CAN (Central Appalachian Network) Region Maps
(Note: This is part of the nationwide map of The Wildlands Project, although it is carefully couched in extreme Language Deception.)


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Major Land Resource Areas in MO-15:



The capital letters on the map indicate Land Resource Regions. The numbers on the map indicate Major Land Resource Areas. A Major Land Resource Area is a geographic area, usually several thousand acres in extent, that is characterized by a particular pattern of soils, climate, water resources, land uses, and type of farming. A complete description of of each Land Resource Region and each MLRA is available at

[The letter N, which refers to a region on the map.] East and Central Farming Forest

  • 120 Kentucky and Indiana Sandstone and Shale Hills and Valleys
  • 121 Kentucky Bluegrass
  • 122 Highland Rim and Pennyroyal
  • 123 Nashville Basin 125 Cumberland Plateau and Mountains
  • 128 Southern Appalachian Ridges and Valleys
  • 129 Sand Mountain
  • 130 Blue Ridge

 Mississippi Delta Cotton and Feed Grains

  • 131 Southern Mississippi valley Alluvium

 South Atlantic & Gulf Slope Cash Crops, Forest and Livestock

  • 133A Southern Coastal Plain
  • 134 Southern Mississippi Valley Silty Uplands
  • 135 Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas Blackland Prairies
  • 136 Southern Piedmont
  • 137 Carolina and Georgia Sandhills
  • 138 North Central Florida Ridge

 North Atlantic and Gulf Slope Diversified Farming

  • 147 Northern Appalachian Ridges and Valleys
  • 148 Northern Piedmont
  • 149A Northern Coastal Plain

 Atlantic and Gulf Coast Lowland Forest and Crop

  • 151 Gulf Coast Marsh
  • 152A Atlantic Coast Flatwoods
  • 153A Atlantic Coast Flatwoods
  • 153B Tidewater Area
  • 153C Mid-Atlantic

[The letter U, which refers to a region on the map.] Florida Subtropical Fruit, Truck Crop, and Range

  • 154 South Central Florida Ridge
  • 155 Southern Florida Flatwoods
  • 156A Florida Everglades and Associated Areas
  • 156B Southern Florida Lowlands

[The letter Z, which refers to a region on the map.] Caribbean Region

  • 270 Humid Mountains and Valleys
  • 271 Semiarid Mountains and Valleys
  • 272 Humid Coastal Plains
  • 273 Semiarid Coastal Plains

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