What do Terri Schindler-Schiavo and Jesse Hardy have in common?
Letter to President Bush and Vice-president Cheney
July 4, 2004
By Julie Kay Smithson
Marbury v. Madison: "All laws repugnant to the Constitution are Null and Void." - Supreme Court, 1803.
Terri and Jesse's lives -- their ultimate property rights -- are in jeopardy, right this very minute.
These two fine Americans are being held up as precedent setters for two very evil and scurrilous plans, plans that, if implemented, will depopulate America of many good people and much freedom.
One plan seeks to slip euthanasia into America under the guise of 'quality of life', 'living wills' and other equally deceiving language Trojan Horses. This plan is insidious, creeping into the judiciary, legislative and executive branches of government like the invasive and deadly species that it is.
The other, no less horrific, uses 'endangered species' and a page out of Time: the day BEFORE Christopher Columbus set his booted foot upon America's shore -- to exercise speciesism in order to steal property and property rights, also known as Freedom, from American citizens.
No less cunning in its approach, it uses words that Americans are taught since childhood to trust and fashions a deadly web by weaving 'protect and restore', 'conservation easements', 'smart growth', 'water management', 'growth management', and other stalking horses of verbiage, into our conscience as good things for us. Nothing could be further from the truth!
How can the same people known so recently as illegal aliens come to be called 'guest workers'?
How can 'homeland security' disembowel our Border Patrol and our very borders/sovereignty?
How can our Constitutional Republic be magically morphed into a Socialist Democracy? While Hazel Henderson and her ilk chant, "Think Global, Act Local" to their huddled students, many in America still taste the flavor of freedom that they fought so hard for, whether on a battlefield in the European or Pacific 'theater' of war, the rice paddies of Vietnam or the farm fields and ranches of America. Responsible resource providers are what fuels America and makes her tick like a fine Swiss watch.
Those that would reduce her, whimpering and scribbling grant applications, to a dirty shadow of herself, continue to tell
Something is very, very rotten in ... Denmark? Or perhaps it is rotten in places much closer to home, where a foreign government without a country -- the 'united nations' -- sets up shop with the encouragement and blessing of 'our' 'leaders', in our own country? How can there ever be 'homeland security' with such a thing condoned?
While you and I have the freedom to breathe clean air and live our lives, Terri (Theresa Marie) Schindler Schiavo, in the words of her father, "...probably holds the record for being held hostage longer than any US citizen." Her warden? Michael Schiavo, unfaithful and violent husband-in-name-only, possibly responsible for Terri's original injuries on February 25, 1990. Mr. Schiavo has benefited from a court settlement that was to have been used for Terri's rehabilitation -- yet the fox, with murderous intent and a wolf pack of cohorts, continues to hold the keys to the hen house. It's not enough that Mr. Schiavo has conspired to keep Terri away from everything that would help her and from everyone that loves her -- no, he has to set up housekeeping with a woman named Jodi Centonze (I believe this is called adultery, and by and in itself should be grounds for any competent and caring judge to grant Terri a divorce from him and remand her to the caring custody of her parents) and has sired two illegitimate children by Ms. Centonze. Terri is, as so many of us are only too aware, the 'poster child' for the euthanasia craze that the death merchants are starting in Florida. Terri needs real intervention to wrest her away from all the processes run amok that have kept her a prisoner to an unloving and would-be killer husband for more than fourteen years. Don't you think it's time? Terri can get much better -- but she needs a chance and she deserves the care that is denied to her, that is not even denied to prisoners on Death Row! Where is the justice in Terri's plight? Step in! Get involved! Strip the mask from the lies about her -- she is NOT 'pvs' but merely brain damaged! She loves music and her family! She laughs and cries! She does not drool -- she maintains her own blood pressure! Help us help Terri!
Jesse Hardy, a veteran who is nearing seventy years of age and is raising a youngster named Tommy as his own son on one hundred and sixty acres that are HIS, in Collier County, Florida, is being hounded by those who lust for Control of both Jesse and his land. In order to steal from one-third to one-half of Florida from those who honorably own/owned land and resources, federal agencies -- from the Department of Interior's U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and its FALSELY listed 'endangered' 'Florida panther', which has the SAME DNA as every other panther, cougar and mountain lion EVERYWHERE; to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA -- are orchestrating the massive continent-wide land theft under the guise of 'rewilding', 'rewetting' or 'restoration' to pre-European settlement conditions. Why not just call a spade a spade? Why not just admit this property rights nightmare to remove most of America's middle class -- by whatever means at your disposal, including calling the tidal wave of ILLEGAL ALIENS that you try to call 'guest workers' that has, along with global outsourcing, almost gutted America's middle class, her heart and soul and spine -- is simply your way of taking back all the resources and reducing God-blessed America to a playground for such as M. Gorbachev, K. Annan and V. Fox? Jesse Hardy is more deserving of residence in America than Gorbachev could ever be (with his Presidio 'nature preserve', exempt from the very ESA and other laws that are being used to take Jesse's land!)! Isn't it far past time to hold up the simple, hardworking man for the hero that he is -- and show the other side of the coin for the unAmerican flotsam and jetsam that it is? That Crawford, Texas, ranch that you've only owned since 1998 could never mean to you what Jesse's land means to him, what his son, Tommy, means to him, and what his home -- plain though it is by most folks' standards -- means to him. Jesse STAYS! The Wildlands Project and other landgrabs, GOES!
Gee, what a coincidence! Terri and Jesse both live in Florida! They have that in common, too.
Would getting rid of them would help get rid of a lot of both less-than-normal AND property owners, and would make the taking of Florida's resources (including her human resources) that much easier?
I'll bet it would, but that premise fails to consider that America still has a lot of folks like Helen Chenoweth-Hage, Wayne Hage, Tom Tancredo, and somewhere way down the line of folks that are trying our durnedest to save all that is great about America, me. We still live by Marbury v. Madison: "All laws repugnant to the Constitution are Null and Void." - Supreme Court, 1803. How sweet and simple that is!
Yes, Terri and Jesse have a lot in common, all right.
They have a lot of regular folks fighting FOR and WITH them that truly love America and sovereignty and LIFE and property rights, which in the final analysis, ARE Freedom.