Boundary Issues

Spoiled Generation 12-28-05
Escapee had help, police chief says 12-23-05
Border agents nab suspected gang member 12-09-05
Truck of pot pulled over border 11-27-05
Change to birthright rule could affect many in Valley 11-27-05
Mexican 'Port' set for mid-U.S. - Kansas City, Mo., site would clear cargo for trucking to Mexico 11-21-05
Salvadorans may be considered for expedited removal 11-21-05
Mexico closes loophole that gave Brazilians springboard for illegal U.S. entry 11-13-05
County pitches anti-Minuteman resolution 11-13-05
Man freed on murder charge, detained on immigration charge 11-13-05
Gang-style violence on the rise here - Border law enforcement collaborating to target upswing 11-11-05
Border violence no surprise, and not just on the border 11-09-05
Bush pushes for guest worker program 10-18-05
U.S. frees 130,000 illegal immigrants 10-18-05
Gang rape suspects to remain in jail 10-18-05
Fourteen arrested on green card violations 10-09-05
Group gets ACLU training for Minuteman activities 10-07-05
Officer to be honored today; suspect due in court Tuesday 09-13-05
Valley target for illegal Chinese immigration 09-13-05
South Texas bridges preferred to Florida coastline 09-13-05
Prosecutors probe Mexican Mafia role in Harlingen woman’s death 11-13-05
L.A. Violence Crosses the Line "Graphic Article" 08-28-05
Minutemen say they're still coming south 08-26-05
Woman jailed for allegedly smuggling three [ILLEGAL] minors 08-26-05
Travel advisory in Mexico extended 08-26-05
Gangs a growing concern on the border 08-26-05
2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court 08-26-05
Calls Not Completed As Dialed 08-15-05
New Mexico Governor Richardson Declares State of Emergency Along New Mexico Border With Mexico 08-15-05
Resolution on Illegal Immigration & Letter to New Mexico Governor Richardson 08-15-05
Bush ducks mother of dead soldier 08-15-05
U.S. Census 08-15-05
U.S. says it's investigating another possible case of mad cow 8-02-05
Western caucus panel focuses on property rights 07-17-05
Comments from CIRC Members on Minutemen 07-14-05
The Next American Revolution 07-14-05
Changing Times on the Border 07-14-05
Bush-Fox Talks Yield Easing of Travel 07-14-05
Judge makes stand against illegal immigration 07-14-05
Catastrophe in the making 07-14-05
Death, destruction rampant on our federal refuges - Guest Opinion 07-14-05
Federal agent killed in gun battle near Veterans Bridge 07-14-05
Matamoros man held in Georgia assault 07-13-05
Sheriffs seek aid in fighting illegal immigration 07-13-05
Woman accused of distributing fake Social Security cards 07-13-05
Border violence fueled by U.S. gun smugglers, officials say 07-13-05
Three accused of smuggling ammunition across border 07-13-05
Web site sale to help curb illegal immigration 06-26-05
Cubans detained after claiming tuberculosis 06-23-05
Teenager and child saved from Rio Grande 06-17-05
[TX Governor] Perry urged to ban Minuteman migration 05-24-05
Muslims Detained at Border Sue U.S. Homeland Security 05-20-05
U.S. to demand passports of Canadian travelers 05-20-05
Letter to Jim Bowie 05-20-05
Minutemen Are People, Too 05-20-05
Armed Civilians Converge Upon Mexican Border 05-20-05
Illegal alien arrested under trespass law 05-20-05
Canada touts growing presence in Mexico 05-20-05
U.S. consul defends decision to extend alert 05-19-05
Non-Mexican immigrants pour into Valley 05-09-05
Customs agent charged with aiding illegal immigration 05-09-05
Visa problems 05-09-05
Cattle Update 04-11-05
Leaving U.S.? 04-11-05
Congressman Tancredo to keynote Minutemen Rally in Arizona 04-11-05
Grandmother joins up 04-11-05
Border Group Report Results in Arrests 04-11-05
Bush orders review of Mexican nationals' capital convictions 03-30-05
Woman beaten, raped twice dies 03-07-05
NCBA Canadian Trade Delegation Final Report 02-28-05
California Wildlands Project 02-10-05
NHS High Priority Corridors 02-03-05
Borderline Insanity - Part 1 02-03-05
Border Experience Way Down in Arizona 02-03-05
FBI warns of plot to kidnap 02-03-05
State Department warns of travel to Mexico border 02-03-05
Perpetual easement for vegetation corridor (2) 02-03-05
Norteno Gangs Moving North 02-03-05
Illegals that are OTM 01-23-05