Shrimp industry files petition against six nations 01-01-04 OTHER VIEWS: Turning the tables 12-28-04 BLM whistleblower says he was fired over polluted Nevada mine 12-12-04 Court strikes down road hunting law 12-12-04 U.S. Forest Service Surrenders Computers to Marina Point Development Associates Under Freedom of Information Act 12-12-04 Jury awards $5.4 million to local grower 12-12-04 Clinton's 1.7-million acre monument at Court of Appeals 11-29-04 BENSON AND MESSMER v. SOUTH DAKOTA, et al. 11-29-04 Firefighter pleads not guilty to setting fires 11-29-04 Right of 'eminent domain' challenged 11-29-04 California will sue to block Sierra national forest plan 11-29-04 PLF Launches Sweeping Lawsuit Challenging Critical Habitat for 48 Species in California 11-21-04 Jesse James Hardy vs. The United States of America 11-20-04 The Heavy Hand of Redevelopment 11-20-04 Deportation for Drunk Drivers Limited by U.S. Supreme Court 11-09-04 U.S. Forest Service Employees, Other Conspirators Sued by Marina Point Development Associates under Federal Anti-Racketeering Act 11-09-04 U.S. Judge Halts War-Crime Trial at Guantanamo 11-09-04 Manager of deadly Cramer wildfire leaves Forest Service in deal 11-09-04 Stickers Put in Evolution Text Are the Subject of a Federal Trial 11-09-04 Government grabbing homes - who'll be next? 10-24-04 Yellowstone Snowmobile Ban Thrown Out 10-15-04 Hardy seeks extension 10-15-04 U.S. Supreme Court to hear Ten Commandments case 10-15-04 Conservationists fear threat to jaguar 10-12-04 Judicial slap to Patriot Act 10-04-04 SEC Files Fraud Lawsuit Against DiBella 10-04-04 Restoration effort rolls 09-27-04 PLF wins landmark property rights case in California Supreme Court 09-27-04 Group sues over piecemeal Allegheny Forest logging 09-24-04 Montana, Wyoming ask 2001 snowmobile ban be cast aside 09-23-04 Stimson Access Upheld 08-30-04 Bat Management Upheld by Court 08-30-04 Injunction lifted; Kootenai sales proceed 08-30-04 Judge continues logging stop in WNF 08-30-04 Judge extends ban on disputed timber sales in Wayne National Forest 08-30-04 State DEP begins eminent domain proceedings against Jesse Hardy 08-30-04 DEP, Hardy meet to discuss agreement on land sale 08-30-04 Land-grab vote stalls 08-25-04 Sheriff Warns Hage of Possible Cattle Confiscation and Arrest 08-25-04 Freeport Uses Eminent Domain To Claim Private Property 08-17-04 Placitas man gets 25 days in prison for booby-trapping trail 08-17-04 Forest Service agrees to mark trees to remain 08-10-04 Carving a Niche 08-10-04 At last, a property rights victory! 08-08-04 Jailed Rancher Is Freed After Roping In Renegade Cattle 08-08-04 Murphey takes a stand for Gila ranchers 08-08-04 Supreme Court to review tax status of Indian land 08-08-04 Landmark Eminent Domain Abuse Decision [UNANIMOUS!] 07-31-04 Judge tosses Forest Service fine of off-roader 07-31-04 And I am not crying Wolf! 07-30-04 BLM employees will go to a Jury Trial 07-30-04 Environmentalist dies [a tree falls] 07-30-04 NAFTA Tribunals Stir U.S. Worries 07-20-04 Meddlesome Mexico 07-08-04 Judge hears arguments against state over seized cattle 07-08-04 Wyoming rancher sentenced in prairie dog killings 06-24-04 Murphey takes a stand for Gila ranchers 06-22-04 Court officially takes Oregon coastal coho off ESA list 06-22-04 Group proposes three Oregon species for endangered species listing 06-17-04 Judge hears arguments in Reno courtroom on Hage�s �takings� case 06-14-04 Kerry's wife would keep her philanthropic role 06-08-04 Sheridan development plan roils property owners 06-08-04 Supreme Court opens U.S. Roads to Mexican trucks 06-08-04 Ruling upsets fishermen 06-08-04 US Circuit Court of Appeals Supports EPA Snowmobile Emissions Rule 06-08-04 Texas agency backs owners in land case 06-06-04 Judge rules against vegan suit 06-06-04 We WON... We WON... We WON!!! NMCGA & AZ/NM Coalition of Counties 06-02-04 Hardy says he didn't OK any deal with state 05-30-04 Article #1: State, Hardy reach tentative agreement on land buy 05-30-04 Snowmobile ban brings quiet 05-10-04 Hardy rejects state plan to let him stay on part of land 05-10-04 Pogo appeal is withdrawn 05-09-04 Environmentalists sue over operation of Wayne National Forest 04-19-04 Indians file huge land claim 04-17-04 Cost of compliance 04-17-04 Raising a howl 04-13-04 Cobell Lawsuit 04-12-04 Laney released to Otero County rancher 04-12-04 Bush administration calls for end in Cobell case 04-11-04 There Ain't No Free Water 04-08-04 Muddy Waters 04-03-04 Attorney General Patricia Madrid Abandons New Mexico 03-29-04 Immigrants given another chance for amnesty under expired federal program 03-29-04 TRACKSIDE 03-29-04 Utah Lake boundary puts bay on private land 03-26-04 Fight over Utah Lake shore access resumes 03-26-04 Saving the Skin of Property Owners In Connecticut 03-26-04 Tim Giago, Oglala Lakota, for United States Senate 03-26-04 Sherry Farr asks supporters not to harass officials 03-25-04 Appeals court awards Halper acreage to Piscataway 03-25-04 Feds confiscate rancher's cattle 03-13-04 Ninth Circuit Grants Pilgrim Family's Appeal 03-13-04 Lakewood Voters Pass Issue 10 03-11-04 Unconstitutional Jurisdiction Being Imposed, Causing An Emergency 03-11-04 Manitoba to sue North Dakota over water diversion 03-11-04 What is "Revised Statute R.S. 2477"? 03-02-04 Ranchers, Forest Service Square off Over Grazing Rights in Gila 03-01-04 Park Service won't quit grooming trails 03-01-04 Both sides predict long road 03-01-04 Eminent Domain 03-01-04 Lawsuit leads to forest protection 02-26-04 Ruling could reverse citizens' right to sue 02-23-04 Lodge owner takes on Park Service 02-23-04 Tree owners offered some comfort for loss 02-16-04 Judges, not voters, to decide Props. 105, 104 02-16-04 Eminent domain on slippery slope 02-16-04 Stopping the Real Pests 02-15-04 Jury Deliberates Lawsuit 02-12-04 60-Day Notice of Intent to Sue: Gray Wolves 02-09-04 Environmentalism is big busine$$ 02-09-04 Property Rights Case Law Summaries 02-09-04 Summary of the Laney's Private Property Rights In the Diamond Bar and Laney Ranches 02-09-04 Understanding "Fee Lands" and Vested Water Rights 02-01-04 Idaho irrigators gird for battle 01-22-04 Waterford Township (Michigan) Historic District Zoning Ordinance snafu 01-22-04 Court Backs EPA on Anti-Pollution Rules 01-21-04 Washington state resident's poignant and detailed request for help; please 'cc' me if you can help him. 01-16-04 U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals 01-11-04 Ranchers, state, federal officials clash over grazing in Nevada 01-06-04 SJRWMD rebuffed in appeals court 01-06-04 We stood up, spoke out, didn't back down and won! 01-05-04 Judge rejects linking Idaho water with Columbia River salmon issues 01-02-04 Shrimp industry files petition against six nations 01-01-04