A neighborhood torn down 04-11-05
Eminent Domain, Imminent Theft 04-11-05
Jesse Hardy, state agree to mediation session April 12 04-11-05
Your Land is Their Land 03-30-05
This Land is Your Land ... Maybe 03-30-05
Jury sides with land owner in eminent domain case 03-24-05
My Home, My Heritage has No Selling Price 03-15-05
Standing his ground 03-07-05
The most important property rights case in 50 years 03-07-05
Shore man tries to stop land takeover 02-28-05
What are Property Rights? 02-28-05
Will court curb eminent domain? 02-27-05
Taking a wrecking ball to property rights 02-27-05
Threats to Gettysburg 02-10-05
Estates resident seeks delay of eminent domain hearing 02-10-05
Showdown nears in "right to take" case 02-03-05
In the Spirit of Christmas … your help is needed 01-12-05
Planners set to begin design work on Estates restoration project 01-12-05
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