James K. "Jim" Slaughter



June 26, 1952 - January 25, 2005



Jim was the son of James H. and Ruth Keller Slaughter.


Jim Slaughter was the founder and webmaster of the NoDarbyRefuge.org website, an important part of what kept a beautiful, productive 200-year-old farming culture alive and well in west-central Ohio.


While Jim did not live on the farm, he was sixth generation part owner of it, and his efforts to keep his inheritance -- along with the homes and farms of the Home Farm's neighbors -- safe from the clutches of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, are legend.


The humble beginnings of NoDarbyRefuge.org were to extend sixteen months, at which time Jim became ill and unable to continue. During those sixteen months, however, the word "Darby" came to symbolize every farmer and homeowner in this part of Ohio.


Jim's efforts -- as rich as the fertile lands from whence he came -- produced something that had never before been done: USFWS did NOT have its way here.


There is no federal wildlife refuge here, and a large part of that is due to Jim Slaughter.


While the website that took up where Jim's brainchild left off, PropertyRightsResearch.org, can lay claim to many more visitors and a great deal more content, it would never have been, had the groundwork laid by Jim not come first.


Few people really knew the reclusive, private man that was Jim, but many admired what he did in the short time in which his idea -- NoDarbyRefuge.org -- was born, grew and flourished.


Jim Slaughter now belongs to the ages, but to us he was friend, lover of the land and its stewards and something more. He was a modern-day minuteman, responding with alacrity when called to duty and serving his country well and honorably.


We shall miss you, Jim, but PropertyRightsResearch.org stands in tribute to your efforts. Godspeed, friend!


Julie Smithson