Language Deception

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"It is broadly felt that the Eurasian ecotype is far more aggressive than the native ecotype. Due to the fast growth and spread of the Eurasian ecotype, this strain was preferred to be planted in the U.S. in the past for erosion control and forage. Although no methods exist to tell the ecotypes apart, it is suspected that the majority of the reed canary grass now in the U.S. is the Eurasian type." "Aquatic Invasive Species: Reed Canary Grass" (Page 2 of 3 pages; 349 KB)

Cultural eutrophication The accelerated aging of a lake as a result of human activities. Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Glossary (DOI, USGS, United Nations)

Collaborate - To cooperate, usually willingly, with an enemy nation, especially with an enemy occupying one's country. - The Random House College Dictionary, 1980 Revised Edition, page 263. (Note: Please, consider when you see this word, collaborate, in plans, agency documents, etc., and consider its real meaning.)

Area of Potential Effects The geographic area or areas within which an undertaking may cause changes in the character or use of historic properties, if any such properties exist. National Grassland Plan (USDA Forest Service) s/appendix_g.pdf

"Truth dismantles fiction." - Julie Kay Smithson, June 14, 2006.

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Language Deception / Deceptive Language
By Randy Givens, TX
I was trying to point my youngest son into learning about Deceptive Language (DL) -- of course, the first place I went was your site.  I looked, found a few glancing blows, but nothing definitive for us impatient types.
Might I suggest that you add a button on Deceptive Language?   For those just learning, the presence of the button alone could be eye opening.
My Google search on Deceptive Language didn't turn up much on property rights, but a lot on "intellectual" property rights.

Deceptive Language is what hooks our manipulated society into automatically siding with the humanized critter/animal (Jimmy the Cricket, Bambi's mom, etc.) instead of the Property Rights side -- partly because the Constitution is downplayed, ignored, or taught as a "living document" in the public schools.

I think the new button will help them see how they're frequently duped by language, which will open them up to understanding the Delphi manipulation and consensus techniques.
I taught Sociology for a couple of semesters.  Sometimes getting the masses to wake up and examine the society around them -- and how it directly affects them -- takes a bit of doing.  At least my students had taken the first step by walking in my classroom door.  Folks will have taken a first step by visiting your site ....
There is always hope. (How MADD -- Mothers Against Drunk Drivers -- uses language deception to attack drivers) (advertisement for a book on the subject) (short piece on deceptive body language -- also see their home page: (diatribe against Wise Use movement and its use of language) (pro-property rights comment against eminent domain and its abuse) (National Council of Teachers of English -- NCTE -- doublespeak awards ... many book citations here) NCTE George Orwell Award for Distinguished Contribution to Honesty and Clarity in Public Language (attacks Wise Use and Property Rights)  (British Columbia website, talking about politics and property rights abuse through deceptive language -- not basics, but DL in practice)

"We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect." - Aldo Leopold. (anti property rights)

Many well-meaning people are 'taken in' by Language Deception. It happens at all levels of government, in the private sector and to regular folks. We've been taught to read such words as "protect," "restore," "enhance," "strengthen," etc., as meaning something good and benevolent. When such words are used as synonyms for Control, most of us don't catch the 'bait and switch' that is Language Deception. Even after having it pointed out (sometimes often), our brains have been so trained/washed -- to hear a word and take it for the original meaning of that word and not the "new" and hidden meaning -- that things still waltz right by, and our brains fail to Red Flagging them for the danger they actually are. Learning how to recognize Language Deception is much like learning how to read, all over again. It's to our credit that more of us every day are growing aware and learning how language has been, and is being, used as a weapon to take control. One need look no further than the word "education" to discover how our language has been used and abused.

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