BLM 2004 Articles

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Trash dumping endemic in state with flood of illegal immigration 12-31-04
Ohio's Regula raises ire in West over park fees 12-31-04
Diamond Bar Cattle Company 12-12-04
Earth Day 2000: President targets more monuments 12-12-04
BLM whistleblower says he was fired over polluted Nevada mine 12-12-04
Private Land Lockup 10-12-04
Grazing article in the Post - Bob Miller is not calling it quits 10-04-04
Bill favors charging demonstration fees to access to federal land 08-30-04
Home ownership challenged 08-25-04
Utah BLM Price District Office releases Draft Management Plan 08-25-04
Sheriff Warns Hage of Possible Cattle Confiscation and Arrest 08-25-04
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Fire Management 08-17-04
Carving a Niche 08-10-04
Critical Sand Dune Habitat Designated for Peirson's Milk Vetch 08-08-04
Jailed Rancher Is Freed After Roping In Renegade Cattle 08-08-04
New law to let tribes expand tree-thinning 07-30-04
BLM employees will go to a Jury Trial 07-30-04
From the House Resources Committee (on July 21) regarding the proposed Wild Sky Wilderness 07-30-04
Firefighters will let some blazes burn this summer 07-15-04
Either sell the horse or train him better 07-08-04
Judge hears arguments against state over seized cattle 07-08-04
Wyoming rancher sentenced in prairie dog killings 06-24-04
Judge hears arguments in Reno courtroom on Hage’s ‘takings’ case 06-14-04
State By State Government Land Ownership 06-02-04
Foreign Companies Buy Mining Rights on Public Land in U.S. 05-12-04
The Rio Grande Corridor Final Plan 05-10-04
My official public comments on HR 3283 / S1108 05-10-04
The Badlands Get Bigger 05-09-04
Roger Taylor, American Endurance Ride Conference, Receives Prestigious Departmental Award 05-09-04
Burning Questions 05-09-04
Cost of compliance 04-17-04
Gender, Race, & Bureaucracy 03-31-04
Pombo, Feinstein Introduce Tribal Forest Protection Act 03-29-04
BLM Officer Detains Family for 5 Hours for Picking Up ... Rocks? 03-13-04
My Official Public Comments on the Proposed Grazing Rule AND the DEIS 03-02-04
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Fiscal Year 2004 Budget Justifications
Idaho Wolf Management 02-01-04
Diamond Bar Herds Face Removal Starting Feb. 7 02-01-04
Fire 101 01-27-04
Response to President Bush's State of the Union Address 01-22-04
Checkerboard Shuffle 01-16-04
U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals 01-11-04
Ranchers, state, federal officials clash over grazing in Nevada 01-06-04
Set-up for another Train wreck? 01-06-04