Rail-trails -- also known as rails-to-trails -- is touted by many park advocates, including Metroparks, as being safe, 'warm and fuzzy' recreational Nirvana. The reality is quite different.
Attempts at land theft arise when reversionary property owners -- those whose lands revert back to them after the railroad no longer uses the track -- are targets of such advocates. There are many court cases that prove these property owners are legally the real owners of such rails.
Crime is another real and distinct issue on these 'linear parks,' as the advocates like to call them.
Trash and property damage and destruction are also facts of life, both of which are 'takings' of private property rights.
While it is easy to 'envision' a bike or footpath for recreating, the truth is that such trails represent, in many cases, heartache and suffering for those that really own the lands sought by the park purveyors.
The National Association of Reversionary Property Owners -- NARPO -- seeks to educate the public about the many untold facets of rail-trails. Property Rights Research will not attempt to cover this issue in the depth and scope that NARPO does, and asks that you consider this button to be the springboard to NARPO. Here is their website and contact information.