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Wyoming Cattle Rancher's Thoughts on Canadian Border Reopening and Reasons 12-31-04
Ranchers, beef industry celebrate long-awaited U.S. border re-opening 12-31-04
Canada Finds Suspected Case of Mad Cow 12-31-04
Regarding "Invasive Species" and Trojan Horses 12-31-04
A Way To Save Farms 12-28-04
U.S. Code as it relates to the USDA's CREP Program - 16 USC Sec. 3832 12-28-04
Court strikes down road hunting law 12-12-04
In the News 12-12-04
Update from the Klamath Bucket Brigade Website 12-12-04
Jury awards $5.4 million to local grower 12-12-04
General Motors Donates to The Nature Conservancy 11-29-04

My Official Oregon Wolf ‘Plan’ Comments 11-20-04

Graphic Photos, Parental Guidance Suggested

Hating those who serve us: 11-20-04
Volunteers restock vegetation along river 11-09-04
Japan to Resume U.S. Beef Exports Halted by Mad Cow 10-24-04
Generations of tradition key to Oswald operation 10-12-04
Future of Illinois Farm May Lie in Swampy Past 09-29-04
Watching US reaction to anti-US WTO ruling 09-05-04
'Land for pensions' offer 08-25-04
Hungarian invention offers water solution 08-25-04
Ag secretary lashes out at farm programs 08-17-04
Endangered Species Act Sparks Battle 08-17-04
More farmers lose water; others, defiant, keep pumping 08-17-04
Tribes win new clout in Arizona 08-08-04
Water: The Lifeblood of the Community 08-03-04
National Animal Identification System 08-03-04
Requiem for emptied-out western Kansas 08-03-04
Government rethinks environmental policies 07-30-04
Canadian cattle trade urged to resume 07-20-04
USDA announces $26 million project to restore wetlands 07-08-04
Roads Less Traveled 07-08-04
Spill out East means more South Dakota ducks 07-08-04
Water Forum: Water Management 07-08-04
Resources Committee to hold ESA Hearing on The Klamath Project 06-27-04
Testimony of Andy Stahl, Executive Director, Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (FSEEE), before the House Resources Committee 06-24-04
Group proposes three Oregon species for endangered species listing 06-17-04
Federal law hurts industries, panel told 06-10-04
U.S. Department of the Interior Water Acquisition Program 06-08-04
I Hope I Hear Bugles Playing Bonaparte’s Retreat 06-08-04
Tulelake groundwater tapped by Bureau 06-06-04
MORRISON: Farm Aid or Farm Enemy 05-30-04
Is Farm Aid really farmer friendly? 05-30-04
Comments: 83% say keep border closed 05-26-04
Beartooth sheep kills won't be paid 05-26-04
A Modest Wilderness Proposal 05-26-04
Hogwash and balderdash 05-26-04
Hogwash and balderdash 05-18-04
Everglades: A dismal, bureaucratic swamp 05-12-04
B-I-N-G-O! Resource Providers 05-10-04
My Aerial Hunting Comments 05-10-04
PM's plan pushes UN to sidelines 05-10-04
My comments/concerns for the 'socioeconomic workshop' 05-09-04
Taxes affecting only those who eat - GUEST OPINION 04-20-04
The National Irrigation Water Quality Program (NIWQP) 04-17-04
McDonald's Launches Anti-Obesity Campaign 04-17-04
Brazil's Land Reformers Storming Through 04-17-04
Mexico's flood-preventing measure will benefit Rio Grande conditions 04-17-04
Dozens share views on wolf reintroduction program 04-13-04
OLF (Outlying Landing Field - U.S. Navy) study panel hears residents 04-13-04
Predicted: 406. Actual: 761+ 04-13-04
Feds kill Montana wolves 04-13-04
Organization money origins: NCBA and R-CALF 04-12-04
The Klamath Pearl, a gem of a tuber 04-12-04
Stockgrowers Urge USDA to Keep Canadian Border Closed 04-12-04
Probe links $7M offer, donations 04-08-04
Farm Aid Fraud 03-31-04
KWUA to Host Public Information Meeting 03-31-04
Losing the Garlic War 03-31-04
Fight over Utah Lake shore access resumes 03-26-04
Farmland funding boost sought 03-26-04
Land conservation program expands in Pennsylvania 03-25-04
KWUA "Weekly Update" for March 12, 2004 03-13-04
The Howling 03-01-04
Both sides predict long road 03-01-04
The Lake Apopka Agreement 02-26-04
Greens buy a farm 02-26-04
Bill would restrict limits on land uses 02-23-04
KWUA /  "Weekly Update" 02-16-04
Stopping the Real Pests 02-15-04
Jury Deliberates Lawsuit 02-12-04
National Rifle Association alerts 4 million members 02-09-04
Livestock ID Program Questions - USAID 02-04-04
Your Australian Free Trade Agreement negotiations 02-04-04
KWUA "Weekly Update" 02-01-04
Diamond Bar Herds Face Removal Starting Feb. 7 02-01-04
Understanding "Fee Lands" and Vested Water Rights 02-01-04
Graham dairy is sued over wages 01-31-04
Night of the Wolves 01-29-04
Idaho irrigators gird for battle 01-22-04
Response to President Bush's State of the Union Address 01-22-04
Is the beef safe? 01-22-04
Black Hills Stock Show 01-21-04
We need you to join the Sierra Club 01-21-04
United States Animal Identification Plan 01-21-04
Mexico Transfers Water to US 01-21-04
Proposed grazing rule is step forward 01-16-04
Veneman vows continued efforts for safety 01-11-04
Yamsi Ranch blends traditional ranch with guided fishing 01-10-04
The Unadulterated Insanity at USDA Must Stop! Call for Veneman's Dismissal 01-07-04
Beef ban causing backups 01-07-04
Hutchison writes letter in support of weir project 01-06-04
South Dakota Stockgrowers to Host Area Meeting in Kadoka 01-06-04
The game has already begun 01-06-04
Happy to be in the beef business 01-06-04
Elbow room for Missouri's great rivers 01-06-04
Ducks Unlimited works to restore wetlands 01-06-04
Wastewater, nature coexist on farm 01-06-04
Meatpacking Maverick 01-02-04
Starr County farmer recalls changes 01-02-04